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Dear Readers,

It’s been a while since I shared with you my excitement over the new medical alert system geared specifically toward the frum community.


I continuously receive feedback regarding the lifesaving functionality of this device from many of you. Just this past week two families related that they had been contemplating the purchase of a medical alert device but had pushed off the process… until one of their family members fell at home and spent the entire night on the floor alone, unable to call for help. B”H in both instances, they were discovered in time and further tragedy was averted.

I recently had a chance to catch up with Moshe Suissa, founder of Jresponder, and as expected this ever-resourceful entrepreneur has done it again. The company just released a watch: a wrist-worn medical alert watch with features which have never been available in the past.

So let me share with you the details of this latest innovation. It is my hope that some of you may find it useful and obtain the necessary proper care in the privacy of your home.



As with their Jresponder pendant, the watch is all you have to wear to get all encompassing protection. The mic and the speaker are built into the watch, so there is no additional base in the house. The watch works anywhere in the U.S. independently from your phone, without the need to purchase any additional cell phone plan for it.


Press or Speak

The innovation that really “spoke” to me is that the watch can initiate a call for help either by voice or by pressing a button. Now this is a really amazing feature since a person who fell may not always have the motion range necessary to press a button.

Once the call is initiated, an agent speaks to you directly from the watch and asks you if everything is okay.


Fall Detection

But what if someone fell and lost consciousness you may ask? The watch has a built-in fall detection algorithm powered by artificial intelligence. In the event a person falls, the watch will automatically call for help. However, if it learns that it was a false alarm, the watch will fine tune its algorithm for the future, so that you experience over time, fewer false alarms and more fall accuracy.



Another very important feature is the way the battery is charged. If you recall, the pendant I got for my relative needed to be charged once every 30 days. A watch has a much smaller battery and cannot stay charged this long. Have no worries though, they thought of a solution for that as well! There is a small battery in the watch band. All you have to do is switch it at night with one of the four charged batteries provided with the charger. Voila!


Other Additional Features

The watch provides a one-of-a-kind medication reminder system which can be activated and updated via the website. This feature adds to the peace of mind of caregivers, as they can rest assured that their loved ones are taking their medications properly.



So does the monitoring center call Hatzolah in case of a medical emergency like with the Jresponder pendant? Of course it does! You will be asked at setup about your preferences, and you can choose Hatzolah over 911 when you are in an area covered by Hatzolah. If you ever go out of state to a different Hatzolah area or to an area where Hatzolah does not operate, simply give Jresponder a call and they’ll adjust the emergency protocol appropriately.


Traditional Smart Watch?

Is this the equivalent of wearing an Apple watch? It is similar in some ways to the Apple watch but it is much more geared toward medical emergency needs. First, this watch can be activated whether by voice or by pressing a button. Second, it connects you to a monitoring center that can call either Hatzolah or your children, while the Apple watch will only call 911. Last but not least, an Apple watch requires nightly charging and cannot be worn while charging. In contrast the watch has a built-in battery that only take a few seconds to change.


Who is the watch for?

This watch is for anyone who would like medical monitoring but doesn’t prefer to wear a pendent. The watch was designed as an accessory and is available in three attractive colors – rose, champagne and black.


How do I order?

Ordering the watch is an easy process, contact Jresponder on their website. Current promotion includes an extra free month of monitoring service with purchase of a watch.


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