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Heavy water flow at Bazelet River in the Golan Heights continue to feed the Kinneret's rise.

Even a week without rain did not slow down the rise of the Sea of ​​Galilee. The strong flow of the Galilee and the Golan rivers and in the Jordan River continues all the time, and the Kinneret continues to fill with water, and is approaching its peak capacity.

Israel’s Water Authority said Wednesday morning that the lake’s water level is 209.625 meters below sea level, a 1.5 centimeter rise since Tuesday. A full Kinneret is missing only 82.5 centimeters, and the current water level is 3.375 meters high above the lowest red line.

The Kinneret / Kobi Richter/TPS

The Water Authority has determined that the Degania dam will open if, by March 21 – in about two and a half weeks – the 5-day forecast will show a rise to 20 centimeters below the upper red line. As of today, it is doubtful that the Kinneret will indeed reach such a level, unless we’ll see large amounts of rain in the near future.

Today and tomorrow are expected to be clear, but the weekend will see the rains returning, and on Friday there will be local showers with some thunderstorms. There is concern, in fact, about flooding in the southern and eastern streams. There will be a considerable cooling and the winds will grow stronger.

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