Last week’s anniversary of Kristallnacht reminded us that the Shoah happened in a relatively cultured society. Not only has it happened in the past generation, even today there is a popular movement of Holocaust denial. The results of this denial and misinformation lead to the possibility that any future genocidal act can be disbelieved or ignored.


         The best way to fight this wave of ignorance, and outright denial of facts, is through education. Not everybody has access to lecturers or museums but, in today’s computer age, the Internet has become an excellent teaching tool for the truth. Sadly the deniers also use it to spread their lies that lead to hate.


         This week I present a list of web sites that offer the truth of what happened:  – The Galicia Jewish Museum In Krakow. –  Polish Center for Holocaust Research. – The Warsaw Jewish Cemetery. – The Polish Jews Forum.  – Museum Of The History of Polish Jews.  -Jewish historical sites in Warsaw.  – The Jewish Community in Wroclaw.  – Platform for Jewish-Polish Dialogue.  – National Polish American – Jewish American Council.  – Social and Cultural Association of Jews in Poland.  – Auschwitz Jewish Center. – Jewish Historical Institute.  – Jewish Genealogy Society – The Mark and Gail Appel Program in Holocaust and Antiracism Education.  – Judaica Foundation Center for Jewish Culture. – The Ronald S. Lauder Foundation – Poland. – YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. – Special Interest Group For Jews whose roots originate in Galicia. – Tracing Jewish Roots in Poland, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. – Jewish Culture Festival In Krakow. – Simon Wiesenthal Center. – MIDRASZ. – U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. – The Museum of the Belzec Death Camp. – The Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage in Poland. – American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. – World Jewish Congress. – American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee. – The Jewish Agency for Israel. – The European Council of Jewish Communities. – International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies – Cemetery Project. – Avotaynu, Inc. – Holocaust education site. – Yad Vashem. – Chamber of the Holocaust. – The Claims Conference/Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany.