Photo Credit: Yishai Fleisher (Selfie)

As you can see in the video, Yishai Fleisher went up onto the Temple Mount on Jerusalem Day.

Behind him and the scared policeman is a Hamas funded Arab mob – who, all they can do is yell, “Allah hu Akhbar” like a weapon.


Allah, isn’t a god to these Muslims, Allah is a weapon. Something to throw at people you hate and are scared of.

As Professor Mordechai Kedar pointed out, Muslims are afraid of Jewish prayer on the Temple Mount, because they believe it exposes their religion as a fraud.

So their response isn’t devout prayer. Instead, their response is angrily shouting the name of Allah – as a curse word.



  1. After the sad reading of voluminous amounts of anti-Catholic/anti-Christian rhetoric on various Jewish Web sites…. to mark the Roman Pope’s visit to the Middle East, it gives me hope to read that some Jewish commentators, as herein, recognising, and stating, that Islam; in this day and age proper, is the common enemy of all civilised people!

  2. I’ve read enough of the Quran to realize it’s about debauchery, lies, & murder. Allah is a MOON God, one of the original 360 gods once worshipped by Arabs. I’ve done my homework. How can you be so easily deceived by a book of evil deeds?

  3. dear Tennille,talking about “moon god”»you proved to me you read”about”ISLAM from hating people.i say read “in” ISLAM,
    about moon ,whoever whorshibs any one but God,is considered non-believer in ISLAM.

  4. moon in ISLAM is just a method to calculate months.
    about arabs worshibing 100000000000 things before ISLAM,they were living like animals without believing in God.whatever ISLAM does not judge people for their past before believing.

  5. Nazlan Osman, you are indeed a rare breed in your land. However, the extremists will grow and they will turn on you and consider you an infidel due to your stance on the issue. Your only source of Hope is with the Savior of humanity that is named YAHASHUA HA’MASHIACH, sir. You might sacrifice a lot of things in order to go into that eventual journey, but, as the saying goes, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” You might not be at a place where you are willing to accept such a reality, but you only have two choices in the end, namely, to side with the REAL Christians and Jews or to be persuaded to fight against them, sir.

  6. A terrorist is a terrorist a killer is a killer anger is anger! Common sense has already been thrown out and listening is lost in their hostile thinking and nothing good will happen! Allah,Adonai, Jehovah, Buddah, all are sacred all are observant, all speak of peace following rules, building communities, and friendship n love for their followers! Translation is human humans are supposed to reflect the originators desire for attaining care peace and harmony for all on and also for the Earth too! Mosques Temples Churches and other gathering places are there to celebrate community and their belief and regard for God, no matter the language or way you pray, it’s all good and righteous! Change your way to see it and trouble already gets it’s start! Once religion turns that way or into competition we won’t have a winner because we have already won by belief and following what was handed down to us already! If the strike me with lightning should I be wrong system really happened we wouldn’t have to worry and deal with stupid, as we have to today! A Mosque a Temple aChurch could all be right next to each other with no problems other than friendly activities and games might happen between their communities – and wouldn’t that be nice ??

  7. Excuse me…I am a Christian,but our Holy Bible in unity language wrote that the name of Creater is Allah, but in our kinsfolk language is YEHOWA,
    I want to ask the Commentator or admint this group.:1. Is the sama between Allah with YHWH?
    2.Who did the name bring Israel go out from Greek to the Promise Land.
    I like you correct and teach me, and have i been wrong? Thanks before…
    Don‘t creat hating one and others.

  8. Excuse me…I am a Christian,but our Holy Bible in unity language wrote that the name of Creater is Allah, but in our kinsfolk language is YEHOWA,
    I want to ask the Commentator or admint this group.:1. Is the sama between Allah with YHWH?
    2.Who did the name bring Israel go out from Greek to the Promise Land.
    I like you correct and teach me, and have i been wrong? Thanks before…
    Don‘t creat hating one and others.

  9. So why can’t we organize a bigger group of Jews and stand our ground and if these alln aggbar pallys start chanting we will not back down . Come on don’t be afraid of the filthy pally stand up and fight back

  10. You know some Indonesian Christians are trying to remove the word allah from indonesian bible..but I don’t know what such a spirit driving other christian who insist on having that name to call the beyond compare GOD of Abraham, Ishak and Jacob..

  11. @ yisreel Isayen..allah and the holyname YHWH are totally different..Hashem punished David when he did adultery with Betsyeba..did you know when Muhammad got lush to Said’s wife..which was in fact his doughter in law? allah permited him to take her as his wife…So allah is not the same with the holy name YHWH..!!

  12. Ill give you an idea of the history which will help. In 7th century Arabia there were many pagan gods. The most commonly revered god was named Allah. This pagan god was the moon and was married to the sun and together they had three daughters. The god Allah was represented amongst 360 plus other gods in the Kabbah by a black rock. This was in Mecca and was a city controlled by the Qurayshin tribe. Mohammed who was born here was eventually driven out by the Qurayshins. He became a bandit and became very wealthy because of his attacking of Jewish homesteads, traveling caravans etc. He after a while built up an army and attacked the Qurayshins and beat them. It was then that he told people that he received revelations from Allah who was the accepted dominant pagan god of the time. These so called revelations were to disguise his epileptic attacks that he suffered from. In those days it was believed that if you had epilepsy, you had the devil in you. His older girlfriend before he was driven out of Mecca convinced him to believe that he did not have the devil in him, but Allah. He himself did not write the Quran. He made all kinds of revelations that are a twisted mixture of the Torah, Tanach as well as his own greed needs and prejudices. The Caliphate that he installed to rule at the time put all these verbal revelations together after his brutal death. This is why the Quran is not in chronological order but was put together from the longest Sura to the shortest. It was the only logical manner it could be done after researching and collating information on all his revelations. Bearing in mind that Muhammed often revealed his revelations verbally to illiterate people at the time and as such they were verbally recalled and copied by the Caliphate. We do not worship the same God. Our God has many names but not Allah. The belief that we do is known as Chrislam. This in itself is the evidence of this as our God does not encourage us to kill others as Allah, the pagan god does. Hope it he;lps. Above info was put together by many researchers and scholars including Muslims, Christians and non believers. It is all there in history. Blessings

  13. Although we fear terrorists, we must not disrespect the religion.
    We don’t want Judaism to be disrespected and we must not disrespect a whole people’s faith.
    Just separate terrorists from the religion.
    We are all G-D’s children.

  14. @Graham- The ‘enemy’ of all civilized people is lack of education and ‘extremism.’ I hesitate greatly whenever anyone makes such discriminatory generalizations as you have, this indicates so much more about what you are than anything you may attempt to speak against. ‘Extremism’ exists within all (faith) ideologies. Check yourself before you make such erroneous comments. Shalom-

  15. @Tennille – your entire comment condemns all followers of Islam, and though I am Jewish, I can very confidently tell you that your statement is simply false and dangerous. Shameful even. Clearly you have no respect for humanity to make such a bold statement.

  16. For those of you that simply refuse to comprehend that there is ‘good and bad’ within all ideologies, attempt to take a moment and educate yourself beyond your own simple indoctrination. Here is an article from a brilliant, highly educated and eloquent Muslim Doctor. Her perspective is not of the ‘hate & bigotry’ that you propose erroneously of ‘all Muslims,’ but a beautiful voice of education and tolerance. Shalom-

  17. As Nazlan states above, so does Dr.Ahmed confirm – “The Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was once asked what he most feared for his followers. Centuries later, his response, recorded in the hadith, haunts, stating he feared those who:

    …Interpret verses of the Qur’an out of context…A people that recite Qur’an….but it will not go past their throats, a people with excellent words and vile deeds. They will pass through the religion (of Islam) like the arrow passes through its quarry. They will no more come back to the religion than the arrow will come back to its course. They are the worst of human beings and the worst of all creation. They summon to the book of Allah, but they have nothing to do with it.”- Shalom & Salaam 🙂

  18. first of all .. mr aron safran with all respect said " jordanian army ,expel all the Jews from the part of Jerusalem . amd with all respect let me tells you that jordanian army was managed by Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb and he is english general ,, and let me ask you something and please say what logic accept ,, do you think that great britain accept that ..and this is why i tell you we dont had power never .. espicially that our army was under the controll of england ,, read about Lieutenant-General Sir John Bagot Glubb and what jordanians call him glubb basha ,,in that time jordan was'nt have a power to control the puplic and citzins we was managed by GB .

  19. David Burgess if you improve your theory i will change my mind .. but i think you can't .. this is not historical this ignorant speaking .. this theory use in caffeshop casino but not in college .. impove it if you can
    do you know david grossman he is an Israeli author .. he can tell you the truth of israil ,, i cant imagine that we are in 2014 and people still think like you do ,, >you have to read more to see more

  20. Elyse Dorm
    you know something just Allah can wash my brain ,, you know why because i don't believe what the governments tells me .. nothing .. and i don't believe in Arab media .. i just believe in Allah .. my mind doesn't work that way .. I got this real moron habit , it's called thinking I am not a very good man because I like to form my own opinions !!
    this is what you want .. i think
    for me i hate nothing .. i don't hate the pure Jewish it's Moses religion
    but this religion have been distorted by Rabbi and this what happen to Islam too .. Allah and god whatever he is never ask people to kill each others
    you know .. the problem is not Islam .. we are peaceful ,,, but some religious men distort our religion ..
    because of that you know Islam as a religion of hate this is because religious men and politicians ,, and ,, so we did when we talk about Jewish ,, we directly remember the Zionist ,,

    Aron Safran
    christian Arab have an practice their religion and participate in civil society. this is in Jordan and many countries and so did the Jews in Syria ,,

    but frankly and i will be honest with you in Arab world people have no citizens rights … but israil do ,,,we have no opinions as a public

    and let me a little secret we are not people in governments point of view ..if you go down the street and say NO .. you will find yourself in hell ,, real hell

    this is why i dont belive in arabs and media also i don't believe in The Holocaust as we read it in books

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