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New York City Police Department (NYPD)

“Welcome to the great Israeli Real Estate Event” proclaims a colorful poster listing dates for the event in Montreal, Toronto, Teaneck, Lawrence and Flatbush — oops, not Flatbush, folks, because that one was cancelled after attendees in Teaneck were harassed by pro-Hamas anarchists.

The Teaneck event, which took place at Congregation Keter Torah this past Sunday (March 10), was targeted by pro-Hamas anarchists who turned violent, hurling various objects and spraying red paint at pro-Israel counter-protestors, commuters and pedestrians.


Teaneck police arrested at least two protestors during the demonstration, which drew an estimated 1,000 protestors, most of them non-Teaneck residents.

NYPD, Flatbush Fold to Pro-Hamas Gangs
After having met with New York Police Department officials in advance of a similar event scheduled to take place this Wednesday in Brooklyn, the Flatbush Jewish Community Council announced the event was canceled.

In its statement, FJCC said police urged them to cancel the event.

“At the recommendation of the NYPD, an Israel real estate sales event that was scheduled to take place at the Shul on Avenue N and East 27 Street will not take place tomorrow at this location.

“Additionally, the Rabbonim are asking all those who were planning to counter-protest, to please not attend, as the event is not going forward tomorrow.

“The shul thanks the NYPD and community leaders for their steadfast leadership in keeping the community safe,” the statement concluded.

It’s not quite clear how canceling a pro-Israel event “keeps the community safe” when threatened by pro-Hamas anarchists, rather than protecting the civil rights of those who choose to attend.

Former Brooklyn State Assembly member and longtime Jewish activist Dov Hikind spoke out about the cancellation in a video statement posted to the X social media platform.
Former Bklyn Assemblyman & Longtime Jewish Activist Dov Hikind forcefully addresses the issue of an Israeli Real Estate event that was scheduled to take place at a synagogue in Flatbush. The event was cancelled at the behest of unelected Jewish community leaders who said the event posed a security threat to the Flatbush community as pro-Hamas protesters had planned to demonstrate against Israel’s role in the war against Hamas in Gaza. Hikind said that the NYPD would have provided security for the event and increased their presence.

Hikind maintained that the NYPD would have provided security for the event and increased their presence.


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