As Jewish parents, we want to instill a love of Judaism in our children that will last them throughout their lives, into adulthood. Rebbetzin Dvorah Lea Raichman, co-director of Chabad Manaus, in the Amazon region of Brazil, speaks to us about how to cultivate in our children a love of mitzvot (commandments) and a love of serving G-d (Hashem.)

Rebbetzin Dvorah Lea believes in parenting with calmness and a personal love for and connection to Hashem. She educates her children in the mitzvot with a feeling of love. Once children know what the right thing is to do, and what they should be doing, she does not police them. Don’t police your kids. You can gently remind then what they should be doing, but don’t stand over them watching them until they obey. By arming your children with knowledge, given over in a loving way, and giving them gentle reminders now and then, you empower your children by allowing them to make the ultimate choice about their actions. Once kids feel like they have the power to choose right from wrong, their ultimate choice is between them and Hashem.


We also have to teach children according to their way. Children are all different; they learn differently and they have different inclinations. Learn to see past a child (or adult’s) exterior, and focus on their true essence; their soul. Just because a child (or adult) doesn’t dress a certain way or keep all the mitzvot, doesn’t mean that they are not a spiritual human being with a deep connection to Hashem. It is this connection that is most precious to Hashem, and we shouldn’t put people down or judge them according to how they present externally, rather we need to focus on they type of person they are internally.

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