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Whether you agree or disagree that there is a mysterious Nibiru or Planet X on a close almost-collision course with Earth, astronomers, common people, and religious leaders are still talking about a star coming towards earth that can wreak havoc. Is there a Planet X, or Nibiru, or dwarf star out there? And if so, where exactly do Jewish sources talk about this? And what does Nibiru have to do with the Messiah coming?

Rabbi & film maker, Yuval Ovadia, joins Tamar Yonah and talks to her about his documentary ‘PLANET X – NIBIRU – Gog-Magog — AMAZING REVELATIONS’ which has been seen by tens of thousands of people, and says that the natural disasters and weather changes we are seeing today, are not by accident. Find out why on this show.
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Tamar Yonah Show 28Feb2017 – PODCAST


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