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An expression of gezunt is meant to convey warm, healthy tidings to someone. It also alludes to the vicissitudes of life. We can pay assiduous attention to our health, engaging in a host of preventive measures, but ultimately, even the healthiest among us can be afflicted with ailments outside of our control.

Recently, my infant son was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Warm wishes of gezunt were accentuated by an outpouring of ‘refuah shlemayahs‘ for the gezunt of my son. I was powerless to influence his health in any measurable way, save for fervent davening. Yet is that not what is implied when we utter gezunt in well wishes? Simply stating gezunt to another is to utter a non-formal prayer, a statement of bitachon that Hashem will hear our words and can implement our intentions. Thank G-d, after four months, our son was eventually released from the hospital.


May we internalize that our words conveyed even in greetings and simple remarks to others can be manifested into reality by the Source of all-Being. Zei gezunt


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Yehudah Pryce is a clinical social worker for the Young Adult Court of the Superior Court of Orange County, California, and a psychotherapist at a residential addiction treatment center in Los Angeles. He is currently finishing up the last year of his doctor of social work degree program. Yehudah resides in Irvine, California with his wife and three children.