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You can’t buy good health. A famous Jew, Hyman Roth, once said, “Good health is the most important thing. More than success, more than money. More than power.” And he knew it.

When we think about health, we often dwell on how not-in-control we are. I know I’ve felt it – walking around one minute, supine and helpless the next. Truth is, you can’t completely control your health, no matter how much you jog and how many Apple Watches you wear.


Health is like anything else: the set of circumstances within which we operate. Our lives will not be judged on where we end up but on the choices we make within those circumstances. Poor health, poverty, pain – can’t wish those things on anybody, but I do know that the best thing we can do regardless is to smile, and make the next choice count, and the one after that.

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Rabbi David Pardo is an educator based in New Jersey passionate about the intersection of Torah, media, and technology.