Last week, I bought a new brand of detergent.


It promises to remove all stains, even those stubborn, impossible to remove ones–or your money back. Guaranteed.


Amazing, huh?


I couldn’t even wait to get a stain, to try it out. And with a family of a bunch of kids, I didn’t have to wait very long.


You know what? It really does work wonders. Chocolate, grass, even lipstick-it takes them all out. Effortlessly.


But after a few washes, I noticed something else about my wonder detergent. As good as a job as it does, it also dulls the color. The shirts are no longer as bright. They look kind of worn out. Used.


             I guess I shouldn’t have expected more.


But imagine if you could find a detergent that at the same time as it removes the stains, also makes the colors look brighter, more prominent. And better yet, even makes the fabric look newer, not worn, but stronger, improving the texture of the material. Not only as good as new-but even better!


            Impossible? Probably.


But there is a wonder gift that G-d gave our world.


It’s got a brand name called teshuvah, repentance. Not only does teshuvah remove the stain of sin from the fabric of our souls, it actually makes our souls sparkle even brighter. By making us aware of how stained we’ve become it propels us to invest more energy and effort into strengthening our bond and connection with G-d. And that makes us look even better than ever.


Imagine going through the wash cycle, and coming out looking even newer and brighter. Sounds too good to be true?


Now there’s something to package.


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