Photo Credit: Flash 90
Smoke rises near Quneitra Crossing as it seen from the Golan Heights (archives)

Al Qaeda forces have headed a rebel offensive and have taken control of most of the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

“The regime has now lost control of about 80 percent of towns and villages in Quneitra province,’ and the Al Qaeda-led forces have taken over the only crossing over the armistice line between Syria and Israel, the organization’s director Rami Abdel Rahman told AFP.


The Islamist State ISIS terrorist organization has taken control of other areas to the east, but Syrian President Bassar al-Assad’s air force has bombed ISIS training bases Saturday and killed at least eight Islamic State fighters.



  1. Everyone of us needs to rise up, sounding the alarm, warning the nations to awake out of their sleep and slumber, against a people so brutal, so bloodthirsty, wanting to rule the world with their sharia law. Brutally murdering any who doesn’t submit to their law. Do you think this is a game? Do you think these people aren’t serious? Do you think it won’t happen to you and your country? Wake up and rise up and stop these people. Reject their way of life, for only you can. Shalom everyone.

  2. There are so many hateful people in the world those who hate the USA,Israel and any one who pray have one prayer for you all that you would just try loving God Almighty for 1 month and see how you really feel..but you must give him a real month not 1 hr.ask him to for give you and tone your savior read the bible the holy bible…

  3. I would think it is about time Israel's air force steps in and bombs alqaeda in the Golan while there still are syrian forces on the ground and the bombs can help them. When syrian ground forces will be gone,maybe Israel's ground forces will have to step in.

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