A whimsically decorated converted school bus created by Crowns Heights artist Leviticus Schieber and used by his Leviticus Studios to promote their artwork around town was torched by an arsonist early Monday morning.


According to the NY Post, Police are investigating the anti-Semitic arson. The densely decorated bus was parked near the corner of Troy Avenue and Maple Street in East Flatbush at the time of the attack. Police believe the arsonist broke the bus windows and set fire to the interior around midnight Sunday.

Schieber discovered the torched bus and called police around 12:30 AM, according to the NY Post.

Surveillance video shows a man standing near the bus before and after the fire, according to sources who spoke to the Post.

In the summer of 2016, the same bus’ tires were slashed with a knife when it was parked on the corner of Kingston Ave. and President Street in Crown Heights.