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After watching CNN coverage of the San Bernardino shootings, I’m very confused.

From what I understand, some guns went to a “holiday party” and shot dozens of people, killing 14 of them. The guns were accompanied by two people with mysterious motivations, but the clear problem was the lack of gun control, which would have prevented the guns from carrying out the killings.


Also, the two people accompanying the guns might have undergone a procedure known as “radicalization,” which was undefined, but might have something to do with a visit to Saudi Arabia and some telephone calls with people who are being watched for “terrorism,” or perhaps it had something to do with discussions between the two of them.

The President and the leading Democratic contender for the Presidency in 2016 both forthrightly denounced the guns and called for gun control, while very responsibly refusing to speculate on the motives of the guns’ human companions. However, a number of Republican presidential contenders were shown denying that gun control was the issue. A clip of the last one’s denial confusingly added a sentence about the President refusing to say the words “radical Islam,” though it was unclear why this had anything to do with the guns and their shootings. Perhaps I would have understood better if the Democrats were shown at greater length, to add context.

Also, when guns shoot people, apparently they victimize Muslims. A gentleman from the Council on American-Islamic Relations was interviewed and he explained that the guns target people of all religions, especially Muslims, who are victims of the shootings. He added that it might be possible that a mysterious unnamed “ideology” was involved, but that the motives behind the shootings were unknown and unknowable and the mysterious unnamed ideology is simply crazy and has nothing to do with any religion.

I’m left with so many questions.

Have the guns been captured? Are the guns victimizing any Muslims in the meantime? What is their connection with radicalization and what is this radicalization? Is it a chemical process? How can Republic presidential contenders be so obtuse about the evil of these guns?

So confusing.



  1. It’s as clear as the schnozzola on my homely face what the motivation was. I don’t have to receive a ‘taking responsibility’ statement from the Arabs to know it! CNN as usual morphing the ‘truth’. And politicians tippy toeing all over this is case they lose potential votes, disgusts me.

  2. I’m wondering what cnn will say about the knife that attacked the people on the London subway tonight, shouting this is for Syria. I wonder if they will mention that even the BBC has managed to call the knifes human accessory a terrorist. But amazingly enough when a Palestinian stabs a Jew in Jerusalem or any other Israeli city they miss the fact that the knifes human accessory is a terrorist. We have a saying in Scotland “I smell e”. It means some one is not being truthfull

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