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Airline ticket sales tanked during the pandemic. Many people refrained from traveling or chose to travel by car instead. For those of you who find themselves spending an exorbitant amount of time in your vehicles, or just want to make your commutes more seamless, here are some of the best tech car gadgets on the market today:

Lanmodo Night Vision System: If you prefer driving at night rather than during the day, Lanmodo Night Vision System might be a worthwhile investment. Created to take the strain off night-driving, Lanmodo Night Vision System offers a bright and colorful view of the road ahead – or 984 feet of it, to be precise.


For older model vehicles, Lanmodo Night Vision System also has an accompanying rearview camera. The device looks like a screen and is stuck onto the dashboard.

weBoost Drive X: weBoost Drive X is a vehicle cell signal booster, especially useful when driving long distances or to remote locations. Simply place weBoost Drive X inside your vehicle and attach the external antenna to the outside of the vehicle, and you’re all set.

The outside antenna connects to the closest cell service tower to ensure you have the best possible service. weBoost Drive X works with all U.S. carriers, and can host multiple users and devices. You can expect a 33-percent signal improvement with this device.

Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam: Trying to prove that an accident is the other driver’s fault is difficult and frustrating. Dash cams provide the necessary proof, thus saving money, time, and heartache.

Nextbase 612GW Dash Cam records with 4K quality and tracks speed and GPS locations as well. The recordings are also easily transferable from the dash cam to your phone or laptop.

Tile Mate: Always losing your keys? You’re not alone. Tile Mate attaches to your keys to ensure you never lose them again. You can call your keys from your phone or consult the Tile Mate app to find their location. Tile Mate uses Bluetooth technology and a GPS locator. Battery life is approximately one year.

Vanmass Wireless Car Charger: Vanmass Wireless Car Charger is a wireless car charger disguised as a phone mount. It includes a flexible arm to enable you to easily adjust it while driving or extend it when you’ve parked and want to sit more comfortably in your seat. The phone mount holds smartphones between 4-6.5 inches.


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