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The Torah tells us about the nazir. He cannot drink wine, and he’s not allowed to cut his hair. He separates himself from the community. AND cuts himself off from all worldly pleasures.

I could never be a nazir. I like to drink Moscato wine on Shabbat. And even though I love long hair, it is not flattering on me so I am forced to get a trim cut from time to time.


But the most telling part of why I could never be a nazir is because of how gregarious I am. I smile to the shopkeepers as I pass their stores. I will strike up a conversation with practically anyone while standing on line. I have a bunch of “e-mail friends”; these are people I hold dear, but whom I have never actually met in person.

One of my biggest joys in life is getting together with old friends, such as Libby and Sandy and Talya, D’vora, and Ellen and so on.

Worldly pleasures? Bring them on.


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