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When The Jewish Press contacted me about responding to “salty,” they probably assumed I would relate it to cooking.

But what comes to mind when I think of salty is people, not food. The slang term “salty” is an adjective describing an individual who is “bitter” or “easily irritated.” I recently learned that the term is originally nautical referring to a disgruntled sailor who had a bad experience in the Navy.


Salty can also be applied to life. Something that is salty in terms of cooking means it’s not seasoned properly, but too much salt or being salty could also be applied to balance as well. Too much salt, or excess of anything, is not good. Just like in any recipe, there needs to be a healthy balance of spices and flavors, so too in life – we want to be salted, not salty.

Of course, being a foodie, I must leave you with a cooking tidbit. If you do over-salt, incorporate a hint of acidity to your dish. Something like lemon juice or vinegar won’t necessarily fix the problem, but it will make it more edible, making the other flavors pop. And adding a potato to soup will help absorb extra salt.


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Naomi Nachman is a cookbook author and social media personality. She hosts Table for Two on the Nachum Segal Network, posts videos on, conducts cooking and Zoom food demos, and is a Mishpacha Magazine columnist. She also is a cooking competition producer whose recipes are featured in several publications.