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US Rep. Rashida Tlaib

US Congress member Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) expressed her solidarity earlier this month by retweeting a pack of lies about a Palestinian Authority terrorist after he slammed his car into a female Border Guard Police officer at a security checkpoint near Abu Dis outside Jerusalem.


Noura Erekat, a well known anti-Semitic Rutgers University professor, works hard to advocate for destruction of the Jewish State and tweeted her grief over her “baby cousin” who she insisted was murdered by Israeli soldiers.

On June 23, Ahmad Erekat, 28 deliberately slowed his vehicle, carefully maneuvering it widely to the left, according to Israeli Border Guard Police officer Shani Orr Hami Kadosh, who said Erekat looked straight at her as he turned the steering wheel back towards the guard post, aimed straight at her and gunned the motor.

The officer was hit directly by the car and went flying backward. The car struck the guard booth; and as Erekat exited the vehicle, other security personnel opened fire.

Erekat, later identified as the nephew of Saeb Erekat, former chief negotiator for the Palestinian Authority and currently secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organization, was shot and seriously wounded; he subsequently died of his wounds.

The officer who was injured in the attack was taken to a medical center for treatment after initial first aid on site.

Erekat left a recorded message before leaving for the attack, talking about his grief over humiliating his family, and about his posts on social networks where he was accused of collaborating with Israelis.

Tlaib, a United States lawmaker, decided to retweet a series of lies promulgated by the family of the terrorist — upset, yes — but who have been repeatedly also fed lies by the head of their own family, who occupies a high position in the Palestinian Authority government that persists in paying generous salaries to those willing to slaughter Israelis.

And now, a personal Palestinian Authority government family member has donated his life for the stupidity and tragedy of a “pay to slay” salary.

And still the family believes the tragic lies about Israel fed to them by the Mahmoud Abbas government. Following are the tweets that were posted by the family — and worse, re-posted and now will be read and more likely even be retweeted by the thousands of followers who hang on Democratic US Representative Rashida Tlaib tweets.

And Tlaib also retweeted this bundle of lies as well:

And Tlaib retweeted this one.

Without bothering to verify facts, Tlaib also retweeted this one as well – even with the clarity of photographic evidence before her.


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