Photo Credit: Moshe Shai / Flash 90
Cormorants on the Kinneret lake, Northern Israel. The Nature Reserves Authority counts birds at the Kinneret. Counting birds provides valuable information for scientific research. As populations of birds change, those fluctuations may indicate shifts in pollution levels, climate change, habitat loss, migration timing and more. February 20, 2014.

The ongoing blessing of winter rains this season has produced a steady rise in the water level in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee), according to the Water Authority.

Heavy rains and snow in the northern region is continuing to provide a generous supply of water to the aquifers, but also to the lake.


In the past week the water rose 18 centimeters (seven inches), bringing the current level of the lake up to 210.04 meters below sea level (689.10 feet).

More to the point, the water level is just 1.24 meters from the upper red line – that is, about four feet from full capacity.

When that level is reached, the Degania Dam is opened to allow any overflow to rush in to replenish the waters of the northern part of the Jordan River.

For those who enjoy trivia, the current water temperature of the lake is about 14 C, about 57 F.