South Florida had for many years been viewed mainly as a vacation hot spot. The past two decades, however, have seen a dramatic boom in the area’s Jewish growth. Jewish day schools and yeshivas, mikvehs, kosher restaurants, and Jewish institutions have been expanding at a rapid pace.

Rabbi Ira (Yisroel) Hill realized that many of these organizations were not reaching their full potential. He decided to do something about it. Hill, who’d been working in community services for over twenty-five years in South Florida, decided to leave his position as vice president of operations at the Talmudic University of Florida in order to fill the void in the community.

Rabbi Ira Hill

Rabbi Hill was honored for his long-time service at last year’s Talmudic University annual dinner. “The South Florida community is in the process of maturation and there are many Jewish organizations that need to facilitate this growing community,” he said at the time. He set a goal to help the schools, shuls, and Jewish organizations take their business to the next level.

Hill decided to start a company using the skills he gained working for Talmudic University. In March he established INH Consulting LLC., a firm that specializes in assisting not-for-profit organizations realize their potential and generate success. INH also aids private events, fundraisers, and one-on-one-consultations. The firm has already had much success, and is in the process of expanding.

For more information regarding this initiative or INH Consulting’s services, contact or call 305-912-4642 (INHC).