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US warplanes attack a convoy at the Albu Kamal crossing between Iraq and Syria, November 9, 2022.

The US military told reporters in Iraq it was not involved in a raid on a pro-Iran militia convoy in eastern Syria near the border with Iraq that killed an estimated 15 members of a pro-Iranian militia overnight Wednesday. The airstrike hit a convoy of “fuel tankers and trucks loaded with weapons,” in the Al Bukamal area of the border, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.


According to the report, unidentified aircraft targeted the Syria-Iraq border in the eastern countryside of Deir ez-Zor, inflicting heavy casualties, most of them belonging to militias affiliated with Iran, and the number of deaths is expected to rise as there are wounded in a critical condition. In addition to the high loss of life, the attack also inflicted heavy losses of trucks loaded with weapons and fuel tanks.

If the US was not behind the attack, Israel is the only other culprit that comes to mind. According to a report, a US later said Israel was behind the attack.

Sabereen News, the main social media conglomerate supporting all “resistance” factions in Iraq, reported Wednesday morning that several explosions had been heard near the border of Iraq and Syria, and fighter jets and helicopters flew over the border strip. The report suggested a drone targeted the area and some militia positions.

Sabreen News also claimed the drone attack were carried out by the US. It cited news sources claiming the convoy was carrying Iranian fuel and weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon.


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