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Dani Naveh, President and CEO of Israel Bonds.

With Israel at war, Development Corporation for Israel/Israel Bonds and its affiliates around the world this week secured over $200 million in bond sales and commitments from investors since the war broke out in Israel, including $150 million in bond purchases from US states, local municipal governments, and an institution, sending an emphatic message of hope to the people of Israel and the global Jewish community.

The investments came from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Florida Department of Financial Services, Illinois State Treasurer, New York State Common Retirement Fund, Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts – State Treasury, Treasurer of the State of Ohio, Palm Beach County, and Cross River.


Israel Bonds, which before the war broke out in Israel had nearly met its annual goal of $1 billion in bond sales, has also launched a special campaign to raise support for Israel among the American and international Jewish communities. Each investment in an Israel bond provides the nation with impactful and much-needed assistance, through financial support that helps secure the future of the State of Israel and its people.

Now, on the heels of what many are describing as the deadliest day in Jewish history since the Holocaust, Israel Bonds has responded by rallying this historically swift and substantial wave of investment in Israel from U.S. state and municipal governments.

“The extent to which the United States has supported Israel is incredible, demonstrating how this support cuts across partisan lines and is deeply rooted nationwide,” said Israel Bonds President and CEO Dani Naveh. “The response across many U.S. states was immediate and demand exceeded the amount of Israel bonds that we were able to sell at that time. At the same time, thousands of Jews from all over the world have been expressing their support for Israel by also purchasing bonds for themselves and on behalf of various organizations such as hospitals, emergency service organizations, and an organization supporting Israeli soldiers.”

Howard L. Goldstein, Chairman of the Israel Bonds National Board of Directors, said, “The message from the American people to our brothers and sisters in Israel is that you are remarkable. Stand strong and you will never be alone. We have and will always be with you. The U.S. stands with Israel, now more than ever. Israel Bonds has proved once again that it is a crucial component of Israel’s financial well-being. Am Yisrael Chai!”

In announcing his state’s new investment of $25 million in Israel bonds, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis said, “Florida and Israel have deep economic and personal ties, and our state unequivocally stands with Israel following the heinous Iran-backed terrorist attacks this week. We made a commitment to support Israel both morally and monetarily, and that’s why I’m proud to announce that Florida will invest an additional $25 million in Israel bonds to further support our ally in the Middle East. This historic investment increases our state’s Israel bond portfolio to more than $80 million and not only provides Florida with a strong investment but also further fortifies Florida’s commitment to stand with and support Israel. To the people of Israel, Israeli Americans, and Jewish Floridians across our state, Florida is proud to stand with you. I encourage other state treasurers across our country to support Israel by purchasing Israel bonds today.”

Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague said regarding his state’s $20 million purchase, “Now is the time to stand with Israel. For 30 years, Israel bonds have been — and continue to be — a strong investment for the Ohio Treasury. We’re proud to make this $20 million purchase and provide desperately needed liquidity to Israel as they fight against these heinous acts of terrorism.”


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