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Neturei Karta Demonstrators

A group of Neturei Karta (Arameic: Guardians of the City) have been following Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio’s campaign, presumably because of his unconditional support for Israel, Kikar Hashabbat reported Wednesday. It’s difficult to find a Republican Candidate—other than Trump—who doesn’t know all the words to Hatikvah by heart, but somehow the boys from Me’ah She’arim are focusing on the Senator from Florida, with their message: “God is against the State of Israel, He forbids us to occupy [other nations].”

The group is well-behaved and polite, their speaker is well-groomed and speaks intelligently and emotionally, telling the Senator and his supporters that they appreciate the love and sympathy, but they want to inform them about a different Judaism, and that God is an enemy of the Zionist entity.


Despite their sweet demeanor, the group’s message is still just this side of the “God hates gays” message of the Westboro Baptist Church in its forcefulness and total absence of tact. Which brings to mind the 2008 Mumbai attack on a Chabad House, after which Neturei Karta blamed the massacre on the Chabad movement for its relations with “the filthy, deplorable traitors – the cursed Zionists that are your friends.”

According to the report, Neturei Karta have become a regular feature of the presidential campaign, and since somebody has to cover the room and board and travel expenses of this group of five or six grown men, somebody is obviously picking up a hefty tab for this campaign.

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