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Neturei Karta Demonstrators

A group of Neturei Karta (Arameic: Guardians of the City) have been following Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s campaign, presumably because of his unconditional support for Israel, Kikar Hashabbat reported Wednesday. It’s difficult to find a Republican Candidate—other than Trump—who doesn’t know all the words to Hatikvah by heart, but somehow the boys from Me’ah She’arim are focusing on the Senator from Florida, with their message: “God is against the State of Israel, He forbids us to occupy [other nations].”

The group is well-behaved and polite, their speaker is well-groomed and speaks intelligently and emotionally, telling the Senator and his supporters that they appreciate the love and sympathy, but they want to inform them about a different Judaism, and that God is an enemy of the Zionist entity.


Despite their sweet demeanor, the group’s message is still just this side of the “God hates gays” message of the Westboro Baptist Church in its forcefulness and total absence of tact. Which brings to mind the 2008 Mumbai attack on a Chabad House, after which Neturei Karta blamed the massacre on the Chabad movement for its relations with “the filthy, deplorable traitors – the cursed Zionists that are your friends.”

According to the report, Neturei Karta have become a regular feature of the presidential campaign, and since somebody has to cover the room and board and travel expenses of this group of five or six grown men, somebody is obviously picking up a hefty tab for this campaign.



  1. Hey, it's a living. Fully and well funded by Iran. They believe that only the Messiah has the right to rebuild the land and that Zionists are usurping that right. The Iranians don't know or care why they are anti-Zionist,but it works for them, so they fully fund the 12 families who constitute this freak group that travels extensively to demonstrations world-wide to capture comment by clue-less reporters.

  2. The article left out the rabbis' reasons for doing this (what an odd omission…). To paraphrase their reasons to oppose Zionism; 1) the prime minister of Israel could claim to be the world-wide ruler of Jews. 2) the jewish people were not supposed to go back until the messiah came back. My point is that these rabbis have reasons of their own and they aren't doing this for the fun of trolling jews.

  3. The worst evil in the world, one that supports, dressed as Chassidic Jews. Their support for overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians automatically excommunicates them according to Jewish law. No observant Jew is permitted to allow them into a Jewish house of worship or have anything to do with them or their families until they start holding signs asking for the forgiveness of God & His people, the Jewish people. And, by holding signs calling on Israel to repatriate the overwhelmingly genocidal mythical so-called Palestinians back to Jordan & Egypt whence they came in 1967. And, to repatriate all Orthodox Islamic Israeli citizens to Jordan. No civilized country should allow in an Orthodox Muslim. Only heterodox ones who reject the Koranic Law of Abrogation and all of the later intolerant & genocidal Medina verses and only accept the earlier Mecca tolerant version and verses. And, they'd have to publicy pledge allegiance to Israel.

  4. Iran is funding then by bank traqnsfers of funds. People with the know-how should get theie account numbers and defund them. Then they can spend their time on the street begging for money for food.
    Joseph Stalen would have them put in a mental instatution. That is needed for their own good.

  5. These hypocrites forbid their children to learn English or Mathematics, but they have the nerve to advise American candidates for office to harm the country that enables them to exist. They suffer from an acute case of ghettotitis for which there is no cure, except that those who provide their sustenance could let them starve for a while.

  6. Someone should remind the Neturei Karta about the pogroms against Jews in Syria, Egypt, Irag and other Moslem countries prior to 1948. Perhaps, not as numerous as in Europe but it was not the idyllic existence they think it was. Where was this protest filmed?

  7. We became slaves in Egypt and worse in Germany as you all know. Look at what's happening in France, the Jewish people are leaving in droves and why? They are used as an escape goat, whenever serious problems arise in a country.. In Israel they can finally take a stand and not back down to anti Semitic attacks or genocide.
    They took back their property and elevated it to a level beyond what their neighbors, could even come near. No longer given the breadcrumbs the world wants them to have but the pride and respect of a country they pay in blood to keep every day.
    The choices are live as slaves or not at all. Those days are over.
    Hitter is dead but not his philosophy.

  8. It is obvious that these idiots do not know
    Jewish history, let alone, Torah. From what
    they profess, I do not think they are even Jews.
    They are a cult of misfits seeking to harm
    Israel and other Jews, and thus, should be
    officially be pronounced heretics and
    excommunicated by a Rabbinic
    court. They endanger all Jews.

  9. You are all a complete DISGRACE to the Jewish Nation. How dare you insult our beautiful Israel. We have worked so hard for this. What have you done to contribute to the establishment and growth of our Medinat Yisrael. You are just a bunch of lazy so and soes.
    You are causing a Chillul Hashem. You will get your punishment. AM YISRAEL CHAI

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