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August 29, 2015 / 14 Elul, 5775
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50 UN Members Did Not Support Palestinian Upgrade

A measure of sanity among the world's nations must be acknowledged and even praised.
Amb. Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, representing the genocidal country of Sudan, whose ruler is wanted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, presented the UN resolution upgrading the PLO status on behalf of the Arab group.

Amb. Daffa-Alla Elhag Ali Osman, representing Sudan, whose ruler in 2012 was wanted for crimes against humanity by the International Criminal Court, and who presented the UN resolution upgrading the PLO status on behalf of the Arab group.
Photo Credit: UN

I agree that this is a little like the joke about the police commissioner who boasts that while there has been an increase in crime incidents in the city, there are millions of citizens who have not committed any crimes in the past quarter — nevertheless, a measure of sanity among the world’s nations must be acknowledged and even praised.

The UN General Assembly today voted 138 to 9, with 41 abstaining, to upgrade the PLO’s observer status to the same level held by the Vatican, that of a “non-member state.”

An email sent out last night by UN Watch notes that although the number of Yes votes may appear large, in fact it amounted to the usual automatic majority for any resolution attacking Israel — and the proposal actually won 28 fewer votes than a pro-Palestinian resolution adopted last week, and fewer than is usually received by such resolutions.

Moreover, as UN Watch also reported — in a Tweet reposted by Canadian Cabinet Minister Rona Ambrose among many others —  the PLO won 38 fewer than the 176 votes the U.N. General Assembly gave to genocidal Sudan when recently electing it to a principal U.N. body that oversees human rights.

Let’s be grateful for small favors. Think of it, there are 50 whole nations out there that are not sure they want Israel to be erased from the map, and 9 of them are actually against the idea at this time!

Although mostly symbolic, the statehood designation, as President Abbas boasted last year in a New York Times op-ed, paves the way for the “internationalization of the conflict as a legal matter,” enabling the PLO to pursue claims against Israel in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Incidentally, just so you wouldn’t be completely overcome by euphoria, the UN Human Rights Council is planning to release a massive report in early 2013 — by a commission of inquiry modeled after the one that produced the notorious Goldstone Report — which is likely to recommend the ICC prosecution of Israeli officials for “war crimes” in connection with the settlements.

About the Author: Yori Yanover has been a working journalist since age 17, before he enlisted and worked for Ba'Machane Nachal. Since then he has worked for Israel Shelanu, the US supplement of Yedioth, JCN18.com, USAJewish.com, Lubavitch News Service, Arutz 7 (as DJ on the high seas), and the Grand Street News. He has published Dancing and Crying, a colorful and intimate portrait of the last two years in the life of the late Lubavitch Rebbe, (in Hebrew), and two fun books in English: The Cabalist's Daughter: A Novel of Practical Messianic Redemption, and How Would God REALLY Vote.

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42 Responses to “50 UN Members Did Not Support Palestinian Upgrade”

  1. Robert C Woolwine says:

    That headline is kinda misleading because you are including those who abstained….but abstain is better than voting Yes.

  2. Robert C Woolwine says:

    That headline is kinda misleading because you are including those who abstained….but abstain is better than voting Yes.

  3. Yunaton Federick Langhirt says:

    Glad to see the USA was on the side of Israel and voted away from PI

  4. Ruth Jacobs says:

    once again I see the Jewish people slighted and their plight totally ignored…when have we seen this before???

  5. Ari Rusila says:

    I have also propagated long for “three-state” approach, where Gaza is returned to Egyptian control and the West Bank in some configuration reverts to Jordanian sovereignty. From my point of view this solution is now more actual than ever. (P.S: More in “The Three-State Option could solve Gaza Conflict” http://arirusila.wordpress.com/2009/01/06/the-three-state-option-could-solve-gaza-conflict/ ).


  7. Mary Thomson says:

    Pray for Israel, all ya’all that pray, PRAY for Israel!

  8. Anonymous says:

    hm this is a very great result for the palestinian people. now they can finaly sue israel for crimes against humanity, for war crimes, torture, stealing, invading a free country without anybodys wish and for no reason, for killing innocent women and children every day. there are just 49 countries who did not say yes or not. majority of germany is on palestinian side and that for the crimes israel is doing over and over again. the majority of german people would have said YES.

  9. Anonymous says:

    hm this is a very great result for the palestinian people. now they can finaly sue israel for crimes against humanity, for war crimes, torture, stealing, invading a free country without anybodys wish and for no reason, for killing innocent women and children every day. there are just 49 countries who did not say yes or not. majority of germany is on palestinian side and that for the crimes israel is doing over and over again. the majority of german people would have said YES.

  10. adamgreenfield says:

    On November 28, 1941 the religious and political leader of the Palestinian Arabs and one of the most influential leaders of the Arab world Haj Amin el Husseini met with Adolf Hitler in Berlin.

    Husseini remained in Berlin through the end of the war and served as a Nazi agent. In Berlin he broadcast daily diatribes to the Arab world on German shortwave radio in Arabic. Specifically Husseini exhorted them to kill the Jews in the name of Allah and make common cause with the Nazis who would deliver them from the Jews, the British and the Americans.
    In 1943 Husseini organized the Hazhar SS Division of Bosnian Muslims. His division carried out the massacre of 90 percent of the Bosnian Jewish community of 12,000.

    In 1920 Husseini personally invented what later became known as the Palestinian national movement. He shaped its identity around the sole cause of destroying the Jewish presence in the land of Israel.

    In 1946, as his fellow Nazi war criminals were being tried in Nuremberg, Husseini made a triumphant return to Egypt where he was welcomed as a war hero by King Farouk, young officers in the Egyptian army who fused Nazi national socialism with the Islamism of the Muslim Brotherhood and took over Egypt after deposing Farouk in 1951.

    It is fitting that yesterday, on the anniversary of Hitler’s meeting with Husseini, Germany announced that it would not oppose Husseini’s heirs’ bid to receive UN recognition of a Palestinian state that seeks Israel’s destruction

  11. adamgreenfield says:

    2 or 3 State solutions will not work if we take the words of Palestinian leaders seriously. According to the PA, PLO, Hamas, et al. the only way for peace is for Palestine to be free from the River to the Sea. When the last Jew is ethnicaly cleansed from the land. But even them Islam has shown that it will just start fighting amongst themselves Sunni vs Shia, Persian vs Arab, etc. The only way Peace can be brought to Gaza and the West Bank is for Israel to take it back, disolve the PA, round up Hamas and through them in a dark whole, and give the Palestinian people the freedoms all Israelis enjoy including Moslems with in Israeli controled land. The one State Solution is the only realistic solution.

  12. Tomáš Kubín says:

    UN converted to bunch of criminals. It is a shame to be a member!

  13. Since when was Palestine a country? How easy it is to forget that the 1967 war was started by the Arabs seeking to destroy Israel and kill the Jews.

  14. Tomáš Kubín says:

    Shut up, you brainwashed Nazi ! Majority of German people said yes to Hitler and concentration camps, the same majority is for Endloesung der Juedischer Frage today too.

  15. Philip Melnick says:

    138-9…I guess 10 righteous nations could not be found in the UN…

  16. Anonymous says:

    Harold Pomerantz before israel was constructed by america. way before 1967. til 1947 israel did not exist. over sudden the land was stolen from the people that always lived there.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Harold Pomerantz plus the war was not started by arabs, it was started by israel for no reason.

  18. Rosi Gordon says:

    apfelkuchen225 you sir are very ignorant, if you dont know history go ,read ,learn and THEN come.

  19. Charlie Hall says:

    apfelkuchen225 is in an even more detached alternate reality than Moshe Feiglin, and that is saying something!

  20. Edward Lobel says:

    Perhaps it is you nwho do not know or understand history. First Jews have lived there for almost 6,000 years, second, it was not the United States who created Israel and before you say anything else, you need to look up who supported Israel and then make your statement and this time be truthful!

    If you want to be correct, you must first understand that "Palistine" was located where Jordan is today and it was the Jordanians who "threw them out"

    You cannot make a statement true just by saying it, The truth of the matter is, it was Arabs and the Palistiniasns who started the war!

    Lastly, you may think that the Palistinians will now be able to charge Israel with all kind of crimes, what makes you think that crimes were actually committed against the Palistinians? It was actually Palistiinians who committed crimes against Israel and when Israel charges Palistine with crimes there will be no one to defend the Palistinians because it was they who actually committed all of the crimes!

  21. Susan Misa says:

    Get your facts straight, it was not started by Israel unless you think that by Israel defending herself she started the war. It was the arabs and ones like harold pomerantz,

  22. Susan Misa says:

    Germany would be (for now) for the palestinian people, after all just look at history during WW2. I was in Germany in 1990 and they still have a hatred for the Jewish people. But then again, they hate everyone except themselves. If the Jewish people did not exist, who would they turn their hatred on next? The palestinian people? You can beat your bottom dollar on that.

  23. apfel..another useful idiot,totally unaware of facts!!

  24. Michael Freeman says:

    It is not surprising that there are people in this world who have a prejudgement of Israel which arab propaganda feeds. If the arabs, (hamas & fatah) want to eliminate Israel, then Israel should use the monies collected for the "arabs" as compensation for the devistation inflicted by the "peaceloving" arabs whose school maps do not show the state of Israel.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Close to being the right answer. Return the Gazans to Egypt and the Fakestinians to Jordan.

  26. Dear applecake when you don't know what you're talking about it's better to keep the mouth shut tight. You really need to study history – I won't be your teacher because you aren't interested in the truth, only in hating Jews.

  27. apfelkuchen225
    Similarly, you need to really study the history of the 6 day war before making absurd comments. Was Gamal Nasser your uncle that you lie for him. He lied to everyone and even lied to the King of Jordan, telling him he better join the war which he was winning if he wanted a share of the spoils of defeating Israel – this when he had already lost the war. Problem is those pesky Jews from Israel always outsmarted your favourite family.

  28. Trouble is that in a Court of Law the Arabs will have to prove any case of war crimes against them and will probably find the charges of war crimes rebounding onto them. Does your hatred keep you up at night?

  29. Jean Terry says:

    Who's killing innocent people and who tries desperately not too? I think anyone who knows the situation knows the answer unless they are completely prejudiced and blind in the bargain.

  30. Very relieved that there are 50 nations that do not support a palestinian state! But be that as it may be, I'm happier still that HaShem is not in favor, for He loves Israel as the apple of his eye!

  31. Fred Allison says:

    The people that always lived there…..you mean the Jews since Abraham……thousands of years?

  32. Fred Allison says:

    So Gaza is part of Egypt. Hamas starts firing missiles again. Israel responds and is now at war with Egypt. I am not sure how this would be the "right answer".

  33. Roc Diaz says:

    you are a total a$$wipe

  34. Roc Diaz says:

    psalms 33, Hasehm annuls the councel of nations. since when has there ever been a counsel of nations accept for the UN? Hashem balks at the design of peoples. He will save us from the fools of the world.

  35. Roc Diaz says:

    ari, you are a true fool to think that giving the arabs a thing is going to do anything but escalate the problem. and there is no way to take back land once its given, this is a very difficult thing to do

  36. Bearcat Jones Of cause that apfel knows all that, but prefer to ignore true facts, because his hatred of anything Jewish overcomes all …..

  37. agree, but also to pay for their lavish lifestyle is plain stupid

  38. considering China's, North Korea's, Sudan's, Russian's and other "humanitarian" countries records, their vote should not even count

  39. Hey, does anyone else want to create a country? How about one in Minnesota, or, even better, maybe take a few blocks of NYC and call it a country? New country, anyone? It could start a whole new craze! And it will be approved for non=member status by the mickey mouse assembly that used to be the venerable UN- remember the days when the UN was actually a valid body of member nations before it became a huge rubber stamp? (actually I don't, but I know it once was.) Welcome to Wonderland!

    I wonder what stage this all is in the coming of Moshiach. Please, G-d, let it be soon, in our day!

  40. I would like to see a list of the countries who did not vote with their rubber stamp. I guess I'll google it, but it would be nice to see it here as a part of the above article.

  41. Jiri Jirik says:

    yes me too, can someone post the results of the voting???

  42. Jiri Jirik says:

    palestine should be recognized, just like israell was 1948-period!

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