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Pro-Hamas rally in NYC, December 25, 2023.

Clashes between protesters and law enforcement flared up on Christmas Day in New York City amid a pro-Hamas demonstration. Led by Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine (WOL), a radical New York-based antisemitic group that routinely advocates for violence against Israel, the rally was scheduled for 2 PM outside the News Corp headquarters––which includes the Fox News studios––in Midtown Manhattan. WOL promoted the demonstration on Twitter Monday morning with the message, “ALL OUT FOR PALESTINE! CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED!”


The demonstrators gathered at Rockefeller Center, a renowned holiday destination featuring the popular Christmas Tree and ice-skating rink, where, in addition to calling for the cancellation of Christmas, the protesters chanted “Long live the intifada,” and “NYPD KKK, IDF they’re all the same.”

A protester held a sign that read, “While Ur Shopping Bombs are Dropping.” Another carried a sign declaring, “No Joy in Genocide,” placed atop a simulated Nativity scene smeared with what seemed to be fake blood and carried on the shoulders of protesters.

Tensions escalated as protesters clashed with police after nightfall, with several skirmishes including an incident outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Law enforcement sources later reported at least six arrests near Grand Central Station and Union Square, with charges ranging from disorderly conduct to menacing and scrawling graffiti messages that read, “From NY to Gaza, Globalize the Intifada,” “Netanyahu is a warmonger,” and “Israel kills babies.”

In one video, an officer is seen clutching his throat, and subsequent information disclosed that he had been struck in the throat by a protester.
As the crowd dwindled at Union Square on Monday night, a group of protesters waving the Palestinian flag persisted. Police were observed making at least one arrest in that area. The Union Square Holiday Market was littered with flyers and stickers reading, “Zionism is terrorism,” “Free Palestine,” and “Murdered by Israel.”

On Sunday night, a caravan of cars supporting Hamas disturbed Christmas carolers at Washington Square Park by playing loud music to dampen the festive atmosphere in the neighborhood.

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