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Time Management Tips

Of course, everyone is reading and writing about productivity today in a world that doesn’t sleep, and perhaps Duhigg’s book is an oversimplification of our daily race against the clock.

The Myth of the Unmotivated Child

Children will often get caught up in a power struggle: you pushing and them resisting. Your anxiety about the consequences of their actions will only teach them either how to appease you or resist you.

Dyslexia and Dysgraphia: Struggles with Reading and Writing

It’s hard for people to understand children can have a learning disability that affects only writing. Most people assume if you have no trouble reading, then writing should be a cinch.

Late Blooming or Developmental Delays?

What if your child is not simply a late bloomer? What if he needs early intervention in order to help him attain language?

When Panic Attacks

If you are experiencing crippling anxiety, there are four different approaches that you can take in order to make your life more manageable and enjoyable.

Learned Optimism: Can You Choose to be Happy?

We all start life the same way – as babies completely dependent on others for even our most basic needs... The older we become, however, the more control we gain. We learn to communicate, move, and interact with others.

Stubborn or Strong-Willed? Raising A Leader

Though you might not like to admit it – there is a chance that your child’s stubbornness is genetic.

Reaching for the Stars: Setting Goals for Children with LD

Creating schedules and setting timers can help those with ADHD harness their natural energy and direct it towards their passion.

When Your Child Has a Meltdown

Well, Nachi, if you don’t know how to put your shoes on, then we won’t be able to go to your friend’s birthday party. We can’t go outside without shoes on.

The Tainted Tiara: The Class Queen Crisis

Girls use relationships to bully each other. This starts as early as preschool, when a girl realizes the supremacy of “I won’t be your friend anymore.”

Reconnecting: The Importance of Parent-Teen Bonding

Using your successful relationship with your parents as a guide, you will be better equipped to maintain long-term relationships in the future.

Cooling the Flame of Teenage Anger

Out of nowhere, Ruti would feel herself growing annoyed without even understanding why she was upset.

Raising Confident Daughters

Pay attention to what your daughter is learning in school. Are women represented? See if there is a way to incorporate more positive role models.

Safe Family Gatherings

You might wonder why someone in my field is writing about this topic. The truth is that we have all seen that isolation is rampant and a secondary symptom of this pandemic.

Stress Relief from a Soviet Gulag

It is human nature to look forward to a milestone, to say, “by next Pesach, we will be back to normal and celebrating together.” The problem with that is when next Pesach comes and things remain the same, you will feel crestfallen and distraught.

Feeling SAD?

While those who suffer from SAD syndrome generally begin to feel the effects once we change the clock and the days get shorter, these symptoms have been intensified by Covid-19 and the way that the pandemic has changed our life.

Bad At Math?

Some of the anxiety associated with math comes from the need to be perfect, to always get the right answer.

Why Girls Should be Confident

How can you notice this imbalance in your children? Pay attention to the way they speak.

Why Liking Your Teacher Matters

Both instilling motivation and creating a safe space are integral parts of learning, helping students feel that they both want to learn and that the conditions are right for learning.

Dear Dr. Yael

I am so sorry about what happened to you and to your family. Please don’t feel guilty. You had no idea this would happen.

Social Thinking and Thinking Social

Improving our social thinking begins with improving self-awareness, and is a skill that is used for much more than having successful social interactions.

Brain Breaks!

Whether your child is at home or in school learning, incorporate brain breaks – time for movement that can actually jump start the brain.

Are Our Children All Zoomed Out?

In addition to the challenge of making lessons interesting, it’s difficult for teachers to gage the progress of students.

Making Good Choices

What’s the problem with our decision-making process? How can we deal with it even in this most stressful times?

Thanks For The Feedback!

Don’t get stuck on the “who” of the feedback. Instead, focus on the “what.”

Battling The Anxiety Bug

For those who have lost their regular routines, who go to sleep and wake up with uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring, it is likely that they are experiencing anxiety.

2,4,6,8… How Can We Motivate?

As soon as we wake up, we are (hopefully) motivated to join the world.

What’s The Problem?

What about emotional and mental health issues? How do we get to the root of those? There are diagnostics, tests, and surveys to help diagnose emotional or mental issues. But, we all know that there are times that we get it wrong.

Back To School Bellyaches

They went through the same process every year: Moshe kicking and screaming in the car on the way to school, two months of crying before he went to sleep, and then Moshe’s eventual resignation and despair for the duration of the year.

Mom, He’s Bothering Me Again!

This year, with most camps closed and several months with no school, siblings have already spent lots of time together. This can make the conflict even more pronounced.


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