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As the mother of a two-year-old and a seven-month-old, I have a mixed reaction to the word “baby.” While I absolutely love being a mother, I also experienced postpartum depression (PPD) after having both of my children.

The anxiety and depression were overwhelming. The lack of sleep, poor nutrition and pressures of the real world all started to creep in. I was also ashamed to admit that I was struggling, even though it was apparent to my loving husband Daniel. He was worried about me and encouraged me to get treatment. Thankfully, I did, and I feel like myself again. I am centered and happy.


The best things in life – practicing Judaism, being married, having children – can be very difficult. But without the struggles, we wouldn’t appreciate the joys.

Being a mother certainly isn’t easy, but it has brought me incredible joy. G-d willing, I’ll have more chances to bring beautiful souls into this world. And now I know that if I’m faced with more challenges, G-d wants me to reach out to Him, and to others, for help. I know that I’m never alone.


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