Photo Credit: Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

On Friday, February 23, Richie Taylor was promoted from Inspector to Deputy Chief in a historic ceremony led by Police Commissioner Edward Caban.

Taylor is the highest ranking police officer in history to wear a yarmulke in uniform, both in New York City and globally outside of Israel.


At 41, Richie Taylor – Commanding Officer of Community Affairs, overseeing all community affairs officers in every precinct and borough in New York City – is currently the youngest Chief in the NYPD.

In his public remarks just prior to the promotion, Commissioner Caban said, “Inspector Richie Taylor is known across the 5 Boroughs. He is the ultimate NYPD Ambassador, building bridges in both good times and bad. Honestly, I don’t think there was ever a time that Richie didn’t take my call on the first ring. Richie, thank you for all that you do. You’re a true friend and a real mensch. Congratulations!”

NYPD chiefs, city officials and community leaders who attended the event praised Taylor.

“I’ve known Deputy Chief Richie Taylor for about 15 years,” Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey said. “He worked for me as a young sergeant and I saw his commitment and devotion to the community early on. He then worked for me as a lieutenant in Brooklyn North and as a captain, deputy inspector and inspector in Community Affairs. As I’ve said many times, Richie is a consummate professional; he’s everywhere in our city, and he always gets stuff done. To Richie, Miri, the girls, and to the entire community, Mazel tov!”

“There’s been times I’ve called Richie in the middle of the night and he answered the phone, on the first ring,” said NYPD Deputy Commissioner Mark Stewart. “Day and night, Richie is always out there, working hard, making us proud, and like the mayor says, getting stuff done.”

“I know Richie Taylor for many, many years,” NYPD Chief of Transit Michael Kemper said. “He’s a good man, works very, very hard…dedicated to the community. This promotion is certainly well deserved. Mazel tov to Richie and his family; well earned.”

“Chief Taylor is a consummate professional,” Brooklyn South Chief Charlie McEvoy said. “The work he does throughout all of the communities in New York City is unparalleled. He is an exceptional human being, and he really cares. He’s one person who you could never doubt his dedication; he cares about all communities.”

Left to right, Joel Eisdorfer, senior advisor to the mayor, Mayor Adams, and Captain Richie Taylor.

“He’s truly hard working and dedicated to the NYPD and community,” Joel Eisdorfer, senior advisor to Mayor Eric Adams said. “He’s making history today being the first Orthodox Jew to rise to such a position, and stands out for his dedication and devotion!”

“Chief Taylor’s kindness and devotion to the well-being of every single New Yorker is unmatched. This promotion makes our entire community extremely proud”, said NYPD Clergy Liaison David Heskiel.

At the age of 15, Taylor started as a Police Explorer in the 61st Precinct. In 2005 he graduated the Police Academy with honors and began his career on patrol in Brooklyn South. He was promoted to Sergeant in 2010, Lieutenant in 2014, Captain in 2016, Deputy Inspector in 2020 and Inspector in 2021.

Chief Taylor has served in over 10 Commands, including the 1st Precinct, the 61st Precinct, the 63rd Precinct, the 67th Precinct, the 88th Precinct, Police Service Area-1 in Brooklyn South, Police Service Area-5 in East Harlem, Patrol Borough Brooklyn South, Patrol Borough Manhattan South, the Community Affairs Bureau and the Office of the Chief of Community Affairs, a sub-unit of the Police Commissioner’s Office. He has also served as the Commanding Officer of the Manhattan South Investigations Unit and as the Adjutant to the Chief of Community Affairs at Police Headquarters.

During Hurricane Sandy, Taylor was assigned to the New York City Office of Emergency Management to coordinate police response and resources with the Mayor’s Office and other city, state, military and federal agencies.

Chief Taylor has been recognized and honored by the Mayor’s Office and the NYPD on numerous occasions including receiving a Proclamation of Excellence from Mayor Eric Adams and recipient of the September 2016, 61st Precinct “Cop of the Month Award” for making a firearm arrest while solo.

Before becoming a police officer, Taylor was a New York State Emergency Medical Technical and a member of Hatzalah Volunteer Ambulance Service. He responded to the World Trade Center on 9/11, arriving before the towers collapsed.

Chief Taylor resides in Brooklyn with his wife Miri and their five children.


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