Getting Ready For Sleepaway Camp And Israel

Many of the challenges and subsequent skills necessary for sleepaway camp are relevant for young men and women who go to yeshivos and seminaries in Israel after high school.

Social Skills: Art Or Science?

Social skills or interpersonal skills include verbal language, as well as our tone of voice, volume, inflection, and choice of words. They also include body language, gestures, and other non-verbal communication methods.

Coaching Your Way To Your Bashert

The process of shidduchim can be a challenging and complex journey for young individuals. Navigating the expectations of family and community, as well as developing effective communication and social skills, can be daunting for many individuals in the shidduch process.

What Is Kinesthetic Learning?

Some say listening works best While others like observing the rest. Some students say they focus more When music, talking, or moving is in store. Others like to sit down and write Knowing the details is what makes them bright.

Note Taking: Helpful Or Nuisance?

There are amazing resources available for note taking called graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are visual aids that can help students succinctly and quickly write down information.

Too Much Studying?

Creating or studying images can help your daughter’s brain better store the information.

Trouble With Writing

Dysgraphia can manifest itself as difficulties with spelling, poor handwriting and trouble putting thoughts on paper. However, children who suffer from dysgraphia often have reading skills that are on par with other children their age.

Reading And Down Syndrome

It’s hard to imagine that reading can have such profound effects, but studies show that the benefits of reading instruction on children with Down syndrome extend far beyond the classroom.

The Struggles Of Gifted Children

Like your daughter, gifted children tend to enjoy speaking to people who are on their mental level. This often means that they will have trouble communicating with children who are not as bright as they are.

No More Brain Drain

Everything is more enjoyable when you do it with someone else – learning included.

Brain Breaks

Because our schools follow a dual curriculum, it is often hard for teachers to fit in enough time for recess during the day.

Setting Teachers Up for Success

Every classroom needs rules, but instead of writing, No calling out, frame the rules in positive terms as Raise your hand before speaking.

Girls And Math

While boys’ toys often involve principles inherent in math and science, girls’ toys focus on imagination and creativity. From these early experiences, it’s easy to understand why girls gravitate to English and history and boys are drawn to math and science.

Gifted But Struggling?

While many gifted children are high achievers and excel in school, many gifted students are bored, unchallenged, or dealing with co-existing learning disabilities.

More Than Tests

These forms of testing are great ways to know what students know, but they don’t always reflect the application of the skills they are learning every day.

Addressing The Needs Of All Learners

Starting to assess student readiness, interests, and learning styles at the very start of the school year will enable teachers to better educate their students in the manner that is appropriate for individual students.

Join The Social Skills Challenge

Children who struggle with social skills are less likely to participate in class, less likely to ask important questions when they don’t understand something, and more likely to fall between the cracks.

Integrative Spot – Raising The Bar in Education

Textbooks can allow teachers to have a basis for their curriculum, but it is not a curriculum in and of itself.

Self-Esteem And Friendship

Many people confuse the concepts of self-esteem and ego, assuming that if you believe in yourself you are automatically egoistic and arrogant.

Can You Choose To Be Happy?

We want to have the best job, the most well behaved children, the best hair or the tastiest challah. We make comparisons with other people and often weigh our own worth in relation to those comparisons.

Teenagers’ Life Skills

Instead of reacting to what life throws your way, the idea is to be proactive and take responsibility for your life.

Stress Relief From Home

What happens if you can’t get away? There are some ways to help your body relax even in the confines of your own home.

Staying Dry All Night

While extremely frustrating to the parent, the American Academy of Family Physicians states that up until the age of six, bed-wetting is not abnormal.

Separation Anxiety: When Is It An Issue?

In reality, separation anxiety can manifest itself at almost any age during childhood, especially during times of stress.

Selective (Or Elective) Mutism

It makes sense that your daughter’s teachers would not have picked up on this in preschool because children are not often forced to speak in the learning process.

PANDAS And Anxiety

Researchers believe that the antibodies that children’s bodies build up in order to fight the strep infection begin to attack other parts of the children’s bodies once the infection is gone.

Anxiety In Shidduchim

Social phobias are characterized not only by nervousness when in social situations or when forced to give a presentation or speech, but also by a powerful desire to avoid most situations that involve interacting with others.

Anxiety: Ages And Stages

Children with social phobias will withdraw from social situations and refuse to participate in extracurricular activities.

30 Day Anxiety Challenge

Don’t rethink it and change the plan. Instead, stick with it. You’ll ultimately be happier and less anxious.

Encouraging Friendships

Stay balanced. As painful as it is to watch your child feel isolated, you must maintain a calm countenance.


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