As parents, inculcating our children with a love and enthusiasm for learning Torah is of paramount importance to us. We invest our energy, efforts and time, working in tandem with our sons’ rebbeim and yeshivas, doing everything we can to ensure that our children grow in learning and in middos.


   Inundated with a plethora of travel, lodging, and touring plans to consider when planning a yom tov or summer vacation in Israel, it is vital for parents to accord the same attention to their sons’ learning schedule as they do throughout the year. After all, limud Torah never takes a vacation.


   Which is precisely what makes Learning Torah On Vacation (L’TOV) so unique. The brainchild of Rabbi Raphael Monczyk, who brings over a decade of experience successfully teaching boys from diverse backgrounds, L’TOV can ensure that your child will maintain his academic momentum while on vacation.


   Originally from Far Rockaway, Rabbi Monczyk has resided in Yerushalayim with his wife, Sara, and their six children for the past 16 years. He learned in South Shore, Ner Israel, Mercaz HaTorah, Shor Yoshuv, and Mir. After learning with vacationing boys in Yerushalayim for several years, Rabbi Monczyk realized the need to make more parents aware of his program; hence, was L’TOV created.


   Rabbi Monczyk explained, “While planning a well-deserved vacation, it’s important to arrange time for your son to learn Torah, in order to maintain the momentum and the level he’s reached during the year. We will work with you within the parameters of your vacation schedule and be available where you want and when you want, making arrangements for Gemara, mishnayos, navi, halacha, krias haTorah, or any other topic of interest to you.”


   Featuring a staff of professional, dedicated rebbeim, L’TOV will match your son with a rebbi who will learn with him at the time and location of your choice, at your convenience.


   For further information, visit or call 845-290-9927.

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