Should He Stay Or Should He Go

His parents make it clear that they feel the right thing is for Avi to visit his grandfather, but they leave it up to him.

Title: Our Last Best Chance, The Pursuit of Peace in a Time of Peril

Whether this is a memoir or autobiography or whether this book was written as an article of regional diplomacy, King Abdullah does come across in this book as a quite sincere person making a valiant effort at regional diplomacy, who is trying to quell terrorism in the Mideast and raise the social and economic levels of his countrymen.

Title: Patient: Taking Tefillah, Emunah and Humor on a Journey to Healing

Sharing her experiences with honesty and humor, she enables the reader to connect to her challenging journey with all its difficult and positive aspects.

The Spice Of Success

For Rabbi Dovid Hoffman what started as a modest weekly newsletter 12 years ago has evolved beyond his greatest expectations. That unassuming publication known as "Torah Tavlin" is now distributed to thousands of Jewish readers around the globe. It has emerged into the form of a new full-length book of the same name, published by Israel Book Shop.

Playing With Fire

If leftist activists really cared about black Americans, Mac Donald argues, they would champion the police.

Review: Never Again? The Threat Of The New Anti-Semitism

An old Native American expression admonishes us to "Never judge a man until you walk a mile in his moccasins."

Title: Confessions of an Innocent Man: Torture and Survival in a Saudi Prison

Title: Confessions of an Innocent Man: Torture and Survival in a Saudi PrisonAuthor: William SampsonPublisher: McClelland & Stewart         It's hard to believe, but nearly...

Title: Growing With My Cousin

One thinks of family as an all-embracing sanctuary – a safe haven and a refuge from the outside world. But this is rarely the case.

Title: Judaism Reclaimed: Philosophy and Theology in the Torah

Today, mysticism abounds, whether from the traditions of Chasidism, the Arizal, the Maharal, or some new combination. And yet, these approaches do not satisfy everyone.

Driving Rav Soloveichik

These differences are what makes Rabbi Adler’s new book so significant: He knew the Rav both in the classroom and in person. Even those of us who had the privilege of attending The Rav’s shiur had only an occasional glimpse from the vantage point Rabbi Adler offers us.

Davening With The Sar Shel Torah

The sefer provides practical advice about how to daven, inspirational stories about davening, and even various kavanos to consider when praying.

Honest Insights Into The Chabad Mission

I would recommend this book to any helping professional who works with people for insight into the power of listening to enable others to help themselves.

Title: Raise a Rabbit, Grow a Goose

It's sweet 16 for the Mimmy and Simmy book series.

Title: The Azrielli Papers: Dimensions of Orthodox Day School Education

When Yaakov Avinu knew that he was about to move his family down to Mitzraim, his first priority was to establish a yeshiva. Ever since then, educating our young has continued to be a lifelong challenge and commitment for every Jew.

Like The Stars Of The Heavens

It happened a few days before Chanukah. I was driving home from the local mall, my trunk overflowing with games and toys for my three young children, when the car suddenly slowed to a crawl.

Title: Sparks From the Fire

A recurring theme in the book is that life has its challenges, and struggling with those challenges is what life is about.

Title: The Jewish Ethic of Personal Responsibility Volume 2: Vayikra, Bamidbar, Devarim

The word snowflake is a term for a person with among other things, an unwarranted sense of entitlement.

‘Kushner’s Diplomatic Performance Will Go Down As One Of The Greatest In History’

Israel doesn’t have a right to defend itself. It has an obligation to defend itself. The primary obligation of any government is to defend its citizens.

The Guide For Good Parenting

I hope this book will encourage parents to realize that they are the best parents for their children, and to enjoy the privilege of parenting and see it as a catalyst for their own growth, says Rebbetzin Eisenbach.

Getting Little Help In The Kitchen

Cooking and kids – there’s a very special connection between the two. For busy parents and their even-busier children, working together in the kitchen to prepare a Shabbos meal or a weekday dinner can be a terrific bonding time.

On The Bookshelf

What books would you recommend to someone seeking intellectual ammunition for his belief in 1) the existence of G-d? and 2) the divinity of the Bible?

New Dershowitz Must Read Memoir for Friends of Israel

From the aliyah of Soviet Jewry to the new anti-Semitism, Alan Dershowitz’s “Defending Israel: The Story of My Relationship with My Most Challenging Client” is almost a history of Zionism.

Protocols: Exposing Modern Antisemitism

Protocols: Exposing Modern Antisemtism demonstrates in chapter after chapter that many of the claims against Israel by supposed objective authorities is in reality biased and error-ridden demonization.

Book Reviews

It might still be two weeks to Pesach, but is never too early to start thinking about Afikomen presents.

Foundation Of Judaism

While books like this are great introductory texts, the cursory overview of the topics, many of them which warrant numerous volumes on their own, can give the reader too far a superficial view of the topic.

On The Bookshelf

Aside from my own 485-page tome on the subject, Red Army, I think Jamie Glazov did an excellent job at framing things in United in Hate: The Left's Romance with Tyranny and Terror.

Complex And Taboo Stories In Tanach

The only real reservation I would have about this book is that there is sometimes what seems to be a confusion between what the Sages or midrashim say on the one hand and what the Tanach says on the other.

Title: Noah’s Family Carousel

A family affair, this is a book to get your hands on - literally! Your family can join Noah's as you read about how they cared for the zoo within the ark on their 40-day and night journey.

On The Bookshelf

What books might people be surprised to find on your bookshelves?


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