The Explosive Child: Dealing With The Explosive Child

It makes a parent feel both helpless and angry at the same time. Helpless at the thought of having no control whatsoever over the situation. And angry that your child insists on behaving irrationally and well beyond acceptable modes of behavior.

Stop The Bully Cycle

Research shows that children do need friends, however, they do not need tons of friends nor do they need friends to surround them 24/7.

Shidduchim, Self-Esteem, and Emotional Intelligence: The Best Recipe

Why bring up the concept of emotional intelligence when discussing shidduchim? The answer is simple: if a young adult has a low EQ, no matter how smart or accomplished she is, she will never be able to show that to her prospective mate.

Taking Control Of Your Anger

We all deal with anger once in a while. But, during the teenage years, anger is something that can take over both teenagers’ and parents’ lives.

Fear, Anxiety, Fright, Stress, Oh My!

As a general rule, distinguish between what is in our control and what is out of our control. We can control ourselves, but not those around us.

Emotions Matter: Shidduchim And School

It makes sense that emotional intelligence is important when on a date. You are, after all, talking about emotions and feelings.

The ABCs Of Phonics

Because written language can be compared to a code, knowing the sounds of letters and letter combinations helps children decode words as they read. Knowing phonics will also helps students know which letters to use as they write words.

Parents Of Bullies

Though a six-year-old may seem a bit young for bullying, it is great to catch the behavior early because studies have shown that those who act as bullies seem to maintain these characteristics into adulthood, often negatively influencing their ability to develop mature adult relationships.

Finding Passions With Dyslexia

The first thing you can do is show her how her passion is really connected to academics... Aside from the ways that her goal can be linked academically, this will also help your daughter gain self-esteem.

Kriyah Motivation

Not only do children who read proficiently have an easier time in all academic areas, they also are more capable in social situations.

Dyslexia And Social Skills

Ironically, no one knows just how hard these children are trying, yet they continue to fail miserably because their minds simply do not work the way normative reading instruction is taught.

Early Signs Of Reading Issues

Keep in mind that isolated symptoms are not an indication of dyslexia. Rather, it is only manifest when three or four symptoms consistently appear as a part of a pattern.

Why Read?

Recent studies have shown that children and adults who read fiction are better able to empathize with people in life. Perhaps exploring the emotional lives of others allows the reader to step into the shoes of the real people they interact with daily.

Boys And Girls And Bullying

Girls tend to do more of the “mean girl” syndrome. The bullying is more underhanded and veiled. There is taunting and verbal abuse... On the other hand, with boys, you see more of the physical bullying: hitting and using physical aggression to intimidate.

Raising Readers

Whole books have been devoted to studying why boys lag behind girls in terms of their reading skills and here are some of the reasons that scientists and educators have compiled.

Stopping Bullying Before It Starts

When parents talk to their children as if they have a mind of their own and treat their children as individuals, they encourage children to look at others as individuals with their own feelings and emotions.

Getting Ready For Sleepaway Camp And Israel

Many of the challenges and subsequent skills necessary for sleepaway camp are relevant for young men and women who go to yeshivos and seminaries in Israel after high school.

Social Skills: Art Or Science?

Social skills or interpersonal skills include verbal language, as well as our tone of voice, volume, inflection, and choice of words. They also include body language, gestures, and other non-verbal communication methods.

Coaching Your Way To Your Bashert

The process of shidduchim can be a challenging and complex journey for young individuals. Navigating the expectations of family and community, as well as developing effective communication and social skills, can be daunting for many individuals in the shidduch process.

What Is Kinesthetic Learning?

Some say listening works best While others like observing the rest. Some students say they focus more When music, talking, or moving is in store. Others like to sit down and write Knowing the details is what makes them bright.

Note Taking: Helpful Or Nuisance?

There are amazing resources available for note taking called graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are visual aids that can help students succinctly and quickly write down information.

Too Much Studying?

Creating or studying images can help your daughter’s brain better store the information.

Trouble With Writing

Dysgraphia can manifest itself as difficulties with spelling, poor handwriting and trouble putting thoughts on paper. However, children who suffer from dysgraphia often have reading skills that are on par with other children their age.

Reading And Down Syndrome

It’s hard to imagine that reading can have such profound effects, but studies show that the benefits of reading instruction on children with Down syndrome extend far beyond the classroom.

The Struggles Of Gifted Children

Like your daughter, gifted children tend to enjoy speaking to people who are on their mental level. This often means that they will have trouble communicating with children who are not as bright as they are.

No More Brain Drain

Everything is more enjoyable when you do it with someone else – learning included.

Brain Breaks

Because our schools follow a dual curriculum, it is often hard for teachers to fit in enough time for recess during the day.

Setting Teachers Up for Success

Every classroom needs rules, but instead of writing, No calling out, frame the rules in positive terms as Raise your hand before speaking.


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