2,4,6,8… How Can We Motivate?

As soon as we wake up, we are (hopefully) motivated to join the world.

What’s The Problem?

What about emotional and mental health issues? How do we get to the root of those? There are diagnostics, tests, and surveys to help diagnose emotional or mental issues. But, we all know that there are times that we get it wrong.

Back To School Bellyaches

They went through the same process every year: Moshe kicking and screaming in the car on the way to school, two months of crying before he went to sleep, and then Moshe’s eventual resignation and despair for the duration of the year.

Mom, He’s Bothering Me Again!

This year, with most camps closed and several months with no school, siblings have already spent lots of time together. This can make the conflict even more pronounced.

Where Are Your Priorities?

If your child is struggling with an activity, consider speaking to the teacher about his or her goals for the activity.

Mommyyyy… I’m Bored!

Get creative – and collaborative. Brainstorm your children’s passions and come up with large projects that they can work on by themselves or with a friend or family member remotely.

Bouncing Back From The Covid-19 Crisis

While the virus still affects our daily lives and our futures are uncertain, we can still recognize that there is a lot of work...

Don’t Let Your Anger Get The Best Of You!

Often we have negative voices that we listen to in our heads. Voices that tell us that we are a “loser,” that we will “never succeed,” or that we need to be better at something.

When Temper Tantrums Get Out Of Control

Some blow up dozens of times a day, others just a few times a week. Some ‘lose it’ only at home, others only in school, and still others in any conceivable location. Some scream when they become frustrated, others become physically or verbally aggressive.

Teens & Sleep

Without enough sleep, teens can feel like they are walking around in a perpetual haze. And this haze can lead to disastrous consequences.

Mind Over Manners

When classes end, it is incredibly important to get your kids reading, especially if they struggle with reading during the year.


While I am not calling to question the diagnoses of medical professionals, there are many children who exhibit signs of ADHD but may be struggling with something else.

When You Should Ignore Labels

Labels are great because they are clear and defined, but when we only see the label, we lose the individual.

Learning To Listen And Listening To Learn

For most children, listening is the first entry point into a text, and we finally have the technology to allow children (and adults) to listen to almost any printed book.

Antibodies for Anxiety

It’s important to recognize why we feel anxiety. If we didn’t have any anxiety, we wouldn’t know to be cautious around dangerous things.

Finding Our New Normal

Don’t “should” yourself. In times of uncertainty, it’s incredibly important to be kind to yourself. There is really a “should” when you don’t know what the future will bring.

Honoring Our Elders

As a global crisis forces us to reevaluate our ethos and values, perhaps this is the time to focus on our elderly...

Everything Changes…

The only thing we can be sure of as a constant is change. Change is hard and we are often resistant.

It’s Alright To Cry

We avoid difficult conversations, we react with anger, and we eat our feelings without knowing why.

Can Food And Anxiety Be Linked?

The issue is that the food only temporarily satisfies the emotional hunger. After eating, the person usually feels shame and guilt and has not gotten to the root of the emotion to begin with.

Did You Know Anxiety Is Contagious?

Recognizing that uncertainty makes us think the worst, which almost never occurs, can help you overcome your worst moments.

Coronavirus, Anxiety, And Grief

Kessler calls what we are all feeling “anticipatory grief,” and explains that it is the “feeling we get about what the future holds when we’re uncertain.”

How To Be Productive

The secret to being more productive is understanding how to manage your brain better.

Fear, Anxiety, Fright, Stress, Oh My!

While some worry and anxiety is normal, it is a problem if it interferes with the child’s daily functioning.

Keep It Simple

Working with curricula that truly allows students to read, write, and talk about the essential content will prepare them for college, careers, and productive citizenship.

Parenting From The Inside Out

Research shows that our brains never stop developing, and parenting provides you with an opportunity for lifelong learning.

Change Is… Scary!

NFL coach Bill Parcells in Harvard Business Review wrote, “When you set small, visible goals, and people achieve them, they start to get it into their heads that they can succeed.”

Left, Right, What’s the Difference?

The more we know about how our children’s brains work, the better we will be able nurture stronger, more resilient children.

Don’t Quite Fit In?

The goal of coaches is to provide children with a safe environment to practice their still emerging communication skills.


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