Kids Called Nerds: Can They Succeed Socially?

Research has indicated that children with learning disabilities often fail to pick up social skills and experience more difficulty making and keeping friends than young people without these problems. Yet, quite often children who academically are well within the mainstream, suffer from these disadvantages as well.

Hey, The Brakes Don’t Work!

Picture yourself as a child, feeling unable to wait your turn or restrain yourself from blurting out comments as your teacher or parent is speaking. Even though you know full well the negative consequences you will suffer from your behavior, you easily become oppositional and answer back to authority.

Executive Function Disorder In Children And Adults

It’s true that Executive Function Disorder is becoming a hot topic in education these days. Of course, that is not because more children and adults are dealing with it, but rather because experts have given it a name and have devised ways to deal with its accompanying difficulties.

Different, Not Dumb: Rescuing The Disorganized Child

What are the causes behind output failure? Are we discussing actual dysfunctions of the brain – or does the term merely whitewash certain flaws in character?

Mastering ADD: From Victim To Victor

What Exactly Is ADD? ADD is a neurological disorder characterized by inappropriate levels of inattention, over-activity, and impulsivity. Symptoms arise in early childhood but are not always identified correctly.

Taking The Bully By The Horns: How to Combat Classroom Bullying

Sometimes parents may not know if their child is being bullied. Some children are intimidated into secrecy. They may also keep quiet because they feel ashamed that they have allowed this to happen. They may fear that the parents will either criticize them or will intervene in a way that will make everything worse.

Turning The Socially Awkward Into The Socially Adept

While children who are extremely socially awkward will often be ostracized by their peers in elementary school, middle school is when a child’s social development becomes more apparent.

The Voice Of Children Of Divorce

At times, I'm happy your marriage is over. You weren’t getting along, and you told me things would be better this way. You said, We’ll have a happy divorce. But it doesn't feel very happy.

The Tainted Tiara: The Class Queen Crisis

Even though Leah was the most popular girl in class, the other girls didn’t really like her. In fact, they were a little bit scared of getting on her bad side.

Recess Plight, No Teacher In Sight

Another by-product of the unattended classroom is the friendship crisis a great many children suffer. While most children eagerly await recess and lunchtime as cherished opportunities for fun with playmates, there are some children who experience loneliness and rejection during these unstructured periods.

A King’s Ransom To Keep Him Happy

Children with experiential insatiability, are extremely hard to satisfy. School-related routines such as processing information and producing written work do not quell their appetites for intense experiences.

Do You Have ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a common behavioral disorder that affects between 8-10% of school age children. Boys are three times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD.

How Do You Spell Success? S-o-c-i-a-l S-k-i-l-l-s

Social competence enables us to know what to say, how to make good choices, and how to behave in diverse situations. The extent to which children and adolescents possess good social skills, say experts, can heavily influence their academic performance, social and family relationships, and later, their success on the job.

Say Goodbye to Painfully Shy: The Rationale for Shidduch Coaching

Many people believe that practice and a positive role model will solve all social issues, but what they do not understand is that sometimes people simply lack social intelligence when it comes to finding favor with others.

Why Is My Child Having Trouble In School?

Children are not given choices and thus cannot shield themselves from failure; we expect them to be competent, if not expert, in a whole array of school basics.

‘A’ Is For Anxiety: Managing School-Related Sadness And Anxiety in Children

Many students adapt very well to school; they feel good about themselves and their school work. For others, however, school is threatening. Getting through an average school day for some children is fraught with anxiety-producing situations and painful moments.

Bullfight In The School Yard!

If comparing bullying to bullfighting seems very harsh, ask a child who was bullied.

The Tyranny Of OCD

The disorder is far more disabling than people realize, and consumes untold hours and outputs of energy.

The Paradox Of The ‘Little Professor’

Although she is well-behaved and articulate in class discussions, on the playground she will frequently barge in on other children's play or conversations.

Prison Without Walls: Understanding Asperger’s Syndrome

She was moody and remote, absorbed in her books. She did well in school with barely any effort but her social skills lagged far behind her academic achievement.

The Science Of Shidduchim

The key to knowing where to start is to understand the four levels of communication.

Who’s Looking For A Social Butterfly?

For most children, basic social skills (e.g. initiating conversation, working cooperatively, respecting boundaries, observing conventional rules of courtesy) are acquired naturally.

Clever But Clueless: More on Teaching Social Skills To The “Out-Of-Sync” Child

Chanie’s mother tried to salvage the situation by calling her daughter to the side and whispering a few succinct reproaches in her ear.

The Tyranny Of OCD

OCD was long assumed to be purely psychological, the mind's reaction to overly-strict parents or abnormal emphasis on cleanliness. Scientists now believe it is the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain.

The Explosive Child: Dealing With The Explosive Child

It makes a parent feel both helpless and angry at the same time. Helpless at the thought of having no control whatsoever over the situation. And angry that your child insists on behaving irrationally and well beyond acceptable modes of behavior.

Stop The Bully Cycle

Research shows that children do need friends, however, they do not need tons of friends nor do they need friends to surround them 24/7.

Shidduchim, Self-Esteem, and Emotional Intelligence: The Best Recipe

Why bring up the concept of emotional intelligence when discussing shidduchim? The answer is simple: if a young adult has a low EQ, no matter how smart or accomplished she is, she will never be able to show that to her prospective mate.

Taking Control Of Your Anger

We all deal with anger once in a while. But, during the teenage years, anger is something that can take over both teenagers’ and parents’ lives.

Fear, Anxiety, Fright, Stress, Oh My!

As a general rule, distinguish between what is in our control and what is out of our control. We can control ourselves, but not those around us.


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