Photo Credit: Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90
Then-Prime Minister Naftali Bennett in his office in Jerusalem, January 26, 2022.

Alternate Prime Minister – and immediate past prime minister – of Israel Naftali Bennett on Tuesday called on US President Joe Biden not to sign a proposed new Iranian nuclear agreement.

Bennet spoke up after US State Department Spokesman Ned Price told reporters on Monday that, a nuclear deal with Iran “is closer now than it was two weeks ago.” Price, however, said that no deal was completed and that there are still disagreements to be settled.


“I call on President Biden and the American administration to refrain, even now at this last minute, from signing the agreement with Iran,” said Bennett in a statement.

Bennett said that the proposed agreement would send approximately a quarter of a trillion dollars to the “Iranian terror government’s pocket and to its regional proxies, and will enable Iran to develop, install and operate centrifuges, with almost no restrictions, in a mere two years.”

He added that over the past year the government was able to convince the White House not to give in to Iranian demands and that he hopes this will remain the case.

“One way or another,” said Bennett, “the State of Israel is not a party to the agreement. Israel is not committed to any of the restrictions stemming from the agreement and will utilize all available tools to prevent the Iranian nuclear program from advancing.”

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