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The old (L) and new logos for East Side Elementary School of the Cobb County School District in Marietta, Georgia.

Here’s how they do it in Georgia, Luis Maimoni tweeted on Wednesday and presented the new logo for East Side Elementary School of the Cobb County School District in Marietta, Georgia. “On the one hand, they say it was based on a Colonel’s insignia. On the other…” Well, see for yourselves.


User Sara Tindall Ghazal tweeted: “Presenting, from the district that last week approved armed personnel in schools who are designated by the superintendent, a new logo for a nearby elementary school.”

User Cotton Jack defended the poor choice, tweeting: “I know this looks incredibly offensive but it was NOT intentional. Their school mascot is the East Side Eagle. They are wonderful people and would never hurt members of their own community like this on purpose. Give them a chance and I’m sure they will fix this mistake.”

At which point Tindall Ghazal reminded the Twitter community of a Fox5 Atlanta report last February, headlined: “Photos surface of East Cobb Middle School student wearing a swastika.” According to the report, local officials learned that the photos had been taken inside East Cobb Middle School.

Brad Epstein, whose children attend East Cobb Middle School, was not happy, and told Fox5: “I definitely think there needs to be a zero-tolerance policy with regards to situations like this.”

So, two strikes?

According to Epstein, five photos circulated on social media, and in one of them a boy is wearing a red armband with a swastika on it, and in another, another student is doing the zig heil.

“They’re giving the Nazi salute. This one shows the photographer is engaging in the same type of behavior,” Epstein said.

It gets confusing when the bold eagle is your school mascot. The school website includes an announcement of Eagle Day, which will be held on Thursday, July 28, 2022. “This will be a time to meet the teacher, pick up your car tag, sign up for BEST clubs, PTA, Foundation, etc.”

OK, nothing about swearing allegiance to the Fuhrer, but with all the zig heil flying about, who knows?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution interviewed Mike Albuquerque, whose two children are scheduled to attend the Cobb County school next year, and he was looking for alternatives: “I don’t want to see my kids wearing that on their shirt,” he said. “Really, it’s a big oversight of the county and everyone involved in the process who reviewed that, to not call out the fact that this looks like Nazi iconography. Or maybe, who knows, somebody did call it out and it wasn’t heard.”

OK, I know, it probably was a stupid mistake on the part of an incredibly calloused school administration. But we must have zero tolerance for things Nazi. So feel free to embarrass and condemn them, the way a baseball manager jumps up and down and kicks dust at the umpire – so next time he’ll be more careful.


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