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Last week, in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, two terrorists walked into a church and murdered an 84 year old Catholic priest. In the early morning hours, as the priest was conducting mass, they entered the church with the specific and clear intention to murder.

They violated the holiness, the sanctity of that holy place because…because…


You know what. Stop there. The because leads you to madness.

This is Jacques Hamel.

He was 84 when he was murdered by Islamic terrorists in a terror attack in France. He was a priest but more, he was an old man who hurt no one. He was murdered in the name of Allah. He was murdered in the name of intolerance. They entered a church and violated the sanctity of that place. The priest was murdered because he was a Catholic, an infidel. Yes, that’s right. According to Islam, this man of the cloth was an infidel.

This is Hadas Fogel.

She was only four months old when she was murdered by Islamic terrorists in a terror attack in Israel. She was a baby, but more, she was the essence of innocence and she too was murdered in the name of hatred and Allah. She was murdered in the name of intolerance. She was murdered because she was a Jew, an infidel. Yes, that’s right. According to Islam, this child, this baby of only four months old was an infidel and a worthy and honorable target.

And this is Hallel Yaffa Ariel.

She was just 13 and a half when she was murdered by an Islamic terrorist in a terror attack in Israel. She was in her bedroom, asleep when he entered her room and began stabbing her. She was a child on the brink of so much more when she was murdered in the name of hate and martyrdom and Allah. She was murdered in the name of intolerance. She was murdered because she was a Jew, an infidel. Yes, that’s right. This sleeping child is, according to Islam, a legitimate and honorable kill.

I keep wondering what level of violence will it take to shock the world into action. They have burned people, hanged them, decapitated them. They have stabbed, stoned, bombed, and shot people. They murdered a baby…baby Hadas, and many other babies across the globe. The murdered Hallel as she slept, and many other young girls and boys. And today, they murdered a priest in cold blood.

What will it take for the world to be able to say – without lowering their voices – this was the work of Islamic extremism? This was Islamic terror? All Muslims…no. No. NO.But today, and yesterday, last week and last month and last year and ten years ago and twenty. In Madrid, New York, Tel Aviv, London, Paris, Jerusalem, Brussels, Itamar, Nice, Kiryat Arba, Orlando, Normandy, Afula and on and on and on.

Say it. Islamic terror. Stop it. Stop it. Be shocked. Be angry. Scream out your anger. Stop terrorism.

Stop them now…before they come to your city, as they have come to mine. Stop them because they will not stop. They will come to yours, as they have come for mine.

You and yours…that’s right…YOU are an infidel and they want you dead. They want your way of life crushed. Does that scare you? Does that terrify you to the depths of your soul?





  1. I share your incredulity, Ms. Stern, and daily question "what will it take for people to wake up to this threat?" There is a scene in the movie "Brazil" where two of the main female characters are out to lunch, all finely dressed and chatting happily when a bomb goes off killing and maiming others in the restaurant. The women pause, look about at the mayhem and then resume their conversation and lunch. I feel like that scene is how we all collectively react to these daily horrors.

    My hope is that with new leadership from the USA with Donald Trump as president, there will be a strong shift towards sanity and we will finally address and eliminate the ongoing nightmare that is Islamic terrorism.

  2. I am Canadian and I also hope Trump wins, and wins big! We have a islamist pandering fool leading the country here in Canada, and he is already destroying my land. I worked a 40 year career and this moron is handing out TAX $$ to third world countries who DETEST us. He is putting us into so much debt, our taxes will go up to pay for his never ending pandering. No money for Canadians who worked and paid their way, but put everybody into debt to hand it out to everyone else. I hope Trump wins and he invades Canada and arrests trudope as a security risk.

  3. The government and media will never wake up because they are invested in lies and fraud.
    By ignoring the real problem of Islamic terrorism, they focus on the false problem of equal opportunity extremism where Catholics, evangelicals, Orthodox Jews and grand mothers from Iowa all represent equal risks as jihadis whom authorities refuse to name.
    Even as Islamic nuclear devices start going off here, the government and media will double, triple and quadruple down on their lies and fraud to demonize and persecute the innocent as they try to cut the best deal for themselves to preserve their money and power.
    The US Federal Govenment under Obama and Hillary is the largest crime organization in the world.

  4. I was naïve enough to believe that the killing in Orlando would wake liberals out of there slumber, after all this wasn't the so called evil Zionist or those oh so baf white males liberals hate but oh so innocent dark skinned homosexual yet liberals turned there backs on them too

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