Title: Noach: Stranded And Branded

Author: Gabrielle Strauss


Publisher: Schnapps Press



Here is a volume about a man sublime,

Absolutely, incontrovertibly outstanding in his time.

A profound character study of ancestor Noach

Rendered in syncopated and metered rhyme.


With the vast resources of Midrash and commentary

Does the author Gabrielle Strauss in her foray assay?

To portray the calamitous antediluvian universe

That God in the Torah with aplomb forces at bay.


The appeal of the adventures of the denizens in the Ark

Branded and stranded become a decidedly diacritical mark.

For a brave new world that echoes the old and makes one ponder on

Which postdiluvian expedition this author will posthaste embark.


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