Photo Credit: Jewish Press

The holy land of Israel was and will always be the chosen land for the Jewish people. From the beginning of time Hashem promised this land to our forefathers and they passed on that promise to the children of Israel for all generations to come.

We as a Jewish nation have known great sufferings throughout time and our nation has been chased for many centuries. 72 years ago G-d in his infinite wisdom and goodness, returned the Jewish people to their homeland. Many Jews did return, but not all.


The beautiful cities and roads of Israel are being built up every single day. The hilltops are growing homes like never before and mountains are spreading themselves wide, so that great big new roads can be paved through them, making room for all the children of Israel to come back home, like true children of the King.

In the famous song Jerusalem of gold, the song parses the golden city with all its beauty and all the longing the Jewish people had for so many years to come back and settle in the dwelling place of Hashem. And now we are living the actual prophesies of all the prophets that describe the beauty and glory of Jerusalem in the time of the redemption.

The new homes that are being built daily and the new roads that are being paved are all part of the final salvation of the Jewish people. In order to absorb all the people returning home, the land is preparing itself for this final stage, which is happening right in front of our eyes. I therefore call this city Jerusalem of gold and metal.

The gold needs no interpretation. However, the metal tractors and all the new metal equipment that have been developed in the last couple of decades, is new.

This new metal era, is creating space in the most efficient way possible. Thus making it so much better and easier for all the Jews to return home. The golden city and promised land which lay barren for so many years is growing now with all the metal technology, like leaves and flowers, in the spring.

This new metal gift the city and land were given, is the true redemption, happening right here and now. And all this in preparation for all the massive influx of the people of Israel returning home, making room for everyone.

No matter how we choose to look at the world and the path “nature” is taking at the present moment, we can see the changes coming about in almost all areas of life. This virus that hit planet earth has definitely changed many aspects in the world and is still changing them every day. New restrictions are set forth daily, to the school systems, the restaurants, the event halls, and almost all recreational places. Every place has new rules and regulations, and no one knows when they will actually change back to what they were before Covid-19 entered the world.

Politically, events are stirring the universe as they usually do, only now it seems more than ever, that the Almighty is once again directing His actions towards the Jews and urging them to come back home to the promised land. The golden, metal land is ready for everyone.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our comfort zone that we forget that we are on a journey and we are meant to arrive at our final destination, which is to get back home. We have been scattered in exile for so many years that we have gotten used to the journey and we made ourselves comfortable along the way, so that we might not feel bad that we are so far away from home.

Hashem is so good and merciful, that He always prepares His children and wants everything to be just right for them, as the parent’s for our children, want everything to be just right, as well.

G-d has been protecting and preparing the land of Israel for so many years, so that all the people of Israel will return, not just some, but all. There is gold and beauty and everything good, right here in the land of Israel. All the Jewish people need to do is just come back home.

Home is more comfortable than any journey, as enjoyable as it might be. There is no place like home.