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January 29, 2015 / 9 Shevat, 5775
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Amidror: Israel Should Help Jordan Againt ISIS if Asked

Former Israel National Security Advisor Yaacov Amidror said that if Jordan asks for help against ISIS, Israel should help them, during an interview on Galei Tzahal.

If ISIS overruns Jordan, it would create a serious strategic risk for Israel.

Jordan has deployed a large number of army units along the border with Iraq, including tanks, soldiers, missiles launchers. The Jordanian army is probably better trained and prepared than the the Iraqi army. It is also believed that the Iraqi army had ISIS supporters embedded in it, which helped with their quick defeat.

There are rumors that Jordan bought themselves time by quietly cutting a deal with ISIS, so ISIS won’t attack them.

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17 Responses to “Amidror: Israel Should Help Jordan Againt ISIS if Asked”

  1. I don’t think they should ? ISIS already hates Israel.

  2. Follow your instincts, trust only God

  3. Exterminate ALL terror cells. But don’t complain about Israel being the bad guy afterwards.

  4. It doesn’t matter if Isis over runs Jordan or not, the problem is ISLAM as a Whole not as parts or fractions, Islam is a serious threat to Israel, now and till the end of the world and after Israel it is a serious threat to the rest of the world’S non Muslim population and Always it is oppressor to those under its power.

  5. Nomo Doltz says:

    Just mow all of the idiots down, who ever the winner is. Nice DMZ for safety in the future. These countries are always wanting Israel or America to fight their battles. Iraqi cowards case in point.

  6. Jordan should help Israel, with ISIS on the Syrian border!

  7. Hank Lukas says:

    Helping Jordan can do wonders for Israel. You need Jordan on your side.

  8. E’ molto istruttivo come molti capi israeliani,una volta dimessi,diventano generosi a spesa del sangue di chi e’ rimasto a difendere Israele>Israele deve evitare a tutti i costi a inervenire nei conflitti interni del mondo arabo;non c’e’ nulla da guadagnare e tutto da perdere!

  9. Haley Chace says:

    Jordan was Complicit with Obama in Arming the ISIL… Now it’s save us from ourselves … So we can Blame Israel for any Backlash???….. Hmmmmm?!!!’nn

  10. John Hanson says:

    save Jordan and you save yourself !

  11. Justin Wind says:

    Destroy ISIS now.

  12. Tony Mark says:

    There is nothing worse than having a Viper snake pit on your door step. Look at Gaza….

  13. It’s nice that Israel is being asked for help, but then when needed, who helps Israel?

  14. Beside the US money is going to be worth very close to nothing if not nothing very soon.

  15. Well, should Isis overrun Jordan, we will take over Jordan and take all the Palestinians from Yehuda and Shomron to live in Jordan.

  16. This is was kind of a joke, I agree we should help Jordan to maintain safe borders.

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