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Shmuel Perl, 24, a victim of another knockout assault, speaking to a Shomrim interviewer early Friday morning.

An Orthodox Jew walking home from work in Brooklyn at 2:45 AM on Friday was brutally attacked by a pack of thugs playing the “knockout game,” leaving him sprawled on the ground with a giant lump on his forehead, law-enforcement sources told The NY Post.

Shmuel Perl, 24, wearing a yarmulke, was on his way to his Borough Park home when he overheard four men discussing drunkenly the “knockout” game, made famous by You Tube, in which thugs, usually Black, sucker punch passers-by, looking to knock them down to the ground, preferably unconscious.


“I was walking home on the way back from my job. I came across a group of people who were walking towards me, and I was able to hear them speaking loudly about this knockout game,” Perl, in a video interview obtained by The Post.

He heard one of the men saying, “I know you can’t do it,” and another concurred, “No, you can’t do it.”

“Yeah, I can do it! Look, I’ll do it to this guy!” one of the men—according to the Post a 28-year-old with a significant criminal record, reportedly shouted.

The man then allegedly hit Perl square in the face, making him the latest victim of the vicious assault that’s been terrifying New York City’s Jews.

“As I’m walking on the sidewalk, the group surrounds me, and one of them, as I try to get away, one of them stepped out towards me and, with a closed fist, hits me in the face,” Perl said in the video, which was recorded by the Jewish neighborhood patrol Shomrim, adding: “As I was able to walk away from them, they called after me, ‘Come back. I can do this. I will knock you out.’ ”

Perl, who called Shomrim, wasn’t seriously injured.

Four suspects, who were apparently in the middle of celebrating the alleged puncher’s birthday, were captured at the scene. Charges were pending as of Friday night, sources told the Post.

New York City police is investigating 8 other recent attacks against Jews people, still trying to figure out if they are hate crimes.

In Jersey City, a 46-year-old homeless man died in September after someone sucker-punched him and he fell back and hit his head against a fence.

The knockout assault participants have gone online to publish video and text records of their crimes.



  1. The man they got did not do a thing I know him very we’ll and we all was always against that game that so called game is not a joke no one even touch that Jew guy living around Jews they do what they can to try and take us out of the neighborhood and it’s not fair cause I been living out here much longer then they have so what gives them the right to try and punishes us only god can judge us this is crazy cops should invested gate more cause they got the wrong man

  2. These guys weren’t black. And jews are tan who look like Arabs they both come from Abraham from different mothers. Separating the usa ? Go eat turkey and celebrate murderers for Thanks giving you morons

  3. Fight back ? That’s all you guys do. Point fingers and crucify who threatens your little jewish Jewish community social club vibe. Running food stamp scams at LanDaus and looking down on the hard working Arab, Spanish and few black neighbors who live amongst you. We were here first. JDL is the Gustapo

  4. It’s very sad and unfortunate that this young man accused these other men with such strong accusations. People are so quick to condemn these four men when the news will obviously feed the jewish community with enough fuel to burn there inner hate and call for swift justice and action and get the president involved asking for harsh sentences without having all the facts. Only in Boropark do people first getvarrested accused, slandered and dragged through the mud than when they find out it was a mistake. Nobody represents the interests of these four Hispanic men. They grow bitter and fearful and teach there children the same as the Jews teach there children to see us. That’s with hate and indifference towards your neighbor.

  5. Really? I don't see Jewish people roaming the streets attacking homeless people and anyone else who might be vulnerable just for their twisted amusement. Nor are Jewish people indoctrinating our children with hatred that results in this type of disgusting, despicable behavior. Your comment reflects your deep seated anti-semitic prejudice and is a classic example of blaming the victim. No one, Jewish or otherwise, should have to live in fear of these hoodlums attacking them. Why don't you start accepting responsibility for your actions and admit that this behavior is wrong

  6. It;s High time to form not a paper Shomrim but a viable Jewisd Defense League groups of 6-10 burly Yidden with baseball bats etc, to patrol 24 hours arond the clock! Bloomberg gave orders to Police not to interfer with black gangs in the subways who pounce on passengers for money. With the new Mayor it will be open season on whites and Jews specifically. Contact Heshy at 917 468-4840 for counseling on how form JDL squads. The police will not arrest nor will the racist black hoodlums be prosecuted in the court system! Those who voted for Blosio as Satmar,Pupa communites should be ravaged byn these packs of two legged dogs!

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  8. Shmuel Perl has been arrested 10 minutes ago for making a false statements and drug possession. Police have retrieved neighborhood camera footage seeing him hit himself and hide drugs next to a car where he said this all happened. Where’s the news cameras in boropark reporting that ? I have called all the news stations to go to 66 pct. To get a statement from the police regarding these new allegations

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  10. Head trauma can be fatal, so these attacks should be considered attempted murder or manslaughter. If you don't practice martial arts (which may not help against a group of thugs), you should carry a weapon of self-defense (self-defense is the right of every creature, including Jews and crackers). An inventive person should create a series of spring-loaded spikes that can be attached to the wrist, knee, elbow, or even the foot for self-defense. You'd still have to pay attention to your surroundings to keep them from sucker-punching you, but if you can catch them upon their approach, you could send the spike into their head before they manage to kill you. Don't worry about causing brain damage by sending a spike into their brain…they weren't using it in the first place. And after enough thugs find themselves dead or severely brain-dead, this garbage might stop. Life and death isn't a game, but if they want to play, you should play to win.

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