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January 22, 2017 / 24 Tevet, 5777
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Rosenblatt v. Silverman: A Culture War

Rabbi Rosenblatt's article on Sarah SIlverman touched a raw nerve among ethnic/cultural Jews.

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silverman v rosenblatt

Photo Credit: Yori Yanover

The numerous comments we’ve received on Rabbi Rosenblatt’s Open Letter to Sarah Silverman are fascinating. Once you get past the expletives, you can learn a lot about the culture that produced them. The statements and the tone of the comments demonstrate the differences, even the massive gap between Jewish culture and Jewish-American culture.

Rosenblatt addressed a public figure who has no problems exposing her inner self and saying whatever is on her mind on any subject, no matter how offensive or inappropriate it might be to anyone. Rosenblatt questioned what her underlying motives might be and offered what he believes is the answer. He couched his message, as Silverman sometimes does hers, using his notion of Judaic values and cultural identity.

And that’s when it hit the fan.

Certainly it’s permissible, possible, even easy to disagree with Rosenblatt’s explanation and worldview. I certainly expected to see some intelligent conversations developing around the article. But why all the openly hostile obscenity?

Silverman’s father’s foul mouthed reaction was the first indication that Rosenblatt had inadvertently hit a very raw nerve.

By and large, the commenters were using an obvious double standard. They claimed the Rabbi crossed the line. The Rabbi was offensive. The Rabbi was [fill in the obscene word], and followed it up with their thoughts on Judaism (in some cases displaying ignorance and hatred).

Yet, Silverman, who prides herself on her “potty mouth” and crossing the verbal line on many social mores is untouchable and can do no wrong.

When Sarah Silverman, on video, propositions Sheldon Adelson, using her doggie in mock soft-porn as substitute for the elderly billionaire — that’s humor and acceptable.

When Rabbi Rosenblatt tells Sarah Silverman to get married and have children — that’s an expression of hatred and intolerance.

The question is, why?

I propose that many of the Jewish-American commenters got so upset because the Rabbi crossed a line. But the line he crossed was not about his views on motherhood, but rather his views on the role of the Rabbi and of Judaism.

Judaism, to some of those commenters, belongs locked in a box in a synagogue, and should never be allowed out to offer any moral observations, opinions or guidelines that disagree with the most permissive of Western cultural values.

As expressed by some of these commenters, Silverman actually represents “Judaism” to them.

Some of them might have a list of humanitarian/liberal values and call them Jewish values, while taking traditional Jewish values like Shabbat and Kashrut (as well as Judaism’s own social values), and relegating them to archaic, comical, even dark places in the culture.

For them, Judaism is Liberalism. A definition and identity where anything is permitted, alongside a strong pride in their cultural/ethnic identity as Jews, regardless of whether that identity actually represent a Jewish value system, or an accident of birth.

The question is certainly open as to whether the Rabbi was right or wrong in his analysis of Silverman, but one thing is clear, Rosenblatt rattled something deep and painful in the psyches of those who define themselves as cultural/ethnic Jews, without any actual Judaism to go with it.

Finally, we don’t moderate comments on our website, because we believe in the free exchange of ideas. But as our guests, we request that you refrain from obscenities and Antisemitism in your remarks.

Stephen Leavitt

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  1. Marianna Mugno says:

    What about the Rabbis opinion as a human being?

  2. Considering her peculiar ideologies, and those of her family, I think the good Rabbi shd thank his lucky stars that La Silverman has chosen not to procreate…Perhaps a divine blessing for the rest of us?

  3. Rachel Ginsberg says:

    Where to begin responding to this article?

    Yes. Judaism contains just as much dogma and just as many rules and laws to live by as the other major monotheistic religions – perhaps even more. To suggest that the negative reactions to Rosenblatt's comments are based on a desire to paint Judaism as Liberalism is actually not completely untrue. I myself have been guilty of explaining away some of the more extreme Jewish positions in that same way.

    BUT –

    1. Judaism has ACTUALLY evolved into different streams that are more and less liberal interpretations of biblical law. Of course the Orthodox have every right to believe that Reform Jews are not really Jews or practicing true Judaism but this is a subjective matter that will never be resolved and quite frankly is no different than any other kind of intolerance. The Orthodox were not the only ones to go into the ovens.

    2. Only the most observant Jews maintain beliefs in biblical Judaism as literal as the Rabbi espoused in his letter. To suggest that all Jews who do not are simply "cultural/ethnic Jews, without any actual Judaism to go with it" is deeply offensive and unreasonable. I guess for you the only "actual Judaism" is the most orthodox.

    3. The suggestion that "forging a permanent relationship" is "the most basic desire of the feminine soul" is incredibly reductive and alienating. The Rabbi may believe that, but if he's willing to put that out there as justification for his critique of Silverman, he better be prepared to alienate many people who might otherwise agree with his position. Disagreeing with her public persona and references to Judaism is one thing – but to couch his position in such deeply reductive language to women is quite another.

    4. Finally – Rabbis should know better than anyone how personal the relationship is between Jews and God. It is one of our most fundamental beliefs. This – for me – is truly the characteristic of Judaism that allows each Jew to outline his or her level of observance.

  4. Dear Jewish Press,
    I am horrified at the sickening chilul Hashem that resulted from Rabbi Rosenblatt’s obnoxious and thoroughly embarrassing foray into the world of kiruv. We need to put our foot down and insist that those who cannot display basic diplomacy, salesmanship and interpersonal skills should not be allowed to pose as representatives of Judaism. Rabbi Rosenblatt had no business moralizing to non-Orthodox Jews who did not ask his opinion. He had no business commenting on Sarah Silverman’s personal life, or anyone else’s for that matter. Telling someone to marry and/or have kids, or to have more kids than they currently do, should be absolutely taboo in our culture. Such “advice” is a form of bullying and public degradation since the private nature of such a subject does not allow for the accused to defend themselves. (I should mention that our own community has some serious and rapidly accumulating issues with extended singlehood and deferred parenthood. Would any frum mother of a 35-year-old single woman tolerate an unsolicited lecture from a stranger about “Jewish family values“?) I will also ask, what on earth was the good rabbi doing following Sarah Silverman’s public persona in the first place? Where was his kosher internet filter when he went on YouTube to watch Sarah’s videos and find viewership data? I myself did not even know that Sarah Silverman existed until I read the Jewish Press this week, and I am just modern enough not to care about internet filters. How is it that Rabbi Rosenblatt can believably (if only to some) stand on his high horse as a representative of “Jewish Values”, on a subject that is absolutely none of his business no less, when it is obvious that an employed, married father of six with minyan to attend and Torah to learn should be doing better things with his discretionary time than googling Sarah Silverman and who knows what else? This man’s behavior is a complete slap in the face to the scores of frum people who invest their time, money and effort in kiruv, who battle anti-frum stereotypes at work, who have to deal with the anti-frum hostilities of secular/heterodox relatives- and to the rest of us. How sad that takes so little to undo the hard work of so many who invest so much in the public image of Orthodox Judaism.

    Esterina Seto
    Brooklyn, NY

  5. Debbie Kahan says:

    I am sitting here in my long skirt and hair-covering appalled and embarrassed. "L'ahavta le'recha kamocha."

  6. Ethan Perks says:

    S.S. represents far left values. As such, liberals believe she is beyond criticism. The Rabbi represents traditional Jewish values that are increasingly seen by secular Jews as irrelevant.

  7. Yori Yanover says:

    Why should it be taboo? I understand bad taste, I understand embarrassing — but taboo? seriously? A Jewish woman posing with her dog in a seductive video for an old rich guy — that's cool, and no one can say, Hey, young lady, you're going off the deep end?

    What an upside down world is that?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Dear Rabbi,
    As I understand the laws of tochacha (rebuke), a person being given rebuke must be 'available' to receive the words of rebuke, and they should come from a place of loving- kindness. The idea of giving rebuke is to help another to do tshuva and in doing so bring them closer to Hashem … and others.
    Respectfully, I don't believe the manner that you delivered your message meet this criterion.
    Words such as you wrote ought to be delivered in person, with great consideration…and where there is the best chance to 'know' if someone is available to receive such words. I believe your words are damaging on many levels.
    You may believe that your words do in fact come from a place of love, however I believe that what you may have done is plant the seeds for more 'baseless hatred'. Why would anyone choose to do better as a person and have a desire to be part of a Nation that deals with his fellow in the manner you have dealt with a fellow Jew? Please consider as it makes my/our job to bring about tikun olam more difficult.
    Leib Getzel

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yori Yanover – I assume that your internet filter was on the fritz.

  10. Charlie Hall says:

    It would have been sufficient for the Rabbi to offer some well-earned criticism for Silverman's crude and insensitive if not offensive humor. Her personal life is not an issue. The Torah does not require women to marry or have children!

    Unfortunately, political discourse in America today has been lowered to the level that the most insensitive and offensive commentator gets the most influence; see the example of Rush Limbaugh for proof. As an unapologetic Leftist I see no advantage for my side of the political spectrum that it is possible for us to match or even exceed Limbaugh in his race to the bottom.

  11. Shira Levin says:

    It is a shame that the reactions to Rabbi Rosenblatt's comments are so negative. I hate liberalism because so much of it results in chilul HaShem such as the acceptance of homosexually, abortion, and so called same sex marriage. Things that bring down judgements from Hashem.

  12. 1. Your suggestion that Jews who are not Ortho-frum are merely Jews by culture and ethnicity is indicative of a very sanctimonious and shallow understanding of what being "religious" is really all about. HaShem is not an exclusive property of your small world.
    2. The fact that a haredi Rabbi would suggest in writing to a female comedian who makes her living be naughty and sensational that she should marry and make babies is not as much a reflection on her as it is on him. Too many haredim have amazingly simple, myopic, provincial perspective on the world its startling. "The way we do it in my world is the right way, everyone else is wrong." Yea, right.
    3. Thank you for reminding us time and again, as the Jewish Press is committed to doing, that 19th Century shtetle Judaism and it unsophisticated knowledge of and perspective on the "goyishe world" is alive and flourishing 21 st Century America.

  13. I must be missing something.

    Sarah Silverman simulates a ponorgraphic pose, her fishnet stockinged legs spread apart while holding a small dog between her legs – and offers to "scissor" an elderly donor if he will support a different political candidate.

    Is that about right?

    And a rabbi who finds this behavior objectionable is called an a**hole by SIlverman's father, and the rabbi then becomes the object of hostile criticism?

    I guess the decline of American Jewry has been more precipitous than I thought.

  14. Paul Naas says:

    Why must conservatives always embellish in order to make their point? Either you haven't seen the video or you felt compelled to make it seem more risque than it was by adding fishnet stockings to Ms. Silverman's wardrobe. And since when is lying on one's back a "pornographic pose?" If that's the case, any guy sleeping on his couch during the weekend is simulating said pose. Finally, I don't see how the Adelson video has anything to do with the Jewish faith, aside from the fact that Ms. Silverman identifies as such.

  15. Anna Edelstein says:

    and how does a haredi rabbi even know about sarah silverman??

  16. I have reviewed the video, and I stand corrected!

    There are no fishnet stockings; just a flowered bikini and heels!

    The rest of my description is sadly accurate.

    Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B5o6-qNk6Q.

    Mr. Nass thinks I am a conservative (who, who by definition, must embellish) and he also thinks Sarah is not simulating pornography.

    You decide.

  17. Gil Gilman says:

    I am truly sorry to disagree with you Esterina, since you point out not a few desirable ingredients in any who wish to influence others with the hopes of a dialogue, even if not eventual agreement. Unfortunately, the question must be asked, "exactly who, while putting down their foot, is going to effect a change by insisting that everyone who fails in the etiquette department cease and desist from utterance."

    As far as whether Rosenblatt has a right to comment on Silverman's personal life, there is total disagreement between us. We were under the assumption, wrongly or rightly, that in Israel, as well as the USA, freedom of speech was at least given lip service. It is one thing to say you were offended. I was offended by a portion of his shpiel, maybe 'shocked' would be a better word. I assume you are not as far left as totalitarianism, because you could scarcely censure the totalitarian dictates of another without hypocrisy.

    Personally, I am thoroughly satisfied to sit at my computer, clucking my tongue and clicking the keys on my console in rebuttal of obvious fallacy. In conclusion, it seems to me that the best way to deal with the obtuse and willful, is to simply ignore them, unless you confront them in your yard. Then you may punch them in the nose. Unfortunately, the cat has been let loose, with much todo and hoopdedo.

  18. I have reviewed the video, and I stand corrected!

    There are no fishnet stockings; just a flowered bikini and heels!

    The rest of my description is sadly accur…
    Here's the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B5o6-qNk6Q.

    Mr. Nass thinks I am a conservative (who by definition, must embellish) and he also thinks Sarah is not simulating pornography.

    You decide.

  19. Amy Dunsmore says:

    The internet has kosher filters?

  20. Janina Wilen Madoff says:

    Great stuff!

  21. Paul Naas You're right! She wasn't wearing fishnet stockings; she was wearing a bikini.

  22. Certainly fewer Democrats in the voting pool…

  23. Paul Naas says:

    Mr Garfinkel truly needs to have his eyes examined. Even after "reviewing" the video, he still gets details wrong. Flowered bikini? Only if one defines stripes as flowers.

    Yes, I believe Mr Garfinkel is a conservative – because he displays the conservative tendency to express an opinion about a subject (in this case, the video in question) while clearly not having done his own research (in this case, actually viewing the video) and making clearly untrue comments about the subject. And even after being prodded into doing said research, he still can't get the details right.

    Mr. Garfinkel is also incapable of spelling a simple name correctly even when that name is front and center for his reference.

  24. Amy: one can purchase something called a "kosher filter" that will block all pornography and youtube videos (to protect the profits of Jewish musicians.) My sister has one. It's considered by some to be a defense against the evils of the internet.

  25. Paul Naas says:

    Silverman is not beyond criticism. She is, however, entitled to express her opinion about a subject – any subject – without being subjected to the kind of condescending public statement made by the Rabbi. Being told publicly to sit down, shut up, and make babies is insulting in the extreme.

    If the good Rabbi was truly concerned about her rather than about garnering publicity for himself, he would have sent a private letter to Silverman. It's not at all difficult to contact a celebrity's representation.

  26. Mr. Gilman: I never said that any speech should be illegal. I merely suggested that the community be mindful of behavior that is off-putting to outsiders and makes us look bad.

  27. Charlie Hall says:

    I'm an Orthodox Jew and a political liberal, as all Orthodox Jews should be as traditional Jewish values call for helping out those who need help. I certainly do not endorse SS's brand of humor; it is indeed not in accordance with Jewish values. But as I pointed out in my earlier comment, the Rabbi did his cause no good by criticizing SS for not having a husband or children.

  28. Paul Naas says:

    If you thought that video was seductive, I feel sorry for you.

  29. Yeremiahu Rueben Yonteff says:

    you have a strange standard for what constitutes a chillul hashem. The rabbis letter will unlikely draw attention outside a small portion of the jewish world, and it is based in torah and well intentioned. Halacha does allow for public ridicule for transgressors who refuse to do change their ways. Sadly Sarah Silverman is for many jews AND gentiles more of a representative of the jewish world than Rabbi Rosenblatt who most jews and all gentiles will have unlikely heard of.

  30. Devon Cage says:

    I never ever get involved in politics.
    I never make comments about other entertainers.
    I certainly do not comment on the thoughts and opinions of Rabbis.

    Today, I feel like I must.

    Sarah Silverman is funny. She is smart, she knows exactly what to say to promote, provoke, and compel people to talk about what it is that she is sharing with the world. Agree or Disagree, her humor is delivered in a way that keeps people talking. This is why she is successful. My wife and I have never met her, however, it is our understanding that she comes from a very successful Jewish family and obviously her dad did an awesome job of raising a daughter that isn't afraid to speak her mind. Sarah is 100% authentic and original.

    As far as this Rabbi is concerned, and I have a Rabbi, she is of a reform movement. This bull from Rabbi Rosenblatt is the same nonsense I have heard for the last 30 years coming from the Orthodox.

    Look, if you want to walk around unbathed, look like your wearing a macrame plant holder on your face, and treat your closest friends to an impromtu, early winter snow every time you move your dandruff riddled head, that's fine…If you wish to spend the free time you have commenting on the affairs of others, remember this……YOU ARE THE MINORITY. As reform jews in the United States, we listen to this type of crap with a smirk.

    My wife and I spent three years developing a television show, a show that we hope is 5% as entertaining as anything Sarah has put out. We try to be ourselves, were not looking to be embraced or accepted, its entertainment Rabbi…remember this……you have a choice..you can crack open that bottle of manischevitz and enjoy, or you can turn off the TV.

    Her audience is bigger than yours.

    and it should be.


  31. Yori Yanover says:

    Internet filters are for suckers. If you can't take what human society is dishing out occasionally — don't go online. But to ask some robot to make content choices for a middle aged Jew with some yeshiva education — pathetic.

  32. Yori Yanover says:

    So, Reform Jews believe a young Jewish woman should publish videos of herself lying half naked on a couch with her dog between her legs, while she's making lascivious propositions to have lesbian sex with Sheldon Adelson?

    Just asking.

    I worked for the CCAR for a while, and I heard many things there I didn't necessarily agree with, but that never came up.

  33. Yori Yanover says:

    He's not haredi. I made him haredi in the illustration for levity's sake.

  34. Yori Yanover says:

    writenut – I agree with you on the mechanism of techecha. Obviously, you don't do halachic tochecha while 100 thousand people are watching. This was an open letter in the spirit of rebuke, from one Jew to another.

  35. Yori Yanover says:

    She offered to scissor Sheldon Adelson lesbian style and rubbed her dog over her reproductive parts. That's porn. Humorous porn, but porn nonetheless.

    I'll give you the fishnet stockings, though. She was wearing a tiny bikini.

  36. Yori Yanover says:

    Michael Puro – Thank you for adding your intellectual contribution to the debate. I hope you feel better now.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Rabbi Rosenblatt's commentary was appropriate. Sarah Silverman early reference in her video to herself as "your Jewish friend Sarah" ties Judaism to her vulgarity. The Rabbi wants to promote the good and positive in Judaism, and Sarah, by her vulgarity and profanity, to something else. Just as Sarah's work is meant to be scorn, so too was Rabbi driven to write his scornful letter. If Sarah and her father found it offensive, so what.

  38. Yori Yanover says:

    Devon Cage — yes,audience-size wise, hers is bigger than the rabbi's, no doubt about it. On the issue of harmless entertainment — no. This was a political tape disseminated in order to galvanize support for one side. Nothing wrong with that idea. But do you want your daughter spreadeagled on a couch in an itzy bitzy bikini rubbing a doggie on her lady parts?

    If you do, and it's a possibility, then Stephen is right and we do not belong in the same cultural place. We believe in and promote traditional Jewish values and you embrace half naked Jewish girls rubbuing doggies on themselves.

  39. Yori Yanover says:

    He didn't criticize her on those grounds. He was saying, basically, what no one else seems to be saying these days: What do you need with the doggie between your legs, Sarah'le — go find a husband.

    I wish we had more folks who dared to irritate the people around them in this fashion, Charlie. And I'm not a Liberal Orthodox Jew, I'm a small L liberal with socialist tendencies.

  40. Michael Puro says:

    "Things that bring down judgements from Hashem". It was hard to match wits with that, so I gave up. But I wouldn't talk I have read some of your articles.

  41. Yori Yanover says:

    Well, if I could have your gift of short hand, I would write whole articles that said nothing but "you suck" and spend the rest of the time fishing…

    As to judgment from Hashem, I suppose everyone creates God in their image…

  42. Yori Yanover says:

    She's not entitled to immunity from criticism. Neither am I. Once you collect your paycheck by attaching your name to something public — you're fair game.

  43. You seem rather obsessed with dogs on lady parts. I think that's the fifth time you bring it up. For out of the overflow of his heart his mouth speaks, hm?

  44. How many of the 786,000 hits are yours?

  45. Eric Bennett says:

    Charlie Hall when you can give concrete examples of todays political liberals "helping those who need help" without hurting others I might agree. I believe Torah indicates "earning ones bread by the sweat of ones brow" A conservative focused on providing Jobs is much more in line with Traditional Jewish values than a liberal providing foodstamps with either borrowed or taxed money. It never says by the sweat of my neighbors or my childrens grandchildrens brow in the Torah that I recollect. The rise in poverty under Obama is reason enough to see that anyone with traditional values would vote to get rid of him.

  46. the reason the rabbi is CORRECT in chastising Silverman is found in TORAH. Duet. 28 is specific about blessings and curses. Silverman is a Jew and a public one at that. She is the one misrepresenting us. We have been chosen by G-d to be a light to the world. we have wonderful rules given to us by HaShem to live by that will bring blessing to the country (Duet 30:15) and the world. We need not be ashamed of these PERFECT LAWS but show all people the amazing G-d we serve. If we fail in this role of being a light to the nations Isa. 49:6 then we fail G-d.

  47. When is humor, potty humor, and even porn humor a subject that should motivate a letter such as Rabbi Rosenblatt's. What was his purpose — was it to provoke responses from others — was it his intent to motivate Ms Silverman to "change", or was it a way for the Rabbi to generate self-publicity, because he has obviously done all three.

    To be frank, I am appalled that anyone feels it is their right to determine what the moral conscience of another should be. And to attempt to justify this determination with reasoning from the Torah is counterproductive and archaic.

    If Rabbi Rosenblatt feels that it is his mission to preserve Judaism for those Jews who have strayed from the flock — he's doing it in a most inappropriate manner.

    In his world, Reform Jews are a lost cause in need of salvation; cultural Jews perhaps, but only in shul on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, and maybe not even then — is his open letter one that will influence these Jews in a positive manner? It will not.

    Pity the poor Conservative Jews whose share of the flock is dwindling as they try to keep the holidays they can, without losing their children to Reform or, perish the thought, intermarriage — the Rabbi's letter splits the generation gap between parent and child of the Conservative Jews even more. Why? Because this is the 21st century in the United States, not, as another commented, a 19th century shtetl.

    And Orthodox Jews? Well, Rabbi Rosenblatt has certainly done a wonderful job of pandering to this group, citing chapter and verse (figuratively) in an effort to have every Orthodox Jew rise up and say "Huzzah!" The unfortunate part, is that it once again divides Jews, rather than uniting them.

    Ms. Silverman is one of the most clever comedians of our generation, finding a way to agitate virtually everyone, while maintaining an innocent punim. Strong women make strong choices — women made few choices in that 19th century shtetl.

    However, I believe that the Rabbi is right, he has the right to comment on anything he finds socially or morally repugnant to his way of thinking, it is part of what "free speech" is all about. He is also right in his belief that though he doesn't agree with Ms Silverman, he respects her right to free speech.

    But here's the rub, it is not his place to scold someone he has never met, free speech or not — and then to be reactive to the responses to that scolding, which I find to be 100% warranted — because it's free speech, and because Ms Silverman never sought out the Rabbi's opinion to begin with. And though M. Silverman's father took what might be termed "extreme" exception, I would hope every father (Jewish or not) would defend his daughter's honor (I leave that definition to you) similarly. I would wonder what Rabbi Rosenblatt might have done had the shoe been on the other foot, had Mr Silverman scolded one of the Rabbi's daughters, how he may have responded.

    When a publication such as The Jewish Press feels it is their place to act as arbiter of such a discussion by publishing the open letter to begin with, it's an obvious attempt to take sides and weigh in themselves. Rabbi Rosenblatt's scolding of Ms Silverman would have had far more impact, if the Rabbi WAS Ms Silverman's Rabbi. He is not, and that's the primary reason for most commenters' anger. Creating divisiveness in the Jewish community is certainly not a way to move forward as a Community, and this "open letter" can easily be perceived as divisive.

  48. Dee Edwards says:

    Yes Saraha's act is rude, crude and socially unacceptable, but and I repeat but, this has everyting to do with the business she is in and nothing to do with her not being married or having children. Did I wake up in the dark ages where a woman is not fully whole until she gets married and has kids. Bull****! I don't hear the Rabbi talking about all the foulmouthed single male comics. Buddy it is what it is if you don't like her act turn it off, no one is making anyone watch or listen to what she does. Get a life.

  49. Avery Salamon says:

    Yeremiahu Rueben Yonteff It has drawn TMZ in that is on network television and on the net. That is secular world

  50. Avery Salamon says:

    Yori do you know what FTW means? Also Shira way to bring more hatred on Jews

  51. Chaya Kagal says:

    I'm a frum (observant Orthodox Jewish) married mother, and I had issues with Rabbi Roseblatt's piece for the following reasons:

    1. It sounded like Rabbi Rosenblatt was completely dismissing any political argument by Silverman by saying "get married, have babies and forget about politics." Now, Rabbi Rosenblatt is married with kids, and he still has opinions. I'm married with children, and still have opinions. What does getting married and having children have to do with having a political viewpoint?

    2. The rabbi's "advice" wasn't given in the context of an existing relationship between a Jewish woman and her rav. It was a personal comment made in a public forum for the purpose of dismissing and demeaning her.

    3. No responsible rav would give advice on such serious matters as marriage and motherhood without considering all of the factors, including personal, medical and psychological issues.

    4. Yes, there is a double-standard – as there should be. Does an Orthodox rabbi – from the same tradition that produced the Chofetz Chaim – aspire to be on the same level in his communication as a crude comedian?

    5. While Silverman's delivery was crude, her entire comedy style is crude. It wasn't any cruder because it was political – if anything, it was less so. Beyond the crude delivery, though, the message was important and not anti-Jewish in any way. On the contrary, I would argue that Jews have an obligation to be concerned about issues beyond our own homes precisely because we are commanded to be an "ohr l'goyim" (light unto the nations), because we are told "tzedek, tzedek tirdof" (Justice, justice you shall pursue) and because we are told that we should not oppress the stranger because we were strangers in Egypt. Showing concern about an unjust law that may oppress minority voters is arguably a very Jewish thing for Silverman to be doing.

  52. Boris Itin says:

    Dear author, you claim that "Rosenblatt rattled something deep and painful" and that's why people reacted so angrily. I can't answer for everybody, but I can speak for myself.
    Stepping in a pile of deep fresh steaming manure would not rattle something deep and painful in me but it would certainly cause an angry outburst.

    Boris Itin.

  53. Stephen Leavitt says:

    I"m so proud of all of you. The conversation and back and forth on this article was (mostly) intelligent. And only one person failed and utilized a profanity. Much progress has been made.

  54. Yeremiahu Rueben Yonteff says:

    You rather miss the point, every time silverman opens her mouth it is a chillul hashem, a jew (observant or not) is required to sanctify Hashem in everything they do and be a representative of the torah, to say that the rabbi is guilty of a chillul hashem for (far more politely than halachicly called demanded) condemning silvermans constant public antics and lifestyle while she uses her jewish bonifides as part of her brand, requires a level of willful ignorance and cognitive dissidence that i wouldn't wish on anyone, but sadly afflicts far to many members of the jewish nation.

  55. Yeremiahu Rueben Yonteff says:

    Avery Salamon You rather miss the point, every time silverman opens her mouth it is a chillul hashem, a jew (observant or not) is required to sanctify Hashem in everything they do and be a representative of the torah, to say that the rabbi is guilty of a chillul hashem for (far more politely than halachicly demanded) condemning silvermans constant public antics and lifestyle while she uses her jewish bonifides as part of her brand, requires a level of willful ignorance and cognitive dissidence that i wouldn't wish on anyone, but sadly afflicts far too many members of the jewish nation.

  56. Anonymous says:


    The double standard argument is an inane red herring. She uses the title comedian (whether you like her comedy or not); he uses the title "rabbi" (whether he is learned or not). Put differently, just because doctors touch people in private places does not excuse a Rabbi (or anyone) for touching a Rabbi inappropriately. If you want to write that you don't like her politics or her comedy, zay gesunt. To shame her?

    Rosenblatt and your entire staff owe this Jewish woman a public apology.

  57. I agree with you Yori I saw the nasty video proposituons

  58. That nasty video propositions Sheldon Adelson is so embarrssing, she need help and that's what the Rabbi offered, The only thing that she represent is a high paid

  59. Anonymous says:

    "Hamalbin penei chaveiro ke'ilu horgo".

    The "double standard" argument you cite is an inane excuse. Funny or not, she presents herself as a comedian; learned or not, he presents himself as a Rabbi. Their roles are different. Just because doctors examine people in private places does not authorize Rosenblatt to go over to a doctor and touch them.

    Rosenblatt and your entire editorial staff owe Ms. Silverman and her family a public apology.

  60. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    "touched a raw nerve among ethnic/cultural Jews."?

    Total mischaracterization of the comments by many of the so-called 'ethnic/cultural' Jews! I myself am a secular Jew. Not religious, never have been! However, I must say that the responses, including Donny Silverman's attacks not on the Rabbi but on Judaism as a whole referring to it as a religion believeing in a "false and cruel G-d" were venal at its base. That, and other comments, were not in response to the Rabbi but a direct assault on Judaism itself. I've often suggested to people I have met along the way: If you hate being Jewish so much, then simply stop identifying yourselves as such! There are many that would appreciate your leaving Judaism – jihadists, obama, rahmabama, wasserman schultz, and that other noted lover of former Jews Soros. The hatred spewed forth by the so-called "ethnic" Jews was on par with many writings seen elsewhere, including the Muslim Brotherhood media, NBC, and Press TV. Jew hatred is Jew hatred. And trying to couch it by ALLEGING you are Jewish doesn't cut it. George Soros did that, and he stole from thousands of Jews and then helped the nazis kill them. Perhaps some of the "ethnic" Jews should take a reality check and view the word 'kapo'. Make a decision: decry the Rabbi on hos comments and only the comments, or admit what you really are – self-hating Jews that should admit their disdain for Judaism as a whole and officially exit the closet!

  61. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Charlie Hall Thanks for proving your own point regarding "insensitive and offensive humor." You attack Conservatives, yet not one comment on the continued and routine offensive attacks by the faithful of the false prophet you call obama. NBC, ABC, CNN, and CBS routinely lie – as proven by two SENIOR CBS correspondents that have now openly attacked their own media for doing so. Keep on trucking Charlie, the obfuscators love you

  62. Devon Cage says:

    Yori, I embrace ALL naked girls rubbing doggies on themselves.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Devon Cage Your ignorance of Judaism and outright hatred of Orthodox Jews is made quite apparent by your unrelenting insults of the rabbi. You heavily indulged in the very things that you (unjustifiably) accused him of- SHAME ON YOU!!! SHAME!! I know that you are scoffing and beaming at these remarks in mis-placed self righteousness. But if you even had an ounce of dignity, decency, and intellectual honesty, yo'd re-examine the tenor and insults of your diatribe. You defamed tens of 1000's of people (including the target of your unbridled wrath) by a couple of clicks of your mouse. I certainly hope that the reviews of your pending show treat you with some more kindness than you have treated rabbi Rosenblatt.

  64. @CH: Anything offensive Limbaugh has ever said pales by comparison to Silverman's degrading comments.

  65. Michael Puro " It was hard to match wits with that, so I gave up. But I wouldn't talk I have read some of your articles."

    You'd find it tough to match wits with a goose. I've read your comments elsewhere. This one is par for the course.

  66. @Gary R: "When is humor, potty humor, and even porn humor a subject that should motivate a letter such as Rabbi Rosenblatt's. "

    And I ask: Since when is a political campaign a reason for such degrading videos and tweets as Silverman's, and such open hatred as she displays?

  67. Devon: What a hateful little screed!

  68. Nor is anyone making you read Rosenblatt's article. So take your own advice.

  69. @Paul Naas: "She is, however, entitled to express her opinion about a subject – any subject – without being subjected to the kind of condescending public statement made by the Rabbi."

    Is Adelson entitled to donate to Romney without being subjected to Silverman's degrading "humor?" No? Well, then, why does Silverman deserve special treatment?

  70. Edward Lobel says:

    Arie Rosenrauch there you go again! This article and the responses have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with President Obama!

    You continue your child like foolishness and now no one pays attention to anything you say

  71. Alan Morgenstern says:

    Would he have told a man to get married and have children? No.

  72. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Paul Naas First of all, nowhere does Michael identify himself as a Conservative. But it is interesting how your mind, and obviously the minds of other Jew haters works! If we or anyone else disagrees with something you hold so dear – in this a pornographic attack – you immediately start labeling. And you allege to be a "professor?" Sad for the youth you indoctrinate. But given your having taught in the city that was the first in the US to promote a legal ban on Judaism, I am not surprised

  73. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Michael: It is not the decline of American Jewry. It is a select group who, like in Berlin of the 30s and in the USSR throughout the Stalin era, feel compelled to attack anything and everything about Jews and Judaism. Silverman's porn video (let's be real, her following in legitimate comedic circles has imploded faster than obama's support amongst Jews and women), her father's attack not on the Rabbi that wrote his PERSONAL OPINION but on Judaism referring to Jews as "followers of a false and violent G-d," then defended by a limited number of self hating Jews who would sooner throw gas on a fire burning down a synagogue then help by turning on the water at the fire hydrant is NOT indicative of US Jewry as a whole – REGARDLESS of Orthodix, Haredi, Reform, Conservative or other!! Identify these self-haters for who and what they truly are. So I must disagree, it is not a precipitous decline in American Jewry. Just collaboration by a few outspoken kapos

  74. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Let's put this whole 'controversy' in its basest terms!
    To Silverman, her father (who admits to hating Jews and Judaism), and their spinners there is only one truth: Freedom of Speech and expression is ONLY permissible IF you agree with their point of view! Detractors are not allowed to speak or express freely, lest they experience the wrath demagoguery and venal indictment that so many of the ubber left, MSM, and obama lemmings adhere to and postulate.

  75. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    @Esterina: It's called Freedom of Speech and Expression. If you don't like what he says, comment and defend your own beliefs. Calling for a ban on his RIGHT to state it is more in line with the obama plan and the plan in fascist states

  76. Edward Lobel says:

    Arie, like i said, you are foolish and childish, you latest response continues to show that. I know it is difficult for you to think about it, but the article in question is talking about other issues and has nothing o do with you hatred for President Obama! There are other places where you can rant and rave about your hatred of all things Obama. B The Way, you still need to look up the word fascist as it does not in any wy manner shape or form apply to President Obama, but is sure does apply to your good (Jew hating) buddy, willard romney! Did you ever check out to see if willard himself or one of his friends baptized any of your ancesters into the mormon faith? For all you know you may no longer be Jewish!

  77. Dave Lobell says:

    To Michael Garfinkel,

    I read Mr. Silvermans's response to Rabbi Rosenblatt and it was disgusting to the extent that it provided the irresistable urge for me to admonish him on a huffington post blog. I was roundly booed and verbally roughed up for stating that he would be cursed in kind for his severe transgression. I do feel however that the Rabbi oversteped his bounds and the outer limits of propriety when he went on a diatribe regarding the inherent causes of lifestyle choices that she has made. It was completey offensive and completely wrong; but his heart was in the right place nonetheless and he was sincere and very much a gentleman about it.

    I did indeed get a full does of reality when I read with utter disgust just how far American Jewry has fallen. But then again, I am little surprised at the extent of their vulgarity and crudeness. My family was not much for Torah observance either and felt that it was perfectly alright to embezzle a defenseless minor's inheritance and to ostracize and publicly ridicule their less affluent and successful relatives. We should all mourn and pray that they repent and do Teshuva.

  78. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Dave..I'll state as I did above. It is NOT American Jewry in decline … just a handful of outspoken self-haters. donny silverman represents them well in his comment that Jews believe in a "false and cruel G-d." That said, the vast majority of Jews – regardless of affiliation decry and denounce his commentary, her pornography, and the demonization exhibited by a VERY SELECT crew who CLAIM to be Jewish.

  79. Dave Lobell says:

    To Rabbi Yanover,

    Your reply to that intelluctual giant Michael Puro is inspirational; next time I am insulted by such a nitwit imbecile I will do my best to follow your fine example and take the road less traveled. Asher Koach Rabbi Yanover.

  80. Dave Lobell says:

    This is essentially hitting the nail on the head and goes right to the core of the issue. An excellent explanation of where it is at-Andrew my man!!!!

  81. Dave Lobell says:

    Devron I hope you don't think you represent the voice of the entire cultural/secular Jewish populace; because you do not. Your discgraceful distain for the Orthodox Jews is roundly condemned here and you should know that after having lived among them for almost two years now( I being a cultural/secular Jew living among the orthodox, so I could properly honor my parents and say Kaddish for them) I am completely in awe of their devotion and discipline, the generosity of spirit and their of wealth of charitable endeavors is second to none and that they, the Orthodox Jews of the World are indeed, the finest people on the face of the earth. Ever wonder why we have survived the thousands of years of attempts to exterminate us? It is the almighty who decreed that he will never withdraw his love and protection for us. You should be ashamed to publicly identify yourself as a Jew after having written that drivel you call commentary.

  82. Dave Lobell says:

    You are right Marianna, but when the Rabbi is identified as a Rabbi out goes his individuality as he assumes the very public role of being a Rabbi.

  83. Point taken — however, I maintain that it was not his place to be the one to admonish, having no connection whatsoever — Ms Silverman regularly posts about her political views — when she chose to take it to the extreme, it is everyone's right to disagree, and comment to their heart's content.

    But, when the Rabbi suggests that her "problem" is that she's not married and not a mother, I question his (or anyone else's) credentials to do so. Hiding behind Judaism as his cloak makes it worse, imo, because it seems to the outside world as Jew vs. Jew. That was why I found him to be inappropriate

  84. Sarah Silverman is sort of funny, pretty, but cheap as hell, often downright disgusting with her toilet mouth. Rabbi Rosenblatt wrote a very decent, menschlich letter, mildly rebuking, trying to persuade her to mend her ways and offering his perspective as to what a Jewish woman should seek.

    Nu, so what's the big crime he committed? Well, her father, Sarah's obvious mentor in the foul-mouth department, took great offense and blew up, revealing a visceral hatred towards Orthodox Judaism and showing himself to be a very proste yid (crude, very lowclass). And then remarkably and disgustingly there has followed a huge stream of below the belt insults directed at the rabbi by jews (small j, they don['t deserve a capital J) who totally side with this toilet girl from New Hampshire.

    To these clowns she can do no wrong, she is the epitome of the emancipated successful popular jewish young woman. Which is nonsense, for she and her adulators are without a doubt committing a major chilul haShem.

    As for you, Esterina Seto from Brooklyn, you are way off base and despite your modest headcovering and kosher intentions, sorry, you really don't know what you are talking about when you say the rabbi's letter was a chilul haShem.

  85. Myriam Obadia says:

    They leave her to the responsibility of her own choices. She's not a teenager, but an adult. If that's what she wants to do, who's to judge? So long as I'm not forced to do it, I don't meddle

  86. Myriam Obadia says:

    Shira, you "hate"? Don't do the actions you find hateful, but don't judge others when you know nothing of them. We have but one judge, Hashem, and I wasn't aware he had appointed you to be his surrogate. Homosexuality is only forbidden to Jews and, even for us, it is a matter between the person and Hashem. We have no right to decide what is allowed to non-Jews. Abortion is allowed by Torah and Talmud, within a certain frame, because Hashem enjoins us to choose life: you see, sometimes we have to choose to sacrifice the potential life of the fetus to the actual life of the person already born. Same sex marriage has nothing to do with Judaism. It is a matter of American Constitutional rights. The US government must either make civil marriage available to ALL US citizens, or not at all. In case you had forgotten, it is forbidden to the US government to make different laws for different US citizens. this said, no one is going to make it Halachically Jewish to marry people of the same gender, so don't worry to much about it happening in your Synagogue. Shira, one last thing: I am an heterosexual woman. I lead as kosher a life I am able to, and, Baruch Hashem, I never had to face the tragedy of having to have an abortion.

  87. Myriam Obadia says:

    I've no desire to see Ms Silverman in a bikini -or any other way- I'll just go on respecting her freedom to make her own choices and continue to make my own (which include not showing up anywhere in a bikini)

  88. Dina Moskowitz says:

    Andrew, thank you from the bottom of my heart and the top of my soul for writing such a wonderful comment! Couldn't agree more!

  89. Dina Moskowitz says:

    Pinchas, I totally agree… and this moronic father-daughter combo only proves totally correct, the old adage that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

  90. Yes, and since defining marriage is a state issue and not a federal one, the federal government should stick to things it's good at: spending money and lying.

  91. Myriam Obadia says:

    True, but if we go down that road, we must repleal all the fiscal advantages the federal government grants married couple. Also, while states have the right to pass their own laws, those may not contradict the Constitution on matters of equal protection of citizens. I am not for the Federal -or any state government- to interfere with religious marriage, just for civil rights to be the same for all, IE: civil marriage to be available to all or none and for the federal and state authority to recognize all marriages or none.

  92. He did not publicly embarrass her but told her off for her disgusting behavior. You really do twist Chazal, she is the one who they would look down upon not this innocent rabbi. Obviously you don't know how to learn, neither do you have basic grasp of Torah true Judaism

  93. Shoshanna Goldstein Sanders says:

    He wrote an article for your newspaper called "I am Haredi" and another called "Installing my Internet Filter", a filter which apparently hasn't been working that well. Anna's question is legitimate. However, the caricature photograph used for this article is offensive.

  94. Shoshanna Goldstein Sanders says:

    Yori Yanover As is the rabbi.

  95. Charlie Hall says:

    Kishke Chulentpot You obviously missed Limbaugh's request to watch a YouTube video of Sandra Fluke having sex.

  96. Paul Naas says:

    Mr. Rosenrauch,
    You are right when you say that Mr. Garfinkel never self-identifies as a conservative. Given that he takes a conservative position on this issue, I assumed it to be the case. However, in his response to my post he also never denies the assumption, so in the face of no assertion to the contrary, I must continue to assume that my initial position was correct.

    Ironic that you would use my assumption as the basis for your response, as you immediately devolve into a similar (and significantly more baseless) assumption about me and how my "mind works." Continuing the theme, should I now assume that you believe that anyone who disagrees with your point of view is a "Jew hater?" You complain that I "immediately start labeling" when disagreeing with a position, yet you wasted no time slapping a repugnant label on me simply because my point of view differs from yours. My assumption was that Mr. Garfinkel holds a particular political point of view; your assumption about me is far more vile.

    Your final ad hominem attack is perhaps the most ridiculous and unsupported. What does where I have taught have anything to do with my point of view? If all you've got to support your argument is where I've worked, then maybe you should rethink your response before posting.

  97. Arie Rosenrauch says:

    Paul: be careful of ASSuming!!

    Where you taught actually has a great deal to do with identifying you. Teaching at a leading left wing school in a city at the forefront of banning Judaism in the US is indicative osupport for that Jew hatred

  98. Shoshanna Goldstein Sanders says:

    You don't have to admire Sarah Silverman to criticize the Rabbi's letter. He claims to represent Orthodox Judaism; she doesn't. If I feel he misrepresented Judaism (eg claiming that monogamy is a "basic tenet" of our faith — it is not), does that mean I'm a fan of hers? (I'm not).

  99. Pinchas, t's a given in today's day and age that we cannot afford to go around feeling upset at every instance of crudity. I have family members and coworkers who use foul language and I have to put up with them all of the time. What we should be focusing on is how we present ourselves, Orthodox Jews, to the outside world. Rabbi Rosenblatt's smug, condescending busybodying into Sarah Silvermans career and personal choices in a public forum validated every last negative stereotype about Orthodox Jews. Nomatter how wrong the secular Jews are (and being secular, they can only do so much right), we Orthodox have to be better if we want to attract and maintain newcomers. Our yeshivos have never been in worse shape since the Holocaust, so quite frankly, selling ourselves effectivly to the outside world is more than just a matter of idealism.

  100. Our community is overwhelmed by the swelling ranks of the unemployed. Do we need to give employers, many of whom are secular Jews, more reasons not to hire the Orthodox? Wake up, Pinchas. Political Correctness really isn't about bleeding hearts-it's about effective public relations.

  101. Hey, Andrew, if I thought so much of secular Judaism (whatever that is), I would not be wearing this headcovering. The fact is, there are more of them than there are of us, so we gain little by provoking them. What good can come of giving them "mussar" when they are not of our religion? Do you care what a Baptist minister has to say about your lifestyle? Why do we have to be like the little boy in The Emperor's New Clothes?

    Another thought: do we benefit ourselves by inflaming the secular Jews on the local city council who vote on issues like shul zoning and eruvim? What if Sarah Silverman, in addition to her father, takes issue with Rabbi Rosenblatt- but with the media clout of her celebrity status behind her? Do we need to be ridiculed by the media? What good does it do our community to encourage or even tolerate an approach like Rabbi Rosenblatt's?

  102. Paul Naas says:

    I see – so suggesting that someone is a conservative because he demonstrates conservative attitudes and behavior makes me an "ass," yet you can make huge assumptions about me based on scant information, and that makes you correct? And you can't see how ridiculous that is? It must be horrible living in your head.

  103. Tobias Wietelmann says:

    Why Sarah Silverman still isn't married and doesn't have children:

    "Silverman has said that she does not consume alcohol, because it nauseates her. She is open about her lifelong battle with clinical depression which at one point led to her developing an addiction to Xanax. She credited her subsequent emotional health to taking prescription drug Zoloft. (…) Silverman has stated she does not want to get married until same-sex couples are able to.[57] She has also stated she does not want to have biological children to avoid the risk that they might inherit her depression.[58]".

  104. First off, I'd like to say that neither Sarah nor Donald Silverman asked to be attacked, rebuked, denounced, or any other hate spewed in their direction by this "righteous and pious man". Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but to spew bile directed at the two of them is wrong. I find it ironic that many people in this publication and commenters on this site attack them as self loathing jews. All of you are guilty of the same. Even to question the halachic validity of her ancestry is engaging in hate/ division. All of you must recognize that the orthodox and haredi are but a small percentage of jews. To validate your attack according to shulchan aruch, tanach, gemorra, or any other religiously based rational can never be anything other than circular.

    The fact of the matter is that she and her dad are jewish, halachically and otherwise. To say that they are not good jews is just not justifiable. It is engaging in self loathing just the same. Many jews have similar backgrounds and reject the religious aspects of judaism. However, rejecting the Silvermans for whatever reason is counterproductive.

    Furthermore, the initial attack on Sarah was just as much an attack on her father and his parenting skills. His coming to her defense and the resulting letter fully demonstrate this. All of his daughters are a source of deep pride for him and rightly so. They are all successful and accomplished talents. I fully respect his response. Is he justified in his approach and language? If it were my family, I would have had less restraint than he had. I would have gone for the jugular and attacked that person/ people relentlessly.

    With regard to her act, approaches to getting her point across, and blatant disregard for things you hold dear I would say, "so what" (or BFD might be more appropriate). She is fully entitled to perform and do as she does. If you don't like it, don't watch it. This is the USA and free expression should be prized. If nothing else, she is thought provoking. She joins a long history of performance in the avante guarde that engage in spitting on, urinating on and otherwise offending the audience. It has been long recognized as a valid form of expression.

    Now, you people take offense in her doing this and identifying as a jew? She is somehow chastised for this. She identifies herself as a secular or cultural jew. Here is where the double standard applies.

    Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and condemning her for such action, behavior and performance. Where is the outcry about others who do this? Is it ok for Sacha Baron Cohen to do the same things and worse? Complicate that in the fact that he self identifies as an orthodox jew. Although he doesn't wear a Kipah, he is generally considered observant. How can this not be more offensive? Why is Natalie Portman not chastised by you over her pre-marital sex and the like? Bar Rafaeli, for her relationship with DiCaprio? You grumble about halacha, but it's only a problem with the Silvermans?


    Lastly, as an ashkenaze jew, who can trace back generations on all sides of my family, and bar mitzvah'd in an orthodox shul. I understand her perspective on having children. I love my kids. I do my best to support them in all there endeavors. However, with the genepool that I've been given, her perspective comes easily. Her mother has an autoimmune blood disease and she chronic depression. I have Multiple Sclerosis, Gilbert's, a congenital Hiatal Hernia and Dyslexia. My sister has MS, too. So did a great aunt. My son has already been diagnosed with dyslexia among other maladies. My daughter has chronic GERD. If I knew then, what I do now. I wouldn't wish my maladies on anyone. My hopes are that they are not saddled with half my illnesses and maladies.

    Sarah and her dad are to be celebrated. So are all other jews who contribute to this world. Rather than attacking and being divisive among all of these jews, this publication should serve to unify and celebrate.

    Rant ended.

  105. Halachically, people who suffer from mental illness are exempt from peru urivu. Sarah Silverman doesn't care about halacha anyhow, so what sense was there in lecturing her in front of the whole frum community? Rabbi Rosenblatt's behavior hardly placed him in the most admirable light.

  106. Devon Cage says:

    I'm guessing the stack of Hanukah Cards is going to be a bit thinner this year LOL

  107. Devon Cage says:

    Dave said it best, I am an entertainer, see how easy it is to provoke an emotional response out of people you don't know. Sarah Silverman does the same every day, Were not the voice of our people, just a voice. Agree with it or not, like it or not. Just a voice.

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