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On The Bookshelf

What books might people be surprised to find on your bookshelves?

Putting The Torah Together

While the Rav may have been slightly hyperbolic with his comparison, what can’t be denied is that the genius and brilliance of Rav Chaim was, in part, bringing a scientific sophistication to the Talmud.

Title: Up, Up, And Oy Vey! – How Jewish History, Culture And Values Shaped...

I grew up with a cousin who was always escaping from shul in order to read his comic books.

Book Reviews

It might still be two weeks to Pesach, but is never too early to start thinking about Afikomen presents.

Eat It Up: Jamie Geller’s Latest Cookbook

Geller, a mother of five who made aliyah from Monsey last year, offers a glimpse – with lots of photos – into her busy family life.

Opening The Eyes Of Our Youngsters

As we all know, time is of essence to transmit the saga of our parents' suffering in the Holocaust before there are no more witnesses alive to tell their stories. Chavi Diamond, a daughter of survivors, is a woman with a mission. She feels this urgency keenly and has initiated a groundbreaking series of Holocaust children's books geared to ages 6-12.

On The Bookshelf

The very first Jewish author I ever came across was Sadie Weilerstein.

Re-Considering Yosef

Chapter by chapter the author analyses the interactions of Yosef through the prism of autistic spectrum disorder.

Through A Torah Lens

Erudite and academic, drawing from ancient and modern sources, the book can be discussed at the Shabbos table as well as in kollel.

Title: Delivery from Darkness – A Jewish Guide to Prevention and Treatment of Postpartum...

As far as Jewish lifecycle events go, there is no doubt that childbirth is the ultimate simcha that a woman and her family can ever experience. For some women, however, the days, weeks and months following childbirth can be a personally painful and daunting time, as they fall victim to unyielding hormonal upheavals that result in "the baby blues," postpartum depression and in some rare cases postpartum psychosis.

Baseless Hatred: What It Is and What You Can Do About It

Baseless Hatred: What It Is and What You Can Do About It, a new book by Dr. Rene Levy, tackles a problem that has plagued the Jewish people from very early on in their history; the destructive aspects of which have been responsible for some of their greatest historical calamities and continue to threaten the unity of the Jewish people today.

Reviewing Torah Tapestries: Shemos

Anyone interested in meticulously researched writings important to the future of Am Yisrael should add 190-page hardcover Torah Tapestries: Shemos to public and private libraries.

Titles: Jerusalem: A Neighborhood Street Guide & The Streets of Jerusalem: Who, What,...

A fact-filled guide to the highways and byways of Jerusalem (and there are lots of byways here), Jerusalem:

Great Men; Great Writers

While we know a lot about our greatest forebears from the Chumash and later biblical generations, even if there are often gaps in their life stories, we know considerably less about the Sages of the Mishnah (the Tennaim) and of the Gemara (the Amora’im), collectively known as Chazal – our Sages, of blessed memory.

Title: Dragged Out of Gush Katif: The Tale of an American Who Flew To...

Dragged Out of Gush Katif by Steven Baum is a tell-it-all book that goes behind the scenes of the tragic and unforgettable 2005 Disengagement from Gaza. Baum gives the reader a first-hand account of the events leading up to and following the pullout from Gaza, and the terrible suffering it has caused so many Jews.

Title: Overcoming Infertility: A Guide for Jewish Couples

Many of the readers of The Jewish Press are already familiar with the author of the chapters in this new book.

In The Absence Of Proof

For hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years, Jewish thinkers have tried to prove God’s existence and the veracity of the Torah. That endeavor is no longer in vogue. Indeed, many educated Jews today believe the attempt an exercise in futility.

Title: Pride & Preference

One of the themes prevalent in Jewish ethics is to judge others favorably even when their behavior seems to indicate otherwise.

Modern Scholars Bring Book Of Samuel Brilliantly To Life

How do we approach the Jewish study of Tanach as a text with a universal message as well as a special message for the Jewish people?

YU, Koren Collaborate To Publish Torah

University presses often publish dense academic books that elicit little interest from the masses. Popular publishing houses sometimes take the opposite route, producing light, aesthetically-pleasing works that some people like calling "fluff." Join the two together, however, and one hopefully gets books that both nourish the soul and please the eye. Such is the nature of a recent collaboration between Yeshiva University Press and Maggid Books (an imprint of Koren Publishers Jerusalem).

Rebbetzin Jungreis’ Book On Audio CD

Hineni, the renowned Torah outreach organization, has announced that the latest best selling book of its founder and president, Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis is now available in an audio CD version.

A Jewish Walter Mitty

Green was an American volunteer in Israel’s 1948 War of Independence, but something happened In Israel that has haunted him ever since.

Title: Not Just Another Scenario 2

Holy emunah, Not Just Another Scenario 2 is a riveting read. Rabbi Pinchas Winston's revised Not Just Another Scenario holds a plot, corroborated by recent headlines, underscoring ancient prophecies coming true in one hugely happy ending.

Defending G-d And Our Patriarchs

One of the most challenging questions posed is whether there are fundamental differences between divine justice and human justice.

The Appalachian Family Berger

Tzirel Rus Berger is a woman who is in love with her Judaism. But she wasn’t always Tzirel Rus Berger and she wasn’t always a Jew. In fact she began life as Sheryl Youngs, the daughter of a devout Christian pastor in Southern California, before marrying John Massey and following him to the Appalachian backwoods. There she raised their ten children, living a life so impoverished that she didn’t even have indoor plumbing.

Title: Understanding the Afterlife in This Life

Author: Dr. Bernie Kastner Publisher: Devora Publishing

A Chassidic Court Comes Alive

Prior to World War II, Jewish religious culture, customs and style varied from country to country in Eastern Europe.

Seeing The Kings, Anew

Adopting an ancient exegetical approach that is based on midrashic readings of the text, thematic connections that span between various books of the Bible are revealed.

Title: Starving Souls: A Spiritual Guide to Understanding Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is one of the most mysterious and incomprehensible medical conditions that exist. The new release by Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Starving Souls: A Spiritual Guide to Understanding Eating Disorders, provides an in-depth look at this widespread disorder that has struck many children, teens and teenagers at an alarming, increasing rate.


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