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At this pivotal juncture for Klal Yisrael, as we seem to confront challenges to our very survival, we need the laughter of Yitzchak more than ever for our hope and survival. Avraham, driven by profound emunah, shattered the illusion of a world disconnected from the Divine. He transformed himself into a paradigm of humanity that reconnected Heaven and Earth, revealing the unity that had been hidden since Eden. In turn, Hashem chose Avraham to father a nation destined to reveal the Divine within the world. Avraham’s children, transcending time and space, would be marked for eternal existence, culminating in the ultimate redemption, where every Jew who ever lived will live together with the Shechina in the Holy Land.

Yitzchak, named for the laughter marking his impossible arrival, personifies this transcendent existence. His birth defies nature, just like the angels who announced it. Yitzchak lived a testament to techiyas hameisim, embodying the “end of time” within his lifetime. His deep consciousness of Divine sustenance and submission to His will made Yitzchak integral to the perpetual story of Bnei Yisrael. This foundation is why Yaakov is deemed eternally alive, as his progeny are fated to survive through the ages.


Currently, when our existence seems impossible, we draw strength from the impossible existence of Yitzchak. We really do have no place in this world. Yet our survival defies nature anchored not in military might or the validation of world leaders, but in our transcendent essence. Embracing this paradox, we realize that our improbable existence is the very core of our resilience, and it’s what assures us that we will survive until the very end.


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Dr. Bin Goldman is a psychologist and educator. He treats and evaluates adults and children in his practice in NY and NJ, and he presents to professional and community audiences on mental health, education, and Torah.