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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (R) and Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Yaalon are showing with their actions the value they attribute to innocnet Jewish lives.

The impending release of more than 100 murderers of Jewish men, women and children by the current Israeli government is putting all of us in grave spiritual danger. Simply put, the way we treat murderers, whether Arab or Jewish, is an expression of the value we attribute to the innocent lives taken.

With our willingness to house and lodge proven murderers, we signal our own spiritual uncertainty about our right, as a nation and as a state, to avenge the blood of the innocent.


We’ve all heard the counter argument on the death penalty for Arab terrorists: if we hang them, they’d become national heroes, martyrs admired by young an old, thus perpetuating the endless cycle of Arab youths resorting to violence.

Personally, I’m willing to take that chance, and I’m also pretty sure that many of these Arab youths would also choose not to murder anyone, for fear of being hanged. But I’m willing to accept the alternative offered by the state, to let them rot in prison for the rest of their lives.

Except the state lies. Time and again, in “confidence building gestures,” or as part of a trade for captured Israelis, alive or dead, a succession of Israeli governments have broken the promise of locking up the murderers and throwing away the key. In fact, if you murder an Israeli civilian, chances are you’ll be out, marching in a victory parade in Gaza or Ramallah in less than a decade.

How’s that for the “don’t hang them lest they become martyrs” argument? I can’t think of a more enticing invitation to kill Jews and not pay much of a price than these group-deal releases.

I’m not entirely sure about the practicality of what I propose here, namely, starting to impose the death penalty in earnest, in cases of terrorist murders. But I assure you that my concern for the martyrdom of hanged murderers is negligible, compared with my real fear of what the release of these Jew killers says about our own reverence for Jewish life.

Alas, it appears the Benjamin Netanyahu government has lower regard for the sanctity of Jewish life than do the terrorists. They are prepared to lose their own lives pursuing Jewish souls. The Netanyahu government isn’t even prepared to resist an E.U. partial boycott and a presumed U.S. pressure.

So, what does that tell us about the value of Jewish life in the Jewish State today?

In Genesis, God Himself defines the all-permeating damage the world incurs after one man murders another:

…And when they were in the field, Cain rose up against his brother Abel and killed him. Then God said to Cain, “Where is Abel your brother?” He said, “I do not know; am I my brother’s keeper?” And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood is crying to Me from the ground. (Gen. 4:8-10)

In Leviticus 24, the Torah sets up the famous “eye for an eye” construct, dealing with physical damages, which our sages have taught us really means “the price of an eye for an eye,” introducing five categories of damages for which compensation must be paid: the damage proper, pain, loss of wages, cost of healing, and the shame caused by the damage.

But the same paragraph in Leviticus makes no such allowances for murder: Whoever takes a human life will certainly be put to death. (Lev. 24:17). You can’t pay your way out of the death penalty for a proven case of murder.

The Torah and the Talmud are, obviously, careful regarding procedure in murder cases. Capital cases require a court of 23 judges; an acquittal requires a one-vote majority, but a conviction must have a two-vote majority; there are many structural delays inserted into the process to prevent an overzealous use of the death penalty. There is also in place a system of shelter cities where people who killed unintentionally may escape the revenge of their victim’s family. But in the end, whoever takes a human life will certainly be put to death.

The Torah reveals the connection between the original statement from God regarding the blood of the victim crying to Him from the ground, and the role an unavenged murder plays in society, in the mysterious ceremony of the “Beheaded Heifer” (paraphrased for easier reading):

If a person is found slain, lying in the field, and it is not known who killed them; then the local elders and judges must measure the distance from the corpse to the nearby towns. In the city which is nearest the slain man, the elders will take a heifer—which has not been used for any labor—to the bank of a running river, which is not plowed or sown, and break the heifer’s neck there, under the direction of the priests. Then all the elders of that city will wash their hands over the dead heifer and say: “Our hands have not shed this blood, neither have our eyes seen it. Please, God, forgive your people Israel, and Suffer not innocent blood to remain in the midst of Your people Israel.” Then the spilled blood shall be forgiven them. (Deut. 21:1-8).

The elders and judges in this vignette are the local Sanhedrin. They follow the discovery of an unsolved capital crime with a proclamation of their innocence, lest the unredeemed blood of the slain stranger stain their town.



  1. =
    If Someone Comes to Kill You, Rise Up and Kill Him First, especially if he/she is a youg muslim rock & molotov thrower, or shouting Allak Akbar (as in Heil Hitler) w/ a knife, sword, hatchet coming at you.

    IF someone says such killing is illegal, he means to send the young muslim boy under administrative detention, his father to pay a fine, & a Israeli politician to free him later as a Jizya payment & show of submission to Islamic dhimmitude portrayed by the Jihadist colaborator Israeli deceiver as concessions or goodwill gesture, or compassion to the cruel.

    Then that Jihadist colaborator Israeli deceiver should be sent to administrative rehabilitation detention, So he won’t later sell the Jewish State to Jihadists as is now doing Livni in Washington whom told Abbas to wait for her to agree to the Israel surrender to Islam plan w/ a map that Olmert discussed with Abbas.

    & where Islam & the koran incite the muslims to not be satisfied w/ a autonomy, they then have the option to move to the immeasurably rich vast lands under the savage Islam occupation.

    In any case Israel must ban Islam, koran, mosque, madrassas, sharia court etc…

    IF someone counter argue with accusations of extended definitions of racism, discrimination etc…
    He should learned that the Jews didn’t suffer 2000 years just so to now fall for democratic lies, deceptions hidding bolchevism &/or communism ideology or nazism dressed under a 1400 years cloack of false misleading religiosity portrayed as the religion of piss & be upon him & them.

  2. British authorities ruling Palestine hanged several members of the underground Zionist Irgun organization in the 1940s following their conviction on charge of bombing and other violent attacks. Menachem Begin, former Irgun leader and later Prime Minister of Israel, reportedly told a former British Government minister that the executions had “galvanized” his group, which subsequently hanged several British soldier in retaliation. Menachem Begin said the hangings “got us the recruits that we wanted, and made us more efficient and dedicated to the cause … you were not sentencing our terrorists to death, you were sentencing a lot of your own people, and we decided how many”.
    Amnesty International “When the State Kills”, 1989 ACT 51/07/1989 p. 19

  3. “The morning of the execution both of them sang: "Long live the rebels…", they sang without fear while they went to the gallows pole. (…) "If they aren't afraid of death, why can capital punishment be a deterrent?". To be honest, I think that, with the many death sentences I executed, I didn't stop any murderer.”.
    Albert Pierrepoint, the last English executioner, about the execution of two members of IRA:

  4. For the 21st Century's sake can we stop quoting the Sanhedrin, the TORAH & the Talmud. What ever laws existed 4,000 years ago do not apply today. Deal with the problem in hand with modern expediency to the law, 12 good men and true Jury, Defense and Prosecution. Reinstate in statute Death penalty by firing squad or some other human death penalty even an electric chair will do. Who gives a damn about martydom, just make an announcement. Ten Killers whose names are retained in order to execute the law of Israel. Israel you are under fire, re-act forget age old prophesies. Israel was ceded to the Judaic Peoples to alleviate the guilt of Europe and rest of the world for the atrocities performed against an entire nation founded on one mans insane view of the world, a sociopathic meglomaniac, Hitler. The Torah may well have had influence but the bottom line is Irsael has the right to exist, she must defend her freedom and assets like any other nation and she is NOT the 53rd State of the United States. Make new alliances dump the Americans. Go it alone, shoot/hang/electric chair/ whatever the terrorists who infiltrate Israel killing many and finally Israel you must take out the 60,000 rockets directed at Southern Israel and your newly found OIL and Gas fields.

  5. Vivienne Leijonhufvud · This is a Jewish state and I happen to be an observant Jewish person, and so, if you don't mind terribly, I will follow my laws and not yours. I would also want the death penalty to be applied by a reputable court after serious deliberations, and not by a bunch of yahoos picked at random.


  7. Yori, avenge is a good argument for the death penalty. But there is another one, jet better even. Only a dead terrorist will definitly never be able to commit another murder, but most shurely will do so,
    if set free in exchange for what so ever.

  8. I think there are different thinking about the dead penalty, it is clear we are speacking about terrorists murders, not other kind of murders, they are terrorists they have commited the worst crime of the humanity against civilians, that is also cowardly, they have to face the dead penalty, hanging and cremation, the ashes throwing to the sea, for islam is no more martirs, they are evils becouse they don't have the body what is important for them like the same we jewish, all this prisoners terrorist are still, they should get the dead penalty inmediately, it doesn't matter the screaming of the world, so or so we are the bad peoplle, but otherwise we will gain respect, this we have lost ultimately.

  9. You cannot compare the Irgun's actions with those of savages. Different intents, different actions, different results. If you do not understand the difference perhaps it's better to not comment. The difference is HUGE.

  10. You are so cruel… you release Arab terrorists and murderers before they get an Ph.D in an Israeli jail. That's brutality! They don't have the right to be doctors? (with your taxes, of course). Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

    If the Americans want to release Palestinian murderers, why they don't release Sirhan Sirhan? Or even better, Jonathan Pollard, who didn't kill anyone.

    Next time, kill Arab terrorists, don't arrest a Palestinian murderer to judge him properly… as he will be released by the government a few years later.

  11. Yes, it is time to impose the death penalty. No more bargains for cold blooded killers who will be back to killing upon release. These monsters have no morals and are uprepentant just like the Nazis. Israel is is a nation of laws, any future captured terrorists need to be tried in a court of law, if found guilty, condemned to death just like Eichman. U. S. has targeted terrorists where they hide. Might be good idea to target these murders where they now live as well.

  12. Yes, it is time to impose the death penalty. No more bargains for cold blooded killers who will be back to killing upon release. These monsters have no morals and are uprepentant just like the Nazis. Israel is is a nation of laws, any future captured terrorists need to be tried in a court of law, if found guilty, condemned to death just like Eichman. U. S. has targeted terrorists where they hide. Might be good idea to target these murders where they now live as well.

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