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An object of values, unity and remembrance.

Stained glass windows are one of the things that set some shuls apart. Usually, the stained glass is of the shvatim, famous scenes from Tanach, or Har Sinai. Some shuls take creative license and portray something different. The themes express the values of the original shul builders.


Many families have a glass serving dish for Shabbos. It may have been a hostess or wedding gift. I’ve observed it is symbolic of getting along with others: while it’s generally not part of a set of dishes, it is clear and doesn’t clash with any colors. (I’ve also observed it will be an awkward meal if the platter is dropped.)

Glass is also broken at every wedding to remind us to mourn for the Beis HaMikdash. However, people usually overlook that and scream mazal tov because the chuppah is concluding. (I was once at somebody’s house who told me that they say mazel tov because that means another glass is bought which means the seller makes more money as well as the factory and the whole economy does better.) We should try to use the opportunity to contemplate the churban and daven for a full geulah quickly.

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