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Innovation and creativity can be hard to come by in the event entertainment space. Some businesses are more forward-thinking and look to give their consumers experiences that they will remember for years to come. Sculp-A-Soapa soap-making party entertainment brand, is bringing excitement and new experiences to people of all ages. At a soap-making party, kids can choose soap projects that come in different shapes and range from personalized bars to cupcake soaps. At corporate events or with adult groups, the offerings are more sophisticated – participants can make spa-like soaps. Each event is unique and can be specialized to your needs.

In addition to these amazing curated events, Sculp-A-Soap also sells soap-making kits on their website, These kits enable you to make your own scented soap at home and come with instructions and pictures that make the process easy to follow. The soap-making kits give people a creative outlet that also fosters family time or spending time with friends. The kits come with enough soap-making materials for two, four, or eight participants.


The kits could make great presents for a variety of ages. With Chanukah around the corner, the Donut Soap-Making Kit for 8 is the perfect giftable item. Sculp-A-Soap is excited to offer Jewish Press readers a special discount code for free shipping on all their soap-making kits. Use code JPFREESHIP at checkout.

To get more ideas of the types of soap-making party entertainment options Sculp-A-Soap offers, check out their Instagram @sculpasoap under the highlights section. You can contact Sculp-A-Soap at [email protected] or by filling out a form on the website with your name, date, and details of your event – you’ll get a price quote or follow-up phone call.

Whether you are shopping for a present that is engaging and hands-on, looking for the gift that will last longer and create pleasant memories, or looking for entertainment for your next party that will be interactive and creative, Sculp-A-Soap has you covered.

We spoke to founder Chaya Gitty Klein about the inspiration behind the company.


Michal Goldfein: What inspired you to start Sculp-A-Soap?

Chaya Gitty Klein: I was working at a day camp 10 years ago as a counselor and saw the need for more Jewish entertainment options. The director was looking for something more than just a jumping castle or a puppet show. Something that the kids would actually walk away with that is substantial. That’s when I started brainstorming and Sculp-A-Soap was born.

Your brand is known for its fun and creative soap-making party entertainment. Can you describe these events?

Sure. We come to just about any size party. From just a few neighbors to a few hundred people. Ranging from birthdays, bat mitzvahs, schools, camps, and corporate events, we cater to a variety of occasions. We also travel (almost) everywhere.

One item that you offer at your soap-making events are your personalized soap bars. What goes into making these bars and can you describe them?

Yes, this our most popular soap project at events. There are many options within this category. It’s fully customizable, where the kids get to choose the shape, text, colors, and scent. This way, everyone can get very creative and ends up with their own unique soap bars. Our other options are more about following instructions and everyone’s end product looks identical. Both types of projects we offer are equally fun.

You cater the soap-making entertainment to camps, corporate events, and parties. How do you elevate the process and end product for different occasions?

Great question! We have lots of different options. Our personalized soap bars are enjoyed by all age groups. Then we have some options geared for different ages. For example, our soap popsicles are great for the younger kids. Then we have the cupcake soaps for the next age group.

For high end corporate events, we offer spa-like soaps, using moisturizing oat-based soap, honey-based soap, and more. The soaps are scented with pure essential oils and made with dried florals, including rose petals and dried lavender flowers. The soaps have different exfoliant options.

During Covid, you realized the need to offer your customers and clients a way to make soap at home with the inclusion of your DIY Soap Making Kits. The kits are available for purchase on your website. What can people expect when they receive your kits?

Our kits were created during a time that parties were being cancelled and we wanted our soap projects to be accessible for everyone. We created kits that come with simple, easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with illustrations. They are very easy for all ages to follow along.

All you’ll need is a microwave. (If you don’t have one, you can use the stovetop with a disposable pan on a super-low flame.) Parental supervision is required.

What is the difficulty level of your soap-making kits?

Making the soaps is a very straightforward process, as they have the instructions with pictures, and we simplified it so that everyone can follow along easily.

I love your Donut Soap-Making Kit for 8, which is the perfect gift or family activity for Chanukah. What are your other most popular kits?

Hmmm, tough to choose just one, but I would say the cupcake kit. As many as we make, they continuously sell out. And we’re constantly making more.

The Rubber Duck Soap-Making Kit is adorable. What instructions do you have for storing the soaps once you make them?

Included in all our soap-making kits are cellophane bags and ribbons if you’d like to wrap [the soap] up and save or display it before actually using it. Once you’re ready to use it, use it as a regular soap bar in the tub.

Are the soaps scented?

All soap-making kits are scented with the fragrance that portrays that particular kit. For example, the cupcake soap smells like cupcakes and the strawberry frosting is strawberry-scented.

What goals do you have for the future of your Sculp-A-Soap brand?

Our main focus is that by each event, every single child uses their creativity and has a great experience creating their own masterpiece, making them feel extra special and proud. For adults, we want to foster a sense of friendship and camaraderie and bring people together in a comfortable and fun environment. Also, we hope to occasionally release newer soap-making kits to keep up with the demand as some of our customers have already done all of our soap-making kit options. We’re currently working on a new one and it’s coming out very soon b’ezrat Hashem.

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