Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hammered away at the Iranian nuclear threat at a meeting with visiting Republican Congressmen Robert Pittenger of North Carolina and Dennis A. Ross of Florida Tuesday morning.

“The American-Israeli alliance is a powerful one. It’s based on common values, common interests. It’s a bipartisan relationship, Netanyahu said.


He added, “We appreciate the support of Democrats and Republicans alike. We have a great national interest in preventing Iran from acquiring the means to develop nuclear weapons.

“We believe this isn’t a partisan issue. It isn’t a Democratic issue; it’s not a Republican issue. It’s an Israeli issue. It’s an American issue. It’s a global issue and we believe that the current proposal before Iran, handed over by the P5+1 is very dangerous to Israel and dangerous to the region and the peace of the world.

“That’s why I think it’s important for me to speak before the members of Congress, all members of Congress, and explain Israel’s position.

“Now there are those who think otherwise. I’m open to hearing their case and I would hope that they would extend Israel, the country whose very existence is threatened by Iran, that same courtesy.”



  1. Message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: You are about to become one of history's great leaders and Statesman. Be the firm, steady,strong leader that Israel and the World needs NOW. There is a lot on your shoulders. We (in my large community) believe in you and Israel. We are ready to follow. Brake a leg – as the say on Broadway !

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