Photo Credit: Israel Airport Authority
Bombshell souvenir at Ben Gurion airport. April 28, 2022

A bomb scare at Ben Gurion airport caused some panic and chaos at the airport, on Thursday evening.

An American family that had toured the Golan Heights arrived at the airport for their flight back to the United States.


During the trip one of the children found and took a used bombshell which they were planning to take home as a souvenir. When the family went to check-in their luggage with security, they showed the shell to the security staff.

Security immediately called for an evacuation of the area as soon as they saw what looked like a live ordinance, which sent people running and ducking for cover.

As soon as it was determined by the bomb squad that it wasn’t an active security event and the shell was under control, the evacuation was cancelled.

The incident is currently under operational investigation.

The family was allowed to board the plane home.

No news if the family also got to take the bombshell home as a souvenir.

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