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August 2, 2014 /
Israel at War: Operation Protective Edge
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The Jewish Press Won’t Be Silenced

For more than 50 years The Jewish Press has been the voice of the Jewish people.

We have stood up for the Jewish people, for the nation and for individuals. We have stood up when everyone else has been silent. We have stood up when it was unpopular to do so. We have stood up to praise, protect, and even reprimand our people when needed.

For years, it was The Jewish Press which waved the banner on the plight of agunot (women who were refused divorce documents by their recalcitrant husbands) when the rest of the Jewish world had nothing to say about that awful situation in which Jewish women were being trapped.

And we will continue to be the voice of the Jewish people, no matter who threatens us.

Last week we ran an op-ed article by Chaim Levin, a young man who has identified himself as both religious and homosexual.

We did not run this article to promote homosexuality. We did not run this article to condone anti-halachic behavior. We did not run this article to intimate that homosexual behavior could be a Jewish life choice.

We ran this article because, whether one wants to admit it or not, there is a serious problem that some members of our religious community face – day in and day out. It could be your chavrusah (study partner) in yeshiva, the guy sitting next to you in shul, or your brother in your very own home. And this is true whether you wear a black hat, a streimel, or a knit yarmulke.

Pretending that there are no frum Jews with homosexual inclinations won’t make the truth go away. It won’t make the internal conflicts they fight with their yetzer hara (evil inclination) disappear.

We were asked to publish the article in question after being approached by a therapist from within the frum community who primarily treats religious youth with drug abuse problems.

A significant number of suicide attempts are committed by boys from not just religious but rabbinic homes — because they thought they were homosexual and had no place in the Orthodox world they grew up in, even if they had never acted on those impulses.

Until politics exits the science, it won’t be known if homosexuality is genetic, hormonal, neurological, psychological, or a choice. The Torah itself is very clear on where it stands on homosexual acts.

But the Torah is also very clear on how one should treat one’s fellow Jew, and certainly one who tries to be religious — whether he or she succeeds or not — should not be driven by fellow Jews to contemplate suicide.

A situation where religious Jews are provoking children and adults who are different to consider suicide is unthinkable and unacceptable.

Following the publication of this op-ed, a number of Jewish Press advertisers were approached and threatened. They were told to stop advertising with The Jewish Press.

The Jewish Press won’t give in to threats and we won’t be silenced.

We thank our advertisers who have notified us that they plan to continue with us despite the threatening letters and that they won’t give into threats either, particularly when an article like this one may have very well have saved a Jewish life.

People can do teshuvah (repent) for many acts against halacha, but what forgiveness can there be for pushing someone so far that he or she would commit suicide?

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123 Responses to “The Jewish Press Won’t Be Silenced”

  1. Karen says:

    Kol HaKavod!!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Yasher Kochachem! Kol yisroel aravim zeh lazeh! Not just some of the Jews,but all persons who identify as Jews. Extremism, fanatcism is overtaking some parts of our community and they need to be reminded of this concept. Again yasher kochachem on your efforts!

  3. samm says:

    I have not read your original article but I have read your editorial. Good for you that you have raised this major issue. If there are problems in the wider community there is surely issues in the religious jewish community. These issues need to be raised and to try and figure out how to deal with them.

    Keep it up! Kol HaKavod, Jewish Press

  4. Hershl says:

    Kol ha kavod to the Jewish Press for not giving in to the enemies of hashem and the bigots in our community.

    The fact is simple.

    All of us, including gays and lesbians, are made in the image of hashem. It says so in the Torah.

    We all must respect one another.

    Anything other just divides our community and makes us look like a bunch of hate mongers.

    Erlikhe yidn have their opinions but when it comes to basic human rights and supporting those who are politically on the outside of the inner circle, we must do the right thing.

    And you have.

    Thanks, again for representing all members of our community.

    I am a gay, frum man who was forced out of our community by those who thrive on hate and division.

    It is very sweet to see some people, like yourselves, willing to consider us as Jews and human beings who have feelings, too.

  5. Rabbi Arie Chark says:

    I’m proud of you.

    Reb Arie

  6. Hershl says:


    I also cried when reading your moving comment.

    I am now 63. For the last 26 years I have had the most loving, fulfilling relationship with another man. I never believed that such intimacy was possible for me. I thought that I was damaged goods.

    What changed it all for me was t’fillo.

    I cried out to hashem and spoke/ speak with him on a regular basis. It is this personal relationship that has helped me become a better person.

    I had dated and even had sex with women. I enjoyed my time with them but realized when I was 15 years old that this was not my derekh. Hashem had created me differently than other boys.

    I was depressed and filled with anger, especially at the frum community that condemned people like me to a life of ostracism and lying about my feelings as the price for acceptance.

    So I left the frume velt but never left hashem.

    I talk with him daily and feel very loved.

    I have no answers for anyone but I just want you to know that real relationships do not revolve around sex.

    Find a way to have intimacy that is not only physical.

    It is not only possible but, as I have found, brings a deep happiness and joy that makes it possible to go through all the suffering that life brings us.

    Hatslokho rabo in all your life.

  7. This Brooklyn native is sitting in home in Columbus, OH with a grin on his face from ear to ear. If someone had told me a week ago, that the renown Orthodox Jewish community newspaper would publish an editorial asking the community to have rachmones on members of the frum world who are gay, I would have responded, “not in my lifetime.” I’m thrilled to be proven wrong! Please don’t let hateful homophobes like Yehuda Levin who believe all their beliefs and convictions will mean nothing if LGBT people are simply recognized as human beings have the final word. Homophobic Chicken-Rabbi Calls Romney a Dangerous “Homosexualist” (VIDEOS) http://wp.me/p1Jt6N-nM

  8. Ester says:

    Because it is not against halacha for women to be gay. (Actually it is not against halacha for anyone to *be* gay. But for women it isn’t forbidden to act on the impulses like it is for men.)

  9. Anyone who honestly believes that there is a real, diabolical liberal, leftest, homosexual agenda, is so far removed from understanding terms like: compassion, respect,love, kindness and tolerance, than one can only hope that he or she does really subscribe to the delusion that he/she can also be characterized a “religious.”

  10. Rabbi Arie Chark says:

    Your suggestion saddens me. Perhaps you are not aware, as I am, of the Satmar Chasid who came out to his wife after 8 children? After the gerushin he moved in with his Cuban boyfriend. My rebbetzin told me that the real tragedy was an intermarriage. I realised she was right, and it was at that point I decided to do everything possible to create safe space for homosexuals in the religious community. It’s simply not enough to agree that oved atzmo is something no one should be “driven” to. Your reply is no different than that of R Zecharia in the Bar Qamtza midrash — and on account of his chasidut shtiyot was the Bet Hamiqdash destroyed!

  11. RGreen says:

    The original article do not stress strongly enough that acts of homosexuality are ASSUR.

    However we deal with the issue of Orthodox Jews who think they may be gay, the fact that the Torah says gay acts are assur must be the starting point.

    I think this is why people are upset over the article.

    When counseling people who think they might be gay, part of the counseling must include that they CANNOT COMMIT ACTS OF HOMOSEXUALITY even if that is thier inclination.

  12. Concerned Mom says:

    Is suicide not ASUR??? If this were your child, would you rather he/she kill him/herself? The Jewish Press was strong enough to bring to light the danger of suicide, exacerbated by the “reparative therapy.” The paper deserves our gratitude!

  13. Phil Fink says:

    Yasher koach for publishing a article that rings to the forefront a subject that has been ignored by the orthodox media. That the Jewish Press has chosen to stand up to those who have the chutzpah to threaten the newspaper,it’s publisher and advertisers only shows the ignorance of those who chose to bury their heads in the sand. Once again yasher koach .

  14. Voter One says:

    We don’t need to be reminded homosexuality is assur. That is not the issue. Simply asserting the halachic status does not and will not make the problem go away or less significant. To believe it will is simply the height of naarishe thinking..

    Defenseless children have been molested- and their abusers protected, spousal abuse remains an ongoing problem and a host of other issues the kehilla faces remain behind closed doors.

    The necessary discussion needs to be about how we deal with these and other problems.

    What is assur and to what degree it is assur is patently irrelevant.

  15. Charlie Hall says:

    The truth about reparative therapy is that by the standards that apply to every other medical or psychological treatment, reparative therapy has not been shown to be efficacious. Indeed there is no real evidence for its efficacy, which would need to come from a properly controlled randomized intervention study of sufficient size to insure generalizability. Claims based on anecdotes or observational studies have often been proven unfounded when the randomized controlled studies have been done. And I say this as a biostatistician who has spent most of his career analyzing data from observational studies. I’m not a rabbi, but I wonder about potential halachic problems (geneivat daat) with promoting an unproven intervention as efficacious.

  16. West Hollywood Lawyer says:

    While I applaud your publishing Mr. Levin’s op-ed piece and standing up to those who are pressuring advertisers to drop their support, I resent your including the characterization of homosexuality as an “evil inclination.”

    How will discussing the issue in such terms help reduce the number of suicides you deplore? How do you think a young Jewish man or woman, reading that you still see them as evil, will be helped as they struggle with their sexuality? To me, such language only reinforces the fear that they will be rejected by family and community, whether or not they act on their feelings.

  17. David,Grace, & Vincent Jones says:

    GOD Bless Each & Every One of You In The Jewish Press for NOT Tolerating Bullying & BlackMail. Each of your Actions Made God Smile. God’s smile’s have made ALL of Us Smile for Our Jewish Family in Gratitude & Appreciation. We All Learned “GOD IS LOVE,” Growing Up in Church. Now Religions With Agenda’s are teaching “God Hate’s.” God Doesn’t Hate, Man Kind Does. “Thank You for Standing Up With The Love of God.”
    David,Grace, & Vincent Jones davidaj101@aol.com North Central Florida

  18. Ben David says:

    Sorry – the Jewish Press is jumping on a PC bandwagon.

    You write:
    Until politics exits the science, it won’t be known if homosexuality is genetic, hormonal, neurological, psychological, or a choice.
    - – - – - – - – -
    But despite this disclaimer, you are giving voice to the cult of politically correct victimhood that has been used to normalize this behavior.

    And in fact – we already DO know that homosexuality is not genetic, that the “born that way” myth is used to sidestep real discussion of this behavior.

    And the Jewish Press is adding to that pity-mongering drumbeat.

    The breast-beating about teen suicides ignores the fact that the “born that way” myth closes like a shackle around young Jewish teens, who despair of leading a normal life.

    Sorry – you are not making a brave ideological stand.
    You are cravenly surrendering to the PC echo-chamber.

  19. RGreen says:

    We need to counsel children (and others) who are suicidal.

    But that does not mean telling kids who think that they might be gay that they have to commit acts of homosexuality.

    We can tell them that they have free choice and even if they have a certain orientation they can still be fulfilled.

    I stand by my original comment that counseling should stress that acts of homosexualty are ASSUR and that people have FREE CHOICE.

    Being Orthodox means believing that just because you want something does not mean you have to have it.

    Someone may want port.

    They still cant have it.

    Someone may want to commit adultry.

    They still cant do it.

    The same applies to homosexual acts.

  20. RGreen says:

    What is assur and what is muter is very relevent.

    The fact that the Torah says acts of homosexualy are assur seems to be getting lost in all of the “white noise” that has become this discussion.

    It is also getting lost among all of the comments from people who are using Hebrew words to sound frum and then go off spouting philsophies that are anti-frum.

    The begining of this discussion must be that committing acts of homosexualty is assur.

    That is how we must approach the counseling issue

  21. Voter One says:

    Mesirah is also assur.

    I’m sure the victims of child and spousal abuse will take great comfort in knowing how many people were focused on halacha as opposed to what was done to them, for so long. I’m sure they take great comfort in knowing their persecutors were comfortable knowing all the halachic chumras were strictly followed.

    Yes, we have no problems as long as we keep our focus strictly on halacha.

    Certainly that’s working really well for us. Things couldn’t be better nowadays. Our intensified focus on halacha has virtually eliminated all our current- and growing- list of problems.

    If we all only ate glatt chickens life would be perfect.

    That, and we stopped paying attention to all the ‘white noise’ which insists on dealing with problems- and reality.

  22. rebecca klein says:

    the torah is multifacited and encompases every aspect of life. We recieved it thousands of years ago yet whatever issues we have in society today have been around since the Torah was given to us. That in itself is an answer to why we MUST deal with this very serious issue of orthodox gay men or woman who feel they have no other option but to kill themselves. The Torah was given to us as our guidebook there will always be gay men and woman. Because it is a real issue and it does exist. What makes people feel they have the right to decide this issue is somthing that should not be spoken about .It would not be written in the Torah if Hashem did not feel it was somthing that was going to have to be dealt with .Every jew is a child of Hashem. If he created people that are gay there is a reason far greater than we are able comprehend . Hashem loves us all equally .If being gay is a sin. It is between the person that is gay and Hashem. I feel we are all uniqe,with our own set of flaws and issues we will all have our day up in Shamayim to discuss our lifes and what was right or wrong .The greatest sin is that of the people that make a boy girl man or woman feel suicide is is the only answer. They have hurt another jew so deeply it is not reversible. You can only be obsolved of a sin of bayn adam lechavero by getting the other person to forgive you no matter what you try to argue when your day comes and you stand in front the kisay hakavod Hashem can not and will not forgive you .Throughout Jewish history no matter how bad the Jews were , no matter what sins they commited he forgave us. The one thing he would not tolerate was sinat chinam.This situation that makes gays feel like they have no alternative that suicide is the only way is an example of sinat chinum.Who are we to judge another do we really understand why hashem created people that are gay and what there tafkid is.Being gay has only recently become acceptable in the sechular world and gays are just begining to be able to live and function without feeling like an outcast within society .To make believe there are no gays in the jewish world and to not discuss it,is a travesty in itself. We have made them feel they can never be accepted in the jewish world.That is a crime. Should a Jew that is gay feel they have no right to be a jew and only have acceptance in the sechular world I shudder to thing how many Jewish neshamas we would loose .They have a right to be a jew, they have a right to hold there heads up .We have a responsabilty as a people to reach out and deal with the young people from frum homes that are made to feel ashamed and that suicide is the only answer. ,We need to allow them to find there own place in this world where they can live and be who they are .Not feeling that they are a lesser jew or a lesser person because they are gay .How we can get to that level as a frum society im not sure but one thing i know it will take many newspaper articles many conferences between Rabayim principals of yeshivas and comunity leaders I pray Hashem will guide us and give us the wisdom to find answers. I hope that in the near future it will be unheard of to want to commit suicide because your gay .We are one nation made up of many different types of people our goal has always been to learn to live in harmony.I want to thank the Jewish press for opening the frum communities eyes which gives us but one choice to deal with this issue..

  23. Anon says:

    It seems clear to me from the comments here:
    1) Many gays believe that their gayness is biological and not by choice.
    2) Because they believe it’s natural and biological, then everyone else must accept them as normal.
    3) If you don’t accept their gayness as normal, then you are a homophobe.

    The other side of this argument is:
    1) Many non-gays are disturbed or disgusted by gay behavior.
    2) Many non-gays believe that this disgust is natural and biological.
    3) Many non-gays believe that if you don’t accept that their disgust is normal and biological, then there is something wrong with you.

    Each side is claiming their feelings and impulses are natural and biological.
    Each side is demanding that everyone must accept those feelings as right, because that is how God made them.

  24. Lisa Liel says:

    Grow up.

  25. Ester says:

    You can’t be frum and a thief, you can’t be frum and slander people, and you definitely can’t be frum and go around saying that some Yidden DESERVE to be driven to the brink of suicide because they are gay.
    One definitely CAN be frum and gay. Being gay isn’t asur, the only thing that is asur is for men to have relations with men. Being attracted to members of the same sex is NOT asur. Suicide, on the other hand, IS.
    The urge to act on one’s gay inclinations is no better or worse than the urge to cheat on a business deal or lie on a foodstamps application so you can become eligible.

  26. Michelle says:

    Kol hakavod and thank you so much for making this statement. I could not agree more.

  27. John Doe says:

    Chaim Levin has the right to speak out. So do I. His article is a slapdash collection of exaggerations, half-truths, and outright falsehoods. There is no problem of intolerance of gays in the frum community. Gays daven in shuls. Gays get counted in minyanim. Gays get aliyahs. Gays get invited for Shabbos meals. Gays learn Torah in shiur and with chavrusas. Gays ask to talk to rabbis, and the rabbis talk to them. There is no anti-gay violence. Yes, occasionally, there will be a sharp public comment or two, along the lines of what Elliot Resnick once wrote here. Unfortunately, that is playing into the hands of Levin and his allies. They are promoting the entire gay rights agenda. They want gay marriage in all 50 states. They want orthodox rabbis to officiate. They want to have relations with our sons. They don’t want to hear about what the Torah says about toeva. They make exaggerated, totally unproven, undocumented claims about suicide, saying its our fault, because we don’t tolerate them, trying to blackmail us into weak submission. They toss around the bigot word constantly – anybody who disagrees with them is a bigot and a homophobe. They will infinitely recollect, and re-tell over and over again, each and every isolated episode of common child-to-child teasing that took place in school years ago. Most of us get over such things fairly quickly, without writing op-ed articles. Levin and his allies is promoting homosexuality – period. That’s what this is all about. After Rabbi Yosef Blau had his gay conference at YU, supposedly touting tolerance of gays, other senior rabbis rightly spoke out against it. Rabbi Meyer Twersky publicly spoke out, and he should be listened to, its on the Internet. The conference was a smoke screen for promoting homosexuality – as is Levin’s article. I hope the Jewish Press starts printing other viewpoints. We don’t want to be silenced either.

  28. Roni Keeton says:

    Thank you for printing this article. I would ask, if saving one person is like saving an entire world, isn’t that more important that one’s strict adherence to halacha? Isn’t it more meritorious to save someone??

  29. Anon says:

    “Gilui Arayot” forbidden sexual relations are still forbidden in the Torah under any condition, and that includes gay sex, no matter how much you try to reason it away. So don’t go trying to say that the Torah would allow gay sex to save lives, because that’s clearly what you’re trying to take this argument.

    The Jewish Press was duped on this one.

    The gay movement has an agenda of trying to make gay sex acceptable socially and halachically, and this is was just another angle they used to get their foot in the door, and you guys fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

    The Torah does not allow gay sex between two consenting adults, just like it doesn’t allow incest between two consenting adults. There’s no difference between the two, except that they gay lobby has more power behind them.

  30. West Hollywood Lawyer says:

    You claim that “we already know that homosexuality is not genetic.” I challenge you to cite a scientific, peer-reviewed source in support of your assertion.

    The scientific and medical literature so far shows an apparent mix of factors including genetics and hormonal exposure during gestation as the most-likely establishing an individual’s sexual orientation.

    It is appalling that religious communities of all stripes ignore forty years of research since the American Psychiatric Association removed homosexuality from the diagnostic manual. Homosexuality is not the problem; it is a society that persecutes those who do not conform.

  31. RGreen says:

    You have a pro-gay agenda which you are trying to hide with your diatribe.

    Like many others, you pepper your comments with Hebrew words to sound frum and then you espouse an anit-frum agenda.

    It is ASSUR for a man to have sex with another man.

    That is where the disscussion begins on this topic.

    If you do not believe that (and cant say it) then you should not be posting on an Orthodox Jewish message board (unless you clearly state that you are posting as non-Orthodox

  32. Rebecca Silverstein says:

    I am a psychotherapist who works with people who are lesbian and gay, I am Jewish, and I am a board member of a professional group of psychotherapists. Thank you for your courage in publishing the article and standing up to those who want to silence the voices of reason around the conflicts between homosexuality and strong religious beliefs. There are no simple, clear or right answers for everyone, and the best that those of us who work with this population can do is help people find whatever peace they can with these conflicts. Pushing people to suicide is never the answer.

  33. simcha berkowitz says:

    I admire your stance

  34. John Roe says:

    Homosexuality – view of Rav Moshe Feinstein (1976 letter to gay Jewish man)

    Igros Moshe(O.H. 4:115): The first thing you need to know is that homosexuality has the severe punishment of stoning and kares and it is also called disgusting by the Torah itself. It is one of the most debased sins and it even is prohibited for non‑Jews. This knowledge is a strong bulwark against the yetzer harah. Secondly it is inexplicable that there should be a lust for it. That is because in the creation of man himself there is no natural lust for homosexuality… The desire for homosexual relations is against natural lust and even the wicked do not have a desire for it itself. Rather their entire desire for it is only because it is something prohibited and the yetzer harah seduces them to rebel against the will of G‑d. This knowledge of what is the will of G‑d is a powerful protection against the yetzer harah. You have already defeated the yetzer harah in that you believe in G‑d and all the 13 principles of faith and the entire Torah. With this you can defeat the yetzer harah in this that it seduces you to rebel against G‑d and to anger Him. There is an explicit verse in HaAzinu “That with abominations they provoke Him to anger” [Devarim 32:16] Rashi says an example is homosexuality which is a sin which causes G‑d’s anger. He also says this regarding magic which interferes with the Heavenly family as is stated in Sanhedrin (67b). Thus the explanation of this verse is that it causes you to deny the decrees of Heaven and to act to anger G‑d – chas veshalom! The third thing is that homosexuality is an embarrassment even to the common man. Because the entire world – even the wicked – ridicule those who are homosexuals. Even in the eyes of the wicked who participate in these acts, he looks down on the one who did it with him and ridicules and insults him. This awareness will greatly strengthen you against the yezter harah. …Awareness of how debasing a sin is, is a good advice to strengthen oneself against the desire to do a sin which is disgusting and ridiculed such as this one. Because not only is it against the Torah which prohibits it with the most severe punishment, but it is also the greatest embarrassment to his whole family. The greatest advice to overcome this is to learn Torah in depth. This will save and guard you from all sins – even from the thoughts of sins as the Rambam states at the end of Hilchos Issurei Bi’ah: “Greater than all this, turn oneself and ones thoughts to words of Torah and expand one’s mind in wisdom.” So surely this will save you from the yetzer harah of this despised sin.

  35. John Roe says:

    And the 1986 letter of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, to a gay Jewish man:


  36. Ploni says:

    I stand alongside John Doe. I did some research which anybody can do. I started small informally and contacted Rosh Yeshivas and Rebbes in Brooklyn, in Monsey, in Lakewood, Far Rockaway, and Passaic. I asked simply: have any boys or young men died (under any circumstances) in the past 5 years. The sampling I am speaking of includes 1000’s of Talmidim ages 13 to Kollel. Then I went through death notices in the many papers and other records of the past few years, to see if deaths, even well covered up, could support Mr. Levins assertion. You know what Baruch Hashem I did not find one single loss of life that could even remotely be considered a suicide. No single vehicle accidents, no accidental drowning, no falls—nothing. Granted, I am not Havard or Yale or a professional investigative journalist but the suicide issue in the frum community is more than an exaggeration as I see it now. It is an out and out falsehood.

    I am not sure if it is a true “agenda” or just manipulative modis oparandi, . As an educator who worked closly with licensed Psychologists I know that suicide is almost always linked to depression, a diagnoses and illness that does not fit within “the gay is special argument” and is thus avoided altogether. In this construct, reparative therapy is a hoax and crackpot while what should we call it “Levin Video therapy and Op-eds” saves and changes lives? I have no doubt he can get 50 of his friends to say that they would have committed suicide if they had not seen his brave video. Which forgive me I do not buy. As he has proven himself to not honest in anyway other than in admitting his homosexuality.

    As for his lying about our children committing suicide to the entire Jewish community what can I say. I will be frank here, it is no news to anyone in chinuch that there is same sex attraction in every Yeshiva, has been since the beginning. The truth is that homosexual relations are forbidden period end of story. The tolerance already is there. I also know several gay men in the community they are driven to a life of Torah. Perhaps they have a deeper love of Torah and community. Mr. Levin is advocating we go the way of the goyim—plain and simple. The goyim have accepted same sex marriage, before that they accepted same sex relations. I do not think they want a place in community because if they did they would taken it. They want a place and a homosexual life style that includes physical sexual relations with other men. Which is assur. To Mr. Levin I would say we have no miracle to offer you at this time. No doubt science will in the future come up with something if the gay lobby does not commandeer or block real research. For now we have no answers. That is the honest truth, which is much more than you have offered to the Frum Jewish community. If the frum community wants to know what our gays our up to, check “Craigs List” under Men Seeking Men (frum or Orthodox). They have photos of what they will provide to our sons. Please parents don’t be fooled. It will only get worse not better.

    Right now while I do commend the Press for publishing all voices I am disappointed that there was no fact checking which I assume it part of good journalism. Call Nefesh they are listed in the yellow pages. He lied about children dying so he could be called a brave hero. But on the other hand maybe I am wrong and there are no suicides because Mr. Levin saved them, with his video and his op-ed piece. Then the world no longer needs therapy

  37. Michael says:

    With all respect to your husband his “professional” opinion is ignorant

    Most gay people date girls and realize the connection cant be made, for reasons out of their control or doing. The causes are not situational. My life experience attests to this.

  38. Bob Danek says:

    You speak out against suicide, yet you still condemn gays in your community? You still refer to homosexuality as “evil”?

    A life of denying who you are because an ancient book may or may not say it’s OK is NOT a life anyone wants to live. So you’re not really offering them anything at all.

  39. jrs says:


    What a ridiculous, and hypocritical statement! Just as one can have gay feelings & still do their best to be frum, so too, one can be fully accepting & respectful of everyone’s right to desire or even to practice a gay lifestyle—and nevertheless disagree with the ideologues who promote a diabolical liberal, leftist agenda (homosexual or otherwise)…
    ….people, apparently, like you, who politicize everything–and then say anyone who disagrees “lacks compassion, humanity, etc. “

    A classic bit of liberal distortion.

  40. Marcia Smith says:

    quoted from article: “We did not run this article to condone anti-halachic behavior. We did not run this article to intimate that homosexual behavior could be a Jewish life choice.”

    In that case, I sincerely regret signing the petition thanking you for this article. Won’t make that kind of mistake again.

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HRW “investigations” reflect anti-Israel bias, lack of research, and flat-out fabrications.

his Tisha B’Av, and this Tu B’Av, remember: Hashem will protect us if we unite and rally around Him

Israel’s morality is underscored by its unprecedented restraint and care for loss of life.

The Gazan octopus arm is a test case, as the rest of the arms are closely watching it.

Obama has chosen shaky ally on the way out over strong ally solidly in the American orbit.

Where is the outrage against Hamas ..?

When will the world realize, by the grace of Gd, we are here to stay?

World War I had sown chaos throughout the centuries-old Jewish communities of Eastern Europe.

The IDF pounding continued and it again seemed only a matter of time before Hamas would be forced to accept the Egyptian proposal.

Nothing is ever so clear in the complex and often brutal calculus of urban warfare.

For breaking his oath of allegiance, Tzidkiyahu was forced to witness the death of his sons before he himself was blinded and exiled to Babylon.

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The IDF pounding continued and it again seemed only a matter of time before Hamas would be forced to accept the Egyptian proposal.

Almost as one, Jews around the world are acknowledging the day-to-day peril facing ordinary Jews in Israel and the extraordinary service of the IDF in protecting them.

So on the one hand Secretary Kerry makes no bones about who is at fault for the current hostilities: he clearly blames Hamas.

So Hamas needed a way to end the blockade and secure the release of its prisoners.

Many of us thought Mr. Obama’s diplomacy strategy was simply a device to dodge a decision that force was necessary to ensure the rogue state of Iran would not get its hands on nuclear weapons and thereby pose an existential threat to world peace.

In fact, the two suspects were arrested by Israeli authorities – not, as the Times tried artfully to suggest, by Mr. Abbas’s Palestinian Authority.

Unfortunately, we must deal with some of the practical lessons of this tragedy. The murders did not happen in a vacuum.

It is no secret the president is furious with Republicans in Congress for blocking his efforts to change immigration laws.

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