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To me, the word Yitzchak resonates the promise of the continuity of the Jewish people. The long-awaited son of Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak was the original FFB (frum from birth). Understanding the immense responsibly of molding the next generation, his parents shielded him from the negative influences of Yishmael.

As a frum Jewish educator, I am acutely aware of the thousands of “Yitzchaks” in our care. Each child a guarantor of Hashem’s promise to make Avraham Avinu, and by extension all Jews, into a great nation.


Not only did Avraham and Sarah shield Yitzchak from negative influence, but they taught him how to be a true oved Hashem through example. The epitome of teaching by doing, Avraham and Sarah taught Yitzchak how to love and serve Hashem by themselves dedicating their lives through Torah. As opposed to the “Do as I say, but not as I do” attitude that many adults have in terms of raising and educating children, Avraham and Sarah strived to do the opposite when raising Yitzchak. Educators are a central role model in a student’s life, and it is important to lead by example, so all of our children become true ovdei Hashem, just like Yitzchak.


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Ana Mandelbaum is the principal of Shulamith School for Girls of Brooklyn. She holds degrees in psychology, education and school leadership and is a doctoral candidate in school policy.