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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777
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Dick Morris: Romney by a Landslide: 325 – 213

Romney is going to sweep them, and end up with 55% to Obama's 45% of the national vote, if not an even wider margin.

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Dick Morris

It’s refreshing to see a guy willing to bet his career on what looks from this end of the time tunnel to be a gross example of wishful thinking – except that in this case, pundit Dick Morris has been through a few careers already, first as a Republican, then as advisor and campaign manager for Bill Clinton, then as a Republican again, with enough strange and off-color anecdotes to keep an entire lineup of political comics in business.

I believe the above introduction is necessary so that you would go get whatever grains of salt you’ve got left in your political cupboards and rely on them heavily when reading the following predictions. Because, let’s face it, they’re incredibly seductive.

“That’s right,” says Dick Morris, it’s going to be “a landslide for Romney approaching the magnitude of Obama’s against McCain. That’s my prediction.”

Morris contends that Romney will win the McCain states from 2008, as well as Florida, Indiana, Virginia, North Carolina, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In other words, all the baby-blue states Democrats have grown to love and think of as their own (with the exception of Indiana, Virginia and North Carolina) are really pink states. Romney is going to sweep them, and end up with 55% to Obama’s 45% of the national vote, if not an even wider margin.

Morris says that even though the Romney campaign was “brilliant,” as he puts it, the Obama side will lose because of their own mistakes.

The Obama negative ads in swing states were refuted by Romney’s congenial appearances during all three debates. He turned out not to be the monstrous robot they said he was.

Obama never made a convincing defense of his record, other than to say that it was GW Bush’s fault, and he had no vision to sell for the next four years. He didn’t ignite anyone’s imagination. So once people stopped fearing Romney, there was no other reason left to vote Obama.

Obama took too many states for granted, like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Minnesota. He was misled by his own echo chamber. He should have treated them as swing states and invested heavily there. That’s what Romney did in North Carolina.

Obama looks tired. It’s not only his actual lack of sleep, there’s a sense that the man is used up, that, deep inside, he wouldn’t mind losing this one and go get a much deserved rest. McCain looked that way, four years ago. Bob Dole did in 1996. It’s hard to shake that feeling, no matter how many times he and his circle insist you’re “energized.”

And he looked mean and angry. He started talking about revenge in the last week of the campaign – voting for me is the best revenge, he said (I’m paraphrasing).

(To be perfectly frank, Obama is showing signs of being normal with his subtexted reluctance to do another four years of this hellish chore. I’m not sure that when we say someone is a “political animal” it’s such a big compliment. And yet, we don’t call our leaders “political humans.”)

Benghazi was a terrible mess, a collapse of the Intelligence network in Libya – and Obama should have said so on day 1. And Hurricane Sandy, with all the accolades from Gov. Christie and Mayor Bloomberg, was a very traumatic moment for many millions of Americans who might not be so wild about their incumbent president just now. Both events exposed an incompetence on the part of the Administration. Maybe the Benghazi failure didn’t touch so many voters, but, trust me, Sandy did.

Granted, Obama didn’t come across as callused and aloof as did GW Bush with Katrina, he jumped on his plane and went places right away – but a week later, people are still hungry and without power. You think they have a soft spot for the man at the top?

So, there it is, Dick Morris’s extremely convincing arguments why Team Romney is going to run away with the ball today. Like I said, very seductive…

Yori Yanover

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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Imported and Older Comments:

  1. I pray that Dick is right.

  2. Kenny Hilliard says:

    For Israel's sake I pray so. I am very concerned what Obama will do between Nov 7th and when he leaves office.

  3. I made a baracha today that Romney wins.

  4. it is a bold prediction, but I hope to God he wins…

  5. I also hope and pray that Romney is the winner for America's sake. Romney is a man of substance and achievement, Obama is a creation of the liberal media.

  6. I hope Dick is right. But think about it. McCain lost to Obama in 2008 by a margin of 53% to 47%. a 6% difference. I can't think that any McCain voter would vote for Obama. Therefore, Romney should have 47%. I would think that there are at least 7% voters of the 53% that will switch their vote of 2008 to Romney in 2012. There sure seems like a there are some very dissolutional Democrats and Independents that won't vote for the President.

  7. Bruce Rabin says:

    Dick Morris–isn't he the guy that was sucking a hooker's toes when he worked for Clinton? He's a respectable guy!!

  8. Bruce, I know you're a democrat. How respectable was Clinton? He was the suckee.

  9. Brian Cox says:

    Mr. Morris is right on the money….

  10. Liad Bar-el says:

    Obama will win if he has his friends, the Muslim Brotherhood, count the votes. 🙂 It's really hard to imagine how Americans can vote for someone who is so unAmerican and so much more Muslim than he is American. If Obama wins, then the world has lost. There will be not only no ME peace but no world peace. Shariah Law will be instituted nation wide and the Islamic jihad (Muslim Brotherhood) will rule.

  11. Mitch M Nadres says:


  12. Justin Stern says:

    Yes, Bruce, that is him. "Dick" is a pretty sick guy.

  13. Bruce Rabin says:

    Yes Clinton was the suckee (how many presidents didn't have affairs when in office? Yet the country did pretty well under Clinton (as did Monica). How do you think John Kennedy hurt his back?

  14. Yori Yanover says:

    Not your ideal Shabbos night dinner guest, and yet, quite insightful. In a few hours he could become president of Fox News or shine shoes in Hoboken — where the scene you described took place.

  15. Justin Stern says:

    I guess we'll see. Problem is both sides see what they want to in terms of polling.

  16. Yori Yanover says:

    There's a phenomenon known as the broken glass effect, when one side would crawl on broken glass to get to the polls and the other not so much. Morris is counting on Republicans hating Obama so much, they would stop at nothing to unseat him.

  17. Mike Keeler says:

    Yori, the chances of Romney winning or Dick Morris being right about anything are about as good as you learning how to spell the name of the last Republican candidate (McCain) or the difference between COMPLIMENT and COMPLEMENT. Accountability matters, in journalism and in politics. Romney has no accountability, he stands for nothing other than himself. That's not seductive, except in that Dick Morris Watergate Hotel hooker sort of way. Ick.

  18. Frankie Lana says:

    Remember in 2008 Obama visited Israel for their support and forgot about Israel after he got elected. Also do not forget at the 2012 Democratic Convention how the democratic supporters booed Israel as Boxer, Feinstein and Schumer watched on. Food for thought!

  19. Mr. Morris has made a career out of outlandish statements (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dick_Morris#Guest_commentator_and_political_prognosticator ). His nose is currently as long as this set of comments….

  20. Alana Gavin says:

    You're an idiot Liad to say Obama is more Muslim than American. Further, one can be a Muslim and fully stand with America.

  21. Bruce Meyer says:

    If this was meant for me…I'm not sure what you're asking! But you ARE getting very obnoxious~~~

  22. Bruce Meyer says:

    If this was meant for me…I'm not sure what you're asking! But you ARE getting very obnoxious~~~

  23. Anonymous says:

    When I hear the name Dick Morris, I think of the evening in October 2010 that Morris appeared on the FOX Factor and told Bill O'Reilly that the Republicans would pick up between 60 and a 100 seats in the House of Representatives in the 2010 midterm elections… O'Reilly was incredulous and called him out, noting that the Democrats would have less than 200 representatives in the House, something that had never happened since the 1940's. I think the Republicans picked either 63 or 69 seats that year… so I'm thinking, when Dick Morris speaks, Listen!

  24. Rc Byr says:

    I pray Dick is right. Early polls from Virgina show Obama ahead. Dick called for Virgina to go to Romney?

  25. Rc Byr says:

    I pray Dick is right. Early polls from Virgina show Obama ahead. Dick called for Virgina to go to Romney?

  26. Victor Martin says:


  27. Victor Martin says:

    You're a dummy.

  28. Colin Axwell says:

    I wouldn't be surprised if you (Alana, Victor) are democrats. They seem to be the name callers these days. Please if you are not, then try to keep from lowering yourself to their level. You can disagree without attacking someone personally…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I imagine he will issue a steady stream of directives. None of them will help America or Israel.

  30. Dick Morris continues to commit reputational Hara Kiri. Why does he bother? It's so much better to remain healthy of mind and body!

  31. if dip wins not much telling what he will do during the lame duct session.obumer is scum of the earth.go mitt.

  32. Eran Spiro says:

    He is a dick head! circumcised too much.. A sick M**** R F****R Let him suck toes. that is what he is good for….

  33. And Obama is going to do four more years of the same….it is not working!

  34. James Wade says:

    Certain economic collapse if oblamer wins….dooom.

  35. Michael Stwertnik says:

    Typically left-wingers vote early in the day, Republicans-Conservatives when they get off work.

  36. Alana Gavin Obama doesn't stand with America. He hates America.

  37. David Shelmerdine says:

    how old are you??

  38. Lloyd Bergner says:

    Hussein Obama will be remembered as a failed leader and relegated to the dung-heap of irrelevance where his acolytes can enjoy the fragrance.

  39. Did he have one to begin with?

  40. Doreen Skeen says:


  41. Liad Bar-el says:

    FYI Alana, the White House has had hundreds of visits from the Muslim Brotherhood…more visits (from terrorists) than all the visits of Israeli government officials put together since 1948. A vote for Obama is a vote for the Muslim Brotherhood.

  42. Ken Walters says:

    Uh, mark this career over for Mr Morris if it keeps going the way things are going.. Pensylvania went Obama and Ohio is not going to go Romney either..

  43. Kenneth Mcnulty says:

    Good call on Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota etc.

  44. Pj Pj says:

    Dick Morris is hopelessly optimistic. A landslide would be great; however, Romney has already lost Pennsylvania, and Ohio and Florida are next. I sadly believe that Obama will maintain his presidency for the next 4 years. And Americans are the stupidest people on the planet. Devastation from Obamanomics is all around us: loss of homes, jobs, more people on foodstamps, more people unemployed; coal country doomed; higher taxes, gas and food prices, yet Obama still maintains his lead. It tells me that America is no longer the America we once knew, a strong, self-supporting, hard-working America. It has changed. It is a European America where we have been inundated with those who want everything for nothing. It's a new Socialist America.

    Sadly, the loser half are taking me and my family down with them. It's discouraging and disheartening.

    I think Dick Morris better change his career. I remember when he said we'd take the Senate — WRONG! We did not. And then he comes up with this landslide stuff?

    When Obama wins, my family has VOWED to stop watching news of any kind. Fox tried to educate the people to the truth, and no one listens. Fox was preaching to the choir. The corrupt liberal media has been in Obama's pocket.

    What a very sad day for America.

  45. Gil Gilman says:

    Both Romney and Obama stand for nothing other than themselves.

  46. Nice call Dick! Your numbers were correct, you simply transposed the names. But that's an honest mistake.

  47. Hah! You lose… and I hope you suffer b-zich

  48. Dick,you moron! Obama won,we lost,mainly due to you personally putting in your two cents on Ron Paul who was far more qualified. If he was the candidate things would be way different!

  49. Pj PJ says:

    I was right again.

  50. Pj PJ says:

    What a joke. He means Obama by a landslide. Dick Morris! Get a new job! Your polling days are over! No more Fox news for me! I don't want to see the LIBS gloat. I'm sick that Fox panders to the liberals. I am sick of their "fair and balanced". Liberals have their media. We only had one. It failed us too. Tried to tell America the truth. America wouldn't listen. Now I'm no longer going to listen. Obama will destroy America. Watch him complete his "fundamental transformation" of America.

  51. Cody Flecker says:

    Dick is a Dick…he guessed wrong. Now Obama will destroy Israel and have no one to object. Thanks Dick…you are a Dick.

  52. Goran Duk says:

    And now we get to see the Republican agenda turn from smug "haha Obummer is gone, no way he wins a second term" to smug "well Americans are stupid anyways, but I'm not, I'm smart, I voted for Mitt". You know, I have a ton of respect for people who can eat their own words. If you were laughing at Obama and posting cute little images of a bar saying "Obama 99.99% uninstalled" and declaring with certainty, "Obama will lose," prove that you're a real man (or woman) and say: I WAS WRONG, I made a mistake, I acted like a child. Just say it. Yell it. Don't be shy. Lord knows you weren't shy the last 4 years. If you said, "I don't know who will win but I hope it's Mitt", that's one thing, but the smug arrogance of some of you who were so sure Obama was toast. EAT. YOUR. WORDS. You were wrong. Dead wrong. And if you were that wrong about analyzing polls and the national mood, how can you be so sure that your politics are right, either? Maybe your political viewpoints are just as ignorant and based in fantasy rather than reality.

  53. Judy Naggs says:

    Now how do you so called experts feel thinking the Romney would be victorious in the election! The people of America have spoken!

  54. LOL Dick Morris :)…this is hilarious. Now lets see what happens over the next 4 years…

  55. I think Dick was talking about his own political career 🙂

  56. Roland Thau says:

    Rick and Bibi and all you others who prayed for the election of a hawk draft-dodging, tax-evading, flipflopping, platidudinous empty slogan dispenser…. eat your hearts out. The result was just, intelligent and marvelous.

  57. Lloyd Bergner says:

    Time to retire Dick..wish you could take Obama with you

  58. Steve Pastre says:

    I think he was a little off

  59. Then God hates you.

  60. And why should America give a damn about Israel if they refuse to comply to our foreign policy?

  61. Your god must hate you.

  62. He orchestrated one of the most successful economies in modern times. But it's all about the blowjob to you. And Obama won BIG.

  63. Liad Bar-el Then count my vote for the "Muslim Brotherhood", you racist idiot.

  64. Victor Martin says:

    im an atheist and Liad is a racist. HES NOT MUSLIM. therefore i am not name calling but rather stating a fact. If you think the President of the United States, a man who deserves respect and is a Christian, is a muslim then you are a dummy. Fact. Have some pride or move back to Israel already.

  65. Noel Alfonse says:

    Exactly. No apology or explanation from so many who were so certain.

  66. Colin Axwell says:

    First to preach tolerance, first to be intolerable of other people.

  67. Victor Martin says:

    I'm just defending my country and calling a spade a spade. Tolerance doesn't enter into it.

  68. Victor Martin says:

    Yeah, that's why I said it.

  69. Victor Martin says:

    I will not tolerate someone calling the president a Muslim, when he's not. It's not even a bad thing to be a Muslim, its just wrong and derisive and I won't let it just slide on by. You shouldn't either Colin.

  70. Colin Axwell says:

    Coherent thoughts must be a fleeting thing these days. I'm not even referring to calling someone a Muslim. I'm talking about people like you and Terrence and Alana calling people "Idiots" "Racists" and "Dummies". It's uncalled for. People are allowed their opinions. You want to do justice and "defend your country" then debate with fact, not with schoolyard bully tactics.

  71. Victor Martin says:

    Liad calling the president Muslim when he is factually not is worse than me calling Liad a dummy when the label applies so accurately. Its not an opinion the way he degenerates the President. I wasn't debating Liad. I was denouncing the dumb propaganda being pushed.

  72. Victor Martin says:

    His "opinion" is not worth a debate. It deserves nothing but my contempt.

  73. Colin Axwell says:

    Then i have no reason to talk to you… Have a good day…

  74. Victor Martin says:

    You never did.

    Thanks. Its going pretty good so far.

  75. he was dead on the money….well if your color blind anyway.

  76. Well, he used at least to try !!

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