Photo Credit: Tsafrir Abayov/Flash90

Here are a bunch of Israelis watching as Meirav, a loggerhead sea turtle weighing 40 kg (just under 90 lbs) is being released back into the Mediterranean Sea on a beach near the coastal city of Ashkelon last Thursday.

The Israel Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center and the national Parks Authority have been protecting sea turtles and preserving their natural environment since the 1980s.


Check them out, great videos.

Dina Weinsteen, an inspector for the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, relates: “In the past four years that I have been an inspector for the Sea Turtle Rescue program, performing morning tours, locating nests and monitoring nestlings as they enter the sea for the first time, and also working as the spokesperson for the Rescue and Rehabilitation Center for the past six years, I still dance a wild rumba (without leaving footprints near the nest) when I find a new nest and get very emotional when the sea turtle nestlings are finally riding the waves.”

I like it when a person so obviously loves her work.

I think careful rumbas, so you won’t disturb the subject of your exuberance, are the best.

Good on you, Dina Weisteen.