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Images from Noah Mohan's video of his encounter with a neo-Nazi, Nov. 26, 2020, above a Google Map image of downtown Fairfax, Calif

Noah Mohan of Fairfax, Calif. was walking his dog Tuesday when he saw a man posting stickers with swastikas and the not at all terrifying slogan: “We Are Everywhere.”

Noah did what every civilized person does these days—which used to be something only Japanese tourists did—he pulled out his cellphone and started taping the man while telling him to stop vandalizing his town and demanding that he take off his facemask.


The neo-Nazi kept asking Noah to stop recording him, telling him, “If you stop filming me, I will leave right now.” He then said, “I just want to let you not film me because I don’t want to get my family caught up in this.”

To which Noah responded: “[Expletive] your family, your family should teach you better.”

Here is a bleeped version of the encounter:

We would have embedded Noah’s Instagram account here, but, alas, the Fairfax nazi hunter uses language that does not befit a family newspaper. So we cleaned up his account, which he titled “CAUGHT A RACIST PUTTING UP NAZI STICKERS IN FAIRFAX.”

Yesterday I was walking around downtown Fairfax with my girlfriend and puppy when we saw a guy putting up stickers all over town. I didn’t really have a problem with the fact that someone was putting stickers up in Fairfax because most of the time there is a good message behind the stickers (like “black lives matter” or something else that conveys a POSITIVE message, also Fairfax is a historically artistic town and all of my life nobody has ever really cared about street art because it’s what gives this town character and it’s never been a hateful or negative thing here).

I crossed the street to see what the sticker had on it. I was [expletive] to see that these were pro-nazi stickers with Swastikas on them reading “we are everywhere.” I tore the sticker off, threw it away, and followed the guy down the street with my phone for about 20 minutes telling him to get the [expletive] out of my town and to throw that racist [expletive] away on the way out. He was wearing sunglasses that had a nazi SS on them and had a nazi pin on his jacket.

Personally, I will not let that [expletive] slide in my town and I hope you guys feel the same way. Racism is alive and growing in Marin county and we need to call it out and condemn it at all costs if we want this to be a safe and peaceful place for people of all skin color, religion, etc. ID this dude if you know him. You can try to tell me “it’s just his ideology and beliefs, let him have his like you have yours,” but that ideology is to “cleanse the white race” and that ideology says that “the white race is superior.” There is nothing okay about that [expletive] no matter how you explain it to me. I can’t believe the cops just let him go without getting charged for at least vandalism on private/public property, but then they don’t hesitate to condemn my brothers and sisters for making art with a positive message like “black lives matter.”

Excuse the amount of times I said “BRUH” in this video. I was [expletive] and holding a lot back trying to stay out of trouble but I will not stand by and let that kind of [expletive] slide in my city… be safe, share and repost people!

Incidentally, if you follow the tape, the neo-Nazi insists several times that he’s not a Trump supporter. Noah Mohan, obviously, isn’t one either, and, in fact, appears to admire the BLM movement. Still, kol hakavod, Noah, for keeping neo-Nazis out of Marin County, California. Well, one neo-Nazi.


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