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I can’t believe how fast the summer flew by! We ended off the summer with my son Dovid’s upsherin. It’s crazy how one small haircut can transform a baby into a big boy. He looks so handsome! I was so focused on the upsherin, I have not had a chance to really think about my Yom Tov cooking yet. It’s coming before we know it! I’m not worried, because I’ll use some of my favorite go-to dishes such as my succulent chicken with squash recipe. I am so excited to be able to share this recipe with you. I make this one-pan dish for Friday nights, Rosh Hashanah, or Sukkos. It’s super easy, looks gorgeous, and has all the fall “feels.” Kids and adults both love it. Wishing all my readers a Chasiva v’chasima tova and happy and healthy year!



Succulent Chicken with Squash

Feeds: 4-6
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cooking Time: 2 hours and 45 minutes


1 package of chicken cut into ⅛s
2 large organic shallots
1 organic butternut squash
2 tbsp organic stone-ground mustard
2 tbsp. Red Wine Vinegar
1 tbsp De La Rosa Raspberry Vinegar
3 tbsp organic maple syrup
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp dried rosemary
2 tsp crushed garlic
Salt and pepper
Fresh parsley, for garnish




Dice the shallots and the butternut squash. Place in the bottom of a large roasting pan. Place the chicken on top, and season with salt and pepper.

In a mixing bowl, whisk the mustard, vinegars, maple syrup, olive oil, garlic and rosemary. Pour over the chicken and squash. Cover the roasting pan and cook on 400°F for two hours.

Uncover after two hours and baste the chicken with the juices. Continue to cook for 45 minutes uncovered, or until the chicken is glossy and well-done. Enjoy!

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