Rebbetzin Miriam Lipskier is the co-founder and Director of the Chabad Student Center at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. In this powerful interview, she teaches us that while previous generations of Jews had to deal with outside forces persecuting them (enslavement in Egypt, Spanish Inquisition, pograms, Holocaust, etc.), our generation is battling our own personal darkness that is within us. The work of our generation is to transform chaos into light. We need to work on getting rid of our depression and anxiety through revealing Hashem’s light in this world, specifically by revealing Hashem’s light within ourselves. We each have a mission and a purpose in the world. A large part of our mission is to refine our character traits by bringing Hashem into the picture. Rebbetzin Miriam emphasizes that each one of us is worthy exactly because a piece of G-d is inside of us; the light of G-d has infinite value inside of us.
Moshiach now!

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